/How to shop mindfully for your 2020 spring-summer wardrobe

How to shop mindfully for your 2020 spring-summer wardrobe

My tips for how to take your wardrobe into spring-summer are generally the same every year. But with this year being the year that keeps on giving, I thought I’d look at tips on how to shop mindfully for your 2020 spring-summer wardrobe.

Will you be stepping out of those fancy tracky pants into equally comfortable pieces but ones more suited to months and months of summer weather?

What about planning for any occasions or events that might creep back on to a social calendar that was otherwise clear?

What about the office clothes you used to wear … when you went to the office five days a week? Are you back in the office or doing a mix that still includes working from home?

And what about all the clothes hanging in your wardrobe that you’ve really forgotten you ever owned? 

… so many questions, I know, but they’re questions I’d love you to please ponder as the days get warmer and the layers are peeled off. It really is so, so easy to be tempted by all the new and shiny out there.

I’m as guilty as the next person mindlessly scrolling my phone on a Friday night while watching Netflix, adding to cart before I can be bothered to get off the couch to check I don’t already have three of something similar already hanging in my wardrobe. I mean, how many leopard print or sequinned items can a girl own? Shhh … don’t answer that. The answer will always be “never enough”. HAH.

In all seriousness, not just in 2020 but in any year, I’m very much about mindful shopping. It’s something I’ve preached here since this blog began. There are many facets to shopping mindfully but, for me, there are some key things I apply to my own wardrobe updates.

How to shop mindfully for your 2020 spring-summer wardrobe

1. Start in your wardrobe. When was the last time you really did a good organise and edit? As the seasons change is the ideal time to do this but if you ever start to experience overwhelm or stress around what to wear, jumping in and sorting your wardrobe is the ideal place to help get on top of that. This is the tried and true method I do at least twice a year. 

2. Fill the gaps in your foundation pieces. I’m such a stickler for this that it’s the reason I started my own label. Without having key basics in place as the foundation of your wardrobe, it really is tricky to curate a wardrobe that works for you and takes the stress out of the daily “what to wear” question.

And basics don’t have to be boring.

Basics should be pieces that are quality, easy-care, fell comfortable on and can be relied upon every time they’re worn. The list below is a starting point. I like to have them covered off in neutral colours before adding colours and prints but if your foundation “neutral” is hot pink that’s very ok. 

  • jeans that work back with your “nice” tops
  • “throw and go” shirt dresses that make week-day dressing super simple
  • neutral coloured t-shirts that skim and flatter
  • shorts that let you savour summer without feeling like you’re wearing “undies” as outerwear
  • shirts that fit your bust AND your hips
  • camis that give you the shape of a cami but allow you to wear a regular bra
  • pants that dress up for the office but double down on the weekend
  • blazers or outwear that doesn’t feel like you’re wearing a straightjacket

3. Add fun, seasonal updates. This is where your wardrobe personality (don’t worry if you don’t know what that is – more about taking the pressure off that HERE) comes out to play. These show-pony pieces are the ones that bring the colours, prints, texture or structure that aligns with who you are and how you like to present yourself to the world. These are also the pieces that might give a nod to new-season trends and keep your wardrobe modern and fresh. Getting that “freshness” can be as simple as changing up the style of shoes or accessories you wear with an outfit.

  • Tops or blouses in prints, colours, sequins or that just make a statement with their sleeve or detailing
  • Dresses or jumpsuits – “one and done” pieces that feel good on but suit your style personality
  • Shoes in new-season styles
  • Accessories in new-season styles

4. Plan ahead for any events or occasions. We may not have as many of these as we did 12 months ago but as restrictions ease (or ebb and flow), those seasonal parties may happen. They may look a little different that what we’re used to but the joy that comes from having an opportunity to dress up is something that we probably took for granted pre-COVID.

If you know that you have a wedding or Christmas party in the works, then have fun with your outfit. Look at your existing party pieces that have been sitting in your wardrobe yearning to come out and play.

If you’d love to splash out on something that’s a little bit extra, choose something that you know you could wear several times throughout the summer months and beyond.

5. Choose pieces that are versatile. Remember The Sneaker Test? Never before has this been something to keep front of mind when making new purchases. If an item (even for an occasion) has the dress-up/dress-down versatility that means it will work with a pair of heels AND a pair of sneakers, then it’s going to work double duty for you in your wardrobe. The more pieces you have in your wardrobe that can be worn styled up or down, the more your wardrobe will work for you.

6. Where possible shop with small independent businesses. Stylers, this year has been tough on so many levels for so many fashion business owners but one thing I’ve made conscious decision to do is to shop small wherever possible, and if it’s Australian-made all the better. If it’s not made in Australia, I’ve looked further at the supply chains of businesses I like to shop with. I know this is not an influencing factor for everyone when it comes to the buying clothes but it’s something that is even more important to me as an independent, Australian-made retailer myself. For small business, success this year is just about survival, so I know when I choose to shop small, I’m helping a fellow business owner to do just that. Trust me, happy dances do happen with every purchase.

So, in the spirt of that, the montage below features some of my fun, early new-season favourites from independent labels I love. Have a click through and see if you find a new fave too.

How to shop mindfully for your 2020 spring-summer wardrobe

1. Bonita Collective dress

2. Boho Bird by Birdsnest dress

3. Harlow dress

4. Zarc dress

5. Alessandra dress

6. Bohemian Traders dress

7.  Philosophy top and pants 

8. Spell jumpsuit

9. White Label Noba top and skirt

10. Maiocchi dress

So, tell me, how are you feeling about your 2020 spring-summer wardrobe? Looking forward to dressing up? Happy to keep things casual?

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