/Three ways to wear your favourite summer dresses in winter

Three ways to wear your favourite summer dresses in winter

Don’t pack away your favourite dresses yet – here are three ways to wear summer dresses in winter. 

I’m all about maximising what’s in your wardrobe. When you fill your wardrobe with pieces that you can wear most of the year, you’ll always have something to wear.

Taking your summer dresses into winter is all about clever layering. Think Sara Lee, layer upon layer. You want to layer for warmth, yes, but you want the layering to add interest and elevate your outfits.

It’s about having fun with pieces you already own and experimenting to find new ways to wear them. 

I’ve taken a trans-seasonal shirt dress, a boho dress and officewear dress, added layers and taken each piece from summer to winter.

Look in your wardrobe to see if you have similar pieces to what I’ve featured. You might just find a new way to wear them.

Check out the video by clicking below

Items featured (in order of appearance)

1. Shirtdress outfit

Relaxed shirt dress

Longline cardi



Cross-body bag

Guitar strap

2. Boho dress outfit

Black boho dress

Vest (not current – another option HERE)



3. Officewear dress outfit





10 more ways to wear summer dresses in winter

1. Wear lightweight thermals underneath.

2. Wear fleece-lined leggings or tights. 

3. Invest in heavy coats that look good but keep you warm to get you from one heated place to the next.

4. Add contrasting layers in autumn-winter tones and/or winter textures.

5. Wear a knit over the top of a dress, tucking or half tucking it into a belt.

6. Layer dresses over jeans or black pants.

7. Layer long-sleeve tees, knits, cardis or blouses under or over strappy or sleeveless dresses.

8. Add a denim jacket for milder winter weather.

9. Add a leather jacket for a tough-pretty combination. 

10. Swap sandals for boots or closed-toe shoes.

So, tell me. Do you wear your favourite summer dresses in winter? What’s your go-to look?

How to wear your favourite summer dresses in winter