/EA Investigating Reports About Anthem Crashing PlayStation 4 Consoles

EA Investigating Reports About Anthem Crashing PlayStation 4 Consoles

Over the weekend, reports began circulating over Twitter and on Anthem’s subreddit about peculiar crashes happening on the PlayStation 4 version of these games. Some of these crashes reportedly shut the PlayStation 4 off completely, requiring them to be manually powered on again and the operating system to have to rebuild the saved data on it.

Today, EA acknowledged that they’ve received the reports and have begun looking into it.

Some users have reported that their consoles would not even turn back on after the Anthem crash. We have sent an inquiry to Sony to ask for data on the crash reports or why this might be, but have not received anything back by time of writing. Some speculate within the subreddit that Anthem is causing a part to overheat in the PlayStation 4 and the system shuts down as a failsafe, refusing to turn back on until it has cooled down, but there has been no confirmation this is the case.

Whatever the reasons, EA is asking players to submit their crash data using the PlayStation 4’s OS prompt when a crash happens and also report the crash to them in your own words. In the meantime, it might be a good idea to wait for an update. The problem does not seem incredibly widespread, but it doesn’t look like a few isolated cases, either.