/The Best Puffer Jacket for Men 2019

The Best Puffer Jacket for Men 2019

In the dead of winter, puffer jackets are everywhere you look. But finding anything resembling a good puffer jacket, let alone the best puffer jacket can be quite a tricky task, despite the fact that they surround us everywhere we go—slung on the backs of office chairs, draped on barstools, piled high on restaurant banquettes, scurrying across snow-covered streets. The puffy coat is as much a staple of winter as…complaining about said winter. But consider the myriad ways to go wrong with a puffer: too puffed up and you’ll look like you’re wearing George Costanza’s infamous Gore-Tex coat. Too bare-bones and you’ll be wishing you’d sprung for a jacket with more down filling. And even if you get the right fit, most drab puffers fail the Kondo test: They inspire literally zero joy. Luckily, this season’s best puffers are all antidotes to the semi-fitted brown or black sleeping bag you probably already have in your closet (speaking of which, your office probably has a coat drive coming up!). They come in unique silhouettes, they’re made with innovative fabrics, and they flaunt some eye-catching colors that will actually make a winter fit instead of sabotaging it. Below are our eight favorites, plus a handful of others worth puffing up your closet with.

The Best Retro Puffer Jacket

Crescent Down Works + Todd Snyder olive nylon short jacket

You know how your dad never once seemed cold, even on the bone-chillingest days? It’s because he was probably wearing a coat like this one, from Crescent Down Works, who have been turning out made-to-order puffy parkas, vests and shirts straight from Seattle since the ’70s. Beneath that throwback outdoorsy exterior, you’ll find 14 ounces of 700 fill-power down—more than enough to keep you seeming like a superhero to your kid all winter long.

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The Best Puffer Jacket for City Dwellers

The North Face 1996 Retro “Nuptse” jacket

The North Face designs jackets for outdoorsy folks and city dwellers alike, which means you’re just as likely to see one of the brand’s trademark puffy jackets in SoHo as you are in the Catskills. The retro-inspired Nuptse jacket features a boxy silhouette and is made from The North Face’s original shiny ripstop fabric. If that weren’t enough, the puffer also comes with a stowable (and quite stylish) hood for when the wet weather hits.

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The Best Puffer Jacket for Getting Noticed

Prada nylon puffer coat

Back in May, Frank Ocean turned up at the Met Gala in an understated Prada jacket as a calculated attempt to
look boring. This is…not that Prada jacket.
This jacket is the one for the times you want all eyes to be directly on you, for when you need a quick pick-me-up on your way out the door, or—not to get too dark—when you’re maybe a bit concerned about getting lost in a blizzard. It’s not all just flash, though: the coat is fully waterproofed and filled both down and graphene padding to keep the heat sealed in tight.

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The Best Not-So-Puffy Puffer Jacket

Veilance Monitor down coat

Don’t let that slim, streamlined shell fool you. Veilance’s Monitor coat is packed with all the cutting-edge, cold-busting technology you’d expect from Arc’teryx’s highest-end division. We’re talking a whole lot of trademarks, people: Down Contour™ technology! Down Composite Mapping™! Insulated StormHood™! WaterTight™ external zippers! Waterproof GORE-TEX® Pro exterior! What does all that really mean for you? It means you’re getting an absurdly warm, absurdly advanced coat that won’t restrict your movement or interfere with your minimalist tech ninja aesthetic.

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The Best Out-There Puffer Jacket

Griffin x Woolrich Second Life anorak

Who says you can’t teach a heritage brand new tricks? Woolrich, who have been churning out best-in-class woolen goods since the Jackson administration, have mastered the art of the designer collaboration in recent years. Their ongoing partnership with designer Jeff Griffin, in particular, has delivered a surplus of off-the-wall grails, like this pullover anorak crafted from mismatched deadstock fabrics.

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The Best Luxed-Up Puffer Jacket

2 Moncler 1952 + Valextra “Dervaux” jacket

Moncler makes the Rolls-Royce of puffer coats. From the luxurious and instantly recognizable patch to the glossy, puffed-up panels, a Moncler jacket is basically engineered to turn heads. The Dervaux, which is a down quilted nylon laqué jacket that features a contrast logo and lining, is the puffer coat for adventurous dressers who aren’t afraid of bold color and an even bolder silhouette.

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The Best Puffer Jacket for Animal Lovers

Save The Duck “Luck” quilted hooded puffer jacket

If the idea of plucking feathers from fowl just to keep warm makes your stomach turn, Save The Duck have your cruelty-free alternative. Built entirely from nylon, the Italian label’s signature puffers aren’t lacking in the looks or performance department—the bright, shiny jackets will keep you toasty in temps all the way down to 14 degrees F.

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The Best Outrageously Luxe Puffer Jacket

Louis Vuitton Monogram Boyhood puffer jacket

Nobody does pure IDGAF luxury quite like Virgil Abloh. Everything about this oversized puffer screams excessive wealth, from the embossed LV monogram to the soft cashmere outer layer. If you’ve got a spare 10 stacks lying around and really want people to know it, this is a pretty show-stopping way to spend it.

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7 More Puffers We Love

Uniqlo ultra light down parka

Uniqlo’s impossibly affordable—and seriously warm!—down jackets stay undefeated.

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Nanamica quilted nylon-ripstop down jacket

Sad you had to retire your
liner jacket once winter rolled around? Now you don’t have to.

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Rick Owens oversized padded jacket

Slouchy yet chunky yet somehow totally flattering. In other words: it’s Rick Owens at his finest.

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Herno Gore Impact waterproof hooded puffer jacket

A matte black finish and a surplus of pockets make this the ideal puffer for channeling Batman.

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The Arrivals AER down puffer jacket

Sure, it’s designed to survive extreme weather conditions. But that searing shade of chartreuse will keep you warm all on its own.

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Gucci GG jacquard nylon jacket

Swaddling up in a sleeping bag coat everyday got you feeling less than glamorous? Nothing a little Gucci print can’t fix.

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Aspesi quilted ripstop-shell hooded half-zip down jacket

Because some days it’s just too cold to bother with a damn zipper.

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