/Holiday Boudoir as a Gift? Yes! It’s the Gift that Keeps On Giving!

Holiday Boudoir as a Gift? Yes! It’s the Gift that Keeps On Giving!

Have you thought giving a holiday boudoir photo to your loved one? As a boudoir photographer, you’d be surprised how many clients I have shot for their very own holiday boudoir gift!

Boudoir for the Holidays? Oh Yes!

If you are NOT familiar, boudoir is different from other niches because it is more intimate. You will be more vulnerable and forced to see yourself in ways other photography experiences can’t compare.

This usually results in loving yourself in a new and uncritical way. All of a sudden, confidence is boosted and body critiquing becomes a distant memory.

What to Know BEFORE You Book Your Holiday Boudoir Shoot

The Gift of Boudoir Photography
Image via Donna Lane Photography

The best boudoir experiences include professional hair styling and makeup application, use of a client wardrobe and a fabulous shoot with multiple wardrobe changes.

Cost varies based on your region but the entire experience including keepsakes could cost anywhere between $500 to over $5000 depending on options.

Finding Your Best Boudoir Photographer

Looking to do a holiday boudoir shoot as a gift to a loved one?
Image via Donna Lane Photography

While searching for the perfect photographer, be sure to read reviews, ask questions, and get all costs up front so there are no surprises.

Many photographers offer fun and flirty couples sessions so this could be a gift for both you AND your significant other!

Boudoir photographers typically have a special Facebook group that you can join; do it!

The Gift of Boudoir Photography for the Holidays
Image via Donna Lane Photography

Evaluate their personality! Are they fun? Do they seem genuine? How do they respond to others?

You’ll quickly determine whether or not you’ll “vibe” with with them while posing in your knickers!

What to Wear In Your Holiday Boudoir Shoot

Today we are talking about giving the gift of a holiday boudoir shoot
Image via Donna Lane Photography

Whether you love or loathe lingerie, there are perfect wardrobe items for everyone.

If you’re more of a tomboy, a tank top and boy shorts will show you off in all your glorious splendor! Perhaps you’re feminine and flirty? Fishnet stockings and heels may all that’s required to demonstrate your unrivaled “badassery”!

Your photographer should be ready to supply resources based on your style and budget.

If all else fails, check out the fabulous plus size lingerie options on TCF!

The Final Product and Your Gift

The Gift of Boudoir Photography for the Holidays
Image via Donna Lane Photography

Most photographers sell some sort of luxury album featuring lush fabrics and vibrant pages. Inquire about product pricing so you have an idea as to the entire cost of the experience.

Ask your photographer if they offer any sort of prepayment plan so you can make small payments over time if necessary.

Don’t assume that digital downloads are included with your products. Most photographers will either add these for an additional fee or offer them with a higher priced product collection.

Expect to receive your fabulous products from two to six weeks following your boudoir session.

See Also

There are so many gift ideas out there, but few will impact multiple facets of your life like a holiday boudoir shoot will.

Plus Size Boudoir by Donna Lane Photography
Image via Donna Lane Photography

A boudoir shoot will boost your confidence, help you re-discover your sensuality and empower you for your next badass phase!

What are you waiting for?

Have you had a boudoir shoot before? Share your tips and experiences in the comments below!


About the author: Donna Lane

I’m Donna and I’m the proud owner of Donna Lane Photography.

I specialize in taking gorgeous pictures of beautiful souls in the Washington DC area.



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