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Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope


Passion: refashioned? Normally April is your month to break loose with fun, celebration and all the spring-fling energy in the air. The Sun is in Aries until April 19, igniting your fifth house of romance and creativity. But with the world under quarantine at this writing, many Archers will have to get imaginative with your adventures.

Fortunately, making lemonade out of lemons is a Sagittarius specialty. When you’re in that “joie de vivre” zone, you can turn just about anything into a party—and you love to hold court as the (ring)master of ceremonies. How can you play host with the most…even from afar?

Restrictive Saturn in your outgoing third house of community, ideas and kindred spirits (from March 21 to July 1) is already putting a damper on your social life. But it’s also challenging you to get scrappy and inventive with your limited resources. Surely you’ve got an Aries friend who can’t go out for their birthday this year—and might appreciate a day of virtual serenades and surprises in their inbox. Once you let your mind start to roam, the possibilities will be endless.

The fifth house is all about bold self-expression and entertainment. Make a scene on TikTok, film a comedic Sag-style monologue or glam up and take some selfies. You’ve got cosmic license to consume media as well. Catch up on all those series you’ve been wanting to watch; jump on the Tiger King bandwagon (two words for you, Sagittarius: Joe Exotic.) Break out the board games—the fifth house rules play and childhood. Trivial Pursuit, anyone?

Of course, it’s not all fun and Scrabble this month. Your mind’s on your money, especially on April 4, when your ruling planet, expansive Jupiter, makes a rare conjunction (meetup) with transformational Pluto. Both are in Capricorn, activating your second house of work and finances. Even in the midst of all this, a major breakthrough could be on the way. Perhaps it will come in the form of a profitable opportunity. Or you might finally overcome a limiting belief that’s been holding you back (since the second house also rules self-worth).

Jupiter and Pluto only connect every 13 years, and they’ll meet here three times in 2020 (their next visits are on June 30 and November 12). Get ready to blast past barriers and redefine what “security” means to you.

On April 7, the year’s only Libra full moon beams into your eleventh house of groups and technology. A collaboration you’ve been working on for the past six months could come together with a flourish. Get ready to raise a video toast to your shared victory! The next two weeks are ideal for launching a digital product or campaign—sending out that email blast or offering a flash sale for people who are short on cash but have lots of time on their hands.

Look back to the September 28 Libra new moon for clues of what might reach a turning point now. Has a friendship or association run its course? You might take a voluntary “social distance” from a certain someone who’s becoming draining. Try talking it out first. If they still don’t get it the message or you’re just not on the same page anymore, that’s okay. Move on and save that sacred spot in your friend circle for someone who uplifts you.

Watch for petty squabbles that same day because also on April 7, brash Mars and hotheaded Uranus lock into a challenging square , driving up combustible energy. Under these volatile skies, Mars in your communication house and Uranus in your critical sixth house will not be a hospitable backdrop for your sharp opinions—especially if unsolicited. Before you shoot down anyone’s ideas, hear them out before blasting holes in their plan. Stress is probably amplifying your nitpicky streak or shortening your fuse, and an impatient Mars-Uranus conjunction only worsens it. You won’t be very receptive to feedback or critique yourself today. Hold off on any evaluations today if you can help it. Get some exercise or head out into nature (taking all the mandated safety precautions) to move the pent-up energy out of your body.
Midmonth, the Aries Sun gets into two dicey squares: first with intense Pluto (on April 14) and then with outspoken Jupiter (April 15) in your second house of work and finances. You may need to slow your indulgence, especially if you’ve been self-soothing your way through a quarantine with impulse purchases and binges (no judgment!). But with shadowy Pluto involved, it could be hard to distinguish your fears from reality. Try to avoid succumbing to over-the-top reactions—talk to a levelheaded person before you go off the rails.
The Sun-Jupiter square on April 15 could spike your optimism again, but are you grounded in reality? Normally, you don’t even care to check—you live by Nelson Mandela’s famous quote “It’s only impossible until it’s been done.” But you miiiight want to give your ideas a temperature check and make sure that you’re not spending time or money on something that won’t deliver a return on investment. A romantic connection might feel the strain of separation or a lack of social outlets mid-April. Make sure you’re not leaning too heavily on each other—or that you have enough “me” time AND together time, especially if you’re living and working under one roof right now.
Things start to settle down on April 19, when the Sun begins a monthlong visit to Taurus and your sixth house of health, organization and service. If you’ve been the opposite of socially distant from your refrigerator, snack drawer and liquor cabinet, prepare for a “spring cleanup.” The April 22 Taurus new moon is the perfect day to get a fitness program underway or to start a new project.
Just shake off any heavy vibes lingering from the April 21 square between the Sun and dour Saturn in your communication house. A Sun-Saturn square happens twice a year, and it’s typically a sobering, even pessimistic day. It could be hard to weed out anxious or worrisome thoughts. The glass seems half-empty—if not completely empty. While it’s wise to get “real” with yourself and proactively make plans, know that there’s only so much you can control. If you feel overwhelmed, get out of your head and talk it through. But if you still find your wheels spinning, move your body or do some soothing tasks (cook, fold laundry, make a DIY project) to take your mind off your worries.
On April 25, deep-diving Pluto begins its annual five-month retrograde, backing through Capricorn and your second house of work and money until October 4. Pluto is in Capricorn from 2008 to 2024, so you’ve been experiencing this cycle for the past 12 years. Regenerative Pluto’s backspin could dry up some of your cash and income reserves. Or it may be a time of incubation, when you plant seeds that will bear financial fruit in the fall. Retrogrades connect us to the past, so a former client or colleague could offer a revenue stream that balances any losses or dips. With the pandemic’s toll on the economy, returning to a former skill or source could help you stay solvent. Luckily your sign, symbolized by the Archer, is enterprising and creative. You keep going until you hit the bull’s-eye. Don’t give up, Sagittarius. Dig deeper! Shadowy Pluto retrograde will push you to confront any scarcity fears and limiting beliefs around your finances and underlying sense of security.

