/The Model and Me: bird keepers at Birdsnest autumn-winter 2020

The Model and Me: bird keepers at Birdsnest autumn-winter 2020

Forgive my dear Stylers, it’s been too long between Model and Me blog posts but we’re BACK. The fashion industry really has been hit for six this past few months and it’s very much my ongoing intention to support Australian independent designers and wherever I can. That’s always been part of the mission of these blog posts; the other, of course, was to show a garment or outfit on someone shaped and sized very different from the model.

Would you believe it’s 10 years next month since my first Model and Me post? I can’t! I’m so grateful to have been a part of the movement and drive to have fashion represented on women other than the fashion norm of a super tall, size 6-8 body that most of us cannot relate to, let alone imagine wearing the clothes the model is wearing.

Ten years on, it makes my heart sing to see more fashion labels using a variety of models to showcase their designs. It’s how it should be and it baffles me why it’s still not more widespread. It’s why I committed with my own label to showcase our designs on each of the sizes that we sell

Birdsnest has long given you the option to see how its clothes look on more than one size. I also find the reviews very helpful for sizing advice for each particular style.

(For more on shopping for clothes online, bookmark and come back to this post)

For this autumn-winter 2020 model and me post, I’m featuring two wardrobe staple pieces from the bird keepers label, one of Birdsnest’s own.

The model

Bird Keepers The Cotton Blend Pullover; Bird Keepers The Midi Ponte Skirt

bird keepers cotton blend pullover; bird keepers midi ponte skirt

and me

bird keepers at Birdsnest knit and skirt | F + H Jewellery necklaces | FRANKiE4 Footwear boots

bird keepers at Birdsnest knit (I’m in L) and skirt (I’m in 16) | F + H Jewellery necklaces | FRANKiE4 Footwear boots

I think you generally fall into two camps when it comes to the style of knits you prefer. For me, I definitely swing towards the “loose and lovely” end of the spectrum. Others like more fitted and/or cropped. Whichever way you knit, the key to pulling together an outfit and making it a little “extra” is in contrasting the volume between your separates. Think about combining as per below …

Fitted/shorter knit + relaxed pant or voluminous skirt

Relaxed knit + slimline pants/jeans or skirt

The reason I favour a more relaxed knit/streamlined bottom combo is that I can better fit and accommodate a size 16D bust and for my hip/tummy and leg shape, it works for me to have a more streamlined pant or skirt. You may be the opposite. And that’s very ok.

If you are like me, then you’ll love this bird keepers combination. It’s the kind of outfit that works for most Queensland winter days but could easily be layered up with tights, thermals and a coat for colder climates. 

I’m obsessed with this rust colour. It works as a pop of seasonal colour back with your favourite neutrals – black, white, stone and leopard 😂. The side split makes for easy tucking or half tucking. I’ve layered a few statement necklaces for interest and to break up the block colour. A patterned scarf would also achieve this.

The ponte skirt is one of those pieces you’ll wonder how you ever lived without. My love of ponte runs very deep, especially for winter. It’s like a thicker jersey material that’s super forgiving an holds its shape, all the while being comfortable thanks to its stretch. This midi length is elegant and works a treat with ankle boots. I chose my favourite leopard boots from this season at FRANKiE4 for contrast and to elevate two wardrobe basic pieces. I’d also wear this skirt style with sneakers or closed-toe heels.

So, tell me, which knit are you? Relaxed or fitted? And are you on Team Ponte? OF COURSE you are!

The Model and Me: bird keepers at Birdsnest autumn-winter 2020

This top and skirt was kindly gifted for editorial consideration. Affiliate commission links have been included in this blog post. If you purchase the garments through these links, you will not pay more but I may receive a small commission.