/The Best Touchscreen Gloves for Men in 2019

The Best Touchscreen Gloves for Men in 2019

In an ideal world, you’d be reading this in August. The best touchscreen gloves are on steep discount and winter’s inevitable deep freeze is months and months away. You’re way ahead of the game, with abundant time to cop a pair of gloves and put them to good use. But you’re probably not reading this in August. Odds are you’re here because the bitter, bitter cold has already hit. You and your cracked, dry hands are desperate. Well, we can still help you. You might have to wait a couple days for a pair of the best touchscreen gloves to ship out to you, but you’ll have them soon enough. Until then, we recommend you make some cocoa, build a fire, and stay indoors. Or, y’know, just keep your hands in your pockets.

Gloves are so often an afterthought, a thing you only remember you need when you’re walking around in the middle of January and you go to reach for your phone and realize you can’t because there’s no feeling in your hands and oh god why are your fingers purple?! In those instances, the best gloves are simply whichever gloves are closest to your person and can prevent you from losing an extremity. With just a little bit of foresight, though, you can avoid that mess entirely. Think of these mid-winter gloves in a new light—you’re early for next winter!

Below you’ll find our picks for the best looking and most functional touchscreen gloves. All nine of our picks are stylish, warm, and fully tech-friendly—because lord knows that round of I Peel Good you’re playing is too important to pause in 10-degree weather.

The Best Active Touchscreen Gloves

Nike Gyakusou tech grip knit gloves

Few fashion collaborations are as long-running, inventive, and truly utilitarian as Gyakusou, Nike’s performance running sub-label helmed by legendary Undercover designer Jun Takahasi. A full decade into its run, Gyakusou is still pumping out solid gold hits like this: sweat-wicking knit gloves that look cool as all hell and just so happen to have the best touchscreen functionality of any gloves we tested. They come in two high-impact hues, have a wavy silicone pattern on the palms and fingers to keep your phone from flying out of your hands, and clock in at a measly $30.

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The Best Leather Touchscreen Gloves

Coach tech napa gloves

Here’s a dirty secret: If you really, truly care about using your phone in the cold…don’t wear leather gloves! They’re beautiful, sure, but even the best versions of tech-ified leather leave something to be desired, what with the thick layer of animal hide getting in the way and foiling your typing accuracy. That being said, these are the best version we’ve found. The leather is buttery, the interior is heavenly cashmere, the color selection is on point, the price is pretty darn good for gloves of this quality. And yeah, they (kinda, sorta) work on your phone.

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The Best Cashmere(ish) Touchscreen Gloves

Mack Weldon tech cashmere gloves

All those crazy soft, impeccably warm
cashmere sweaters you’ve been living in since summer ended? These are like those, only for your hands. Mack Weldon took a hearty dose of cashmere, infused it with merino wool for water resistance and durability, and then added those surprisingly effective light-colored touch fingertips to the thumbs and indexes. Oh, yeah, and the whole thing costs under $70—which means you’ll still have room in the budget for another one of those sweaters.

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The Best Touchscreen Gloves for Truly Crappy Conditions

Black Diamond heavyweight ScreenTap mitts

When it’s really, truly gross out—the kind of weather that makes you cue up Miami real estate listings for the fourth time that week—these are the ones you want. According to science (and by science, I mean I’m pretty sure I heard this once on, like, Bill Nye in fourth grade), mittens are actually warmer than gloves, because your fingers generate more heat when they’re allowed to mingle freely. And these particular mitts are built from heavy-duty fleece and hardwearing goat leather to keep your hands toasty in the face of whatever windchill blows your way. Besides, do you even really need anything more than your thumbs to use your phone, anyway?

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Five More Gloves We Love

Tracksmith “Inverno” gloves

Designed for winter runners, these moisture-wicking gloves come complete with a panel of soft fabric along the thumb and forefinger for wiping your drippy nose.

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Dents Shaftesbury black leather touch tech gloves

Dents has been crafting top-shelf leather goods since 1777. (Honestly, do any British companies have less than 100 years of history?) These gorgeously stitched hairsheep numbers bring all that old world luxury straight into the 21st century.

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The North Face Etip gloves

If you’re the kind of person who really cares about matching, these’ll look pretty sick with your
new Nuptse puffer.

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Norse Projects “Hidra” touchscreen glove

The kind of gloves Jason Bourne would wear while slipping into a secure location undetected. (Hopefully you’ll never have to snap someone’s neck while wearing them.)

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Rick Owens touchscreen gloves (was $824, 30% off)

Good one, Rick.

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