Watch your stress levels on April 26, when the bold Sun and disruptive Uranus unite in Taurus and your sixth house of health and critical thinking. This once-a-year meetup can spur you to action, but are you spinning your wheels just to feel like you’re DOING something? Anxiety could send you into a loop of worry, which takes a toll on your wellbeing. Your critical and impatient side could cause you to snap and lash out at someone, especially a coworker. Deep breaths, Sagittarius!

Make a point of getting some physical exercise in today, even if you have to stream a workout or do burpees next to your bed. Nature is your muse, no matter how much outdoor space you have (or don’t). Watch some YouTube tutorials on planting seeds or growing a window-box garden. Where there’s a sunny patch, even in a small space, there might just be a way.


Lean on your closest people—even if you can’t do it literally. Love planet Venus begins an extended trip to Gemini and your committed partnership house from April 3 to August 7, and it’s a time that will both strengthen and test your ties.

Venus normally visits each sign for about a month, but since the planet of amour will be retrograde (backward) from May 13 to June 25, she’ll spend an extra-long time in this zone. Venus turns retrograde every 18 months, which can be difficult for love; a time when relationships hit rocky patches or require repair. Since retrogrades rule the past, an ex or two may resurface and old tensions could arise. Begin your preventive practices now by getting clear with your partners (past, present and future) about where everyone stands. Managing expectations will be crucial.

Helping that (to an extent) is the other love planet, assertive Mars, which is in Aquarius and your third house of communication from March 30 to May 13. While you may be more argumentative and quicker to snap during this cycle, you’re also eager to get things out in the open. Straight-talking Mars supports you in saying what you mean and meaning what you say. But since your sign is already famous for brutal honesty, don’t forget the diplomatic niceties, even if it means slowing down enough to treat the person in front of you with extra courtesy.

With lusty Mars in this media-savvy zone, an online or text flirtation could heat up. No need to keep your hands to yourself if you’re swiping, typing or sending a few sexy pics to someone.

Key Dates:
April 4: Venus-Saturn trine

Intellectual chemistry gives you butterflies today as serious Saturn spoons the love planet in your “sapiosexual” third house. Soulful exchanges can happen in the most mundane places. Don’t wander around in a tech trance or you could miss a potential partner standing six feet behind you in the grocery checkout line. A friendly text exchange could turn flirty.


Your creativity is your superpower this month, as the Sun blazes through Aries and your fifth house of self-expression and fame until April 19. Yes, the world is in dire straits—and that’s why your Sagittarian wit and wisdom are needed more than ever. Dive into a project that taps your talents and spotlights your personality. A rare Jupiter-Pluto meetup on April 4 brings transformation to your second house of work and money. An honest conversation with a colleague could lead to an unexpected opportunity. You may also need to shift your mindset around prosperity—limiting beliefs or fears could be holding you back.

An April 7 Libra full moon illuminates your teamwork and technology zone. A collaboration you’ve been working on for the last six months could come to fruition. Gather everyone on Zoom and let the brainstorming begin. You’ll be uber-productive when Taurus season begins on April 19, so get busy streamlining and systematizing. At the April 22 Taurus new moon, you could pick up a side hustle to help pay the bills. Need some extra (well-washed) hands? You could meet the virtual assistant of your dreams. Haven’t fully carved out that home workspace yet? Draft up a floor plan and start moving furniture around. Yes, Sagittarius, there IS room for a desk and some extra shelving there!

Key Dates:
April 14: Sun-Pluto square

If you’re spending more than you’re earning, stop the flow of red ink. You might have to tighten your belt temporarily, but even as you’re stemming the tide, dig deeper. Could there be some old fears around money that keep you in this perpetual state of scarcity thinking? You can stop manifesting “crises” by creating an actual savings plan.

Love Days: 20, 26
Money Days: 5, 13
Luck Days: 3, 11
Off Days: 22, 1, 9

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