/Instead of Coats, Fashion People Are Wearing the Classic Jacket That Whispers Wealth

Instead of Coats, Fashion People Are Wearing the Classic Jacket That Whispers Wealth

Whilst spring offers sunny respite from the dark winter months, it is not without its drawbacks. With winds kicking in, and spring showers dominating the weather forecasts, the new season, albeit slighter warmer, often proves to be just as wet as the one before. But, with flowers blooming and trees regaining their green hue, a little wet weather seems fair price to pay to witness the most beautiful season come into its glory.

As such, fashion people haven’t been letting drizzly days stand in the way of looking elevated and wet-weather style has never been quite so chic thanks to one buy in particular. Reaching for a wax jacket, the style set are channeling countryside-core for early spring and have me re-thinking my wet-weather wardrobe in the process.

wax jacket trend

Layering their hardy jackets with warm knits and chunky boots, the practical clothing item instills a utilitarian yet polished silhouette that can with stand the British weather with grace. Repelling light drizzles, the wax jacket offers an elegant alternative to a classic raincoat, as well as a boxy and generally more comfortable design.

Although practical and tough as nails, the wax jacket has an air of poshness about it, similar to that of the tweed jacket. Of course the pay-off couldn’t be more different between them, but there’s always been something about the wax jacket that feels equally refined (albeit for a different pursuit). Still, you’ll be pleased to hear you don’t need to spend a fortune to get the look.

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Whilst heritage brands such as Barbour serve up wax jackets in a range of shades and cuts and to the highest standard—my country-dwelling grandma has been wearing the same one for over 40 years—other high-street retailers have followed suit this season, creating hardy jackets in the trending silhouette.

From Zara to the Whistles style I keep seeing on Instagram and, yes, with some Barbour thrown in for good, timeless measure, read on to discover our edit of the best wax jackets to shop this spring.

wax jacket trend