/Mother’s Day Gift Ideas That Are Better Than Petrol Station Flowers

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas That Are Better Than Petrol Station Flowers

Remember when you were younger and your mum would put every crayon drawing you did on the fridge as though you were the next Basquiat (no matter how, err, crap)? That’s the reaction you want from a mother’s day gift.

Except, rather than give your gift pride of place in the home, the aim is to have her remember it the next time you rock up to a family meal half drunk from the night before and smelling like leftover doner kebab (it happens, alright.)

Buy her any of these 21 mother’s day gift ideas and you’re guaranteed a Son of The Year award, no matter your behaviour for the next twelve months. Winner.

Prynt Pocket iPhone Instant Photo Printer


Buy Now: £129.00

Prynt Pocket iPhone Instant Photo Printer

Manchester Gin Tasting Set

Launched in 2016, Manchester Gin incorporates local flavours and Northern botanicals into its small-batch brews. And no we don’t think that means a heady combination of spray-tan tang with notes of chip barm. Even if the drink doesn’t live up to the nickname Mother’s Ruin, it’ll at least have your mother ruined.

Buy Now: £59.00

Manchester Gin Tasting Set

Slip Pillowcase

In order to do all the stuff they do for us on a daily basis without looking like a walking zombie, mums rely on a decent kip each night. So this year get your old dear something that will assist with her beauty regime while she sleeps. A silk pillowcase protects and hydrates the skin, while also preventing split ends. Ingenious.

Buy Now: £79.00

Slip Pillowcase

Veronica Sunglasses

Wearable tech is particularly, well, wearable over at sunglasses brand Snap. At first glance, these Veronica spectacles look like a classic pair of fashion frames but, unlike bog standard styles, they can record videos, capture photos and store both so mum can transfer them to her phone and share them on social media. Make the most of the fact that they’re water-resistant and pack them for the beach.

Buy Now: £199.00

SMARTECH Snap Veronica spectacles

Hypervice Foam Roller

Whether she’s more comfortable on a yoga mat or squeezing out burpees, this vibrating foam roller has recovery sorted. If the gift of soothing muscle ache isn’t enough to convince you, it’s twice as effective as a regular roller, works to boost circulation and can increase range of motion by a whopping 40 per cent. No fancy spas needed.

Buy Now: £152.99


Master&Dynamic Earphones

Give mum a pair of earphones that look as good as they sound with Master & Dynamic’s ME05 model. As well as being milled out of solid brass and polished to perfection, they also score major points on the noise isolation front, which, whinging in-laws nearby or not, will always be useful.

Buy Now: £125.00

Master & Dynamic ME05 In Ear Headphone - Brass

Wedgewood Teapot

You might think a Wedgwood is some kind of golf club, but we’d bet good money on your mum knowing what’s what. With close to three centuries worth of pottery knowledge under its belt, it’s pretty much the swankiest teapot you can get.

Buy Now: £95.00

Wedgewood Teapot

LSA Vase Set

This Mothering Sunday, get her a vase to put the flowers you bought her in. This perfect-for-posies set from Polish glassware giant LSA is an excellent choice. Hang on a minute, you did remember to order the flowers, didn’t you?

Buy Now: £25.00

LSA Vase Set

NARSissist Lip Pencil Trio

Apologise for all of those times you got a bit lippy with your mum by giving her a nice set of smackers for Mother’s Day. This set from French makeup pioneers Nars, which features three award-winning pencils in the brand’s best-selling shades, ought to put a smile on her face.

Buy Now: £48.00

Wander Beauty Read My Lips Kit

Studio Sanderson for Uniqlo

Any mum who’s a dedicated follower of fashion will be pretty chuffed with this graphic print T-shirt – a collaboration between the Royal Household’s interiors brand Sanderson and high street staple Uniqlo. What’s more, it will leave you enough cash in your pocket to go to the pub after hitting the shops.

Buy Now: £12.90


Desmond & Dempsey Pyjamas

After all the excitement of Mother’s Day, send your ma to sleep in the most stylish way possible. These pyjamas from British loungewear brand Desmond & Dempsey are crafted from ultra-soft cotton, hand painted in London and can even be monogrammed for a little something extra.

Buy Now: £150.00


John Lewis & Partners Scarf

Scarves are like jeans (bear with us), as soon as you wear them in, you’re on the lookout for an updated version. And you can never have too many, of course. Show mum you’re thinking about both her style and warmth with this leaf-patterned navy and white number – a timeless colour combination that will see her through blustery spring days.

Buy Now: £25.00

John Lewis & Partners Spliced Waves Scarf, Blue

Albus Lumen x Ryan Storer Shell-Drop Earrings

Marilyn was bang on the money; diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But if you don’t fancy skipping rent this month, premium-looking jewellery, like the sort from Australian designer Ryan Storer, makes for a great alternative. And, every time she looks at herself in the mirror, she’ll think of you: the golden child. Take that, siblings.

Buy Now: £120.00

ALBUS LUMEN X Ryan Storer painted hoop earrings

Timex Waterbury Traditional Watch

While you can’t give your mum the gift of winding back the clock, you can at least give her some nice looking wrist bling. Available in a new, sophisticated, feminine style, The Waterbury Traditional is the latest timepiece from respected yet wallet-friendly watch brand Timex. And if you’re smart, you’ll use our line: it’s a modern update on a true classic, just like mum.

Buy Now: £119.99

Waterbury Traditional 34mm Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch

Floris River Dawn Eau de Parfum

Perfume may seem like a bit of a cliché Mother’s Day gift, but some things are classics for a reason. The latest fragrance from Floris London, with its blend of green floral notes and apple blossom created by the in-house perfumery team at 89 Jermyn Street, is anything but boring. Warning: it has a bold price tag to match.

Buy Now: £180.00

River Dawn Eau De Parfum

Taylor Yates Bag

It’s not just you and your mates who’re cottoning on to sustainable fashion brands. Introduce your old dear to do-gooder bag brand Taylor Yates. Founded by mother-daughter duo Karen and Ellen Yates, it aims to inspire women across generations into making environmentally thoughtful purchases without compromising on style.

Buy Now: £145.00

Doris Clutch

Dream Big Sleep Set

Whether it was you as a bratty baby crying all night, or you as a bratty teenager staying out late, you’ve probably cost your mum more than a few night’s of sleep. You git. Make amends by giving her the gift of 40 winks with this set from the maestros of sleep at This Works.

Buy Now: £80.00

Dream Big Sleep Set

Bamford’s Harem Pant

It’s plain impossible to miss the mark with anything from Bamford Spa – let alone the brand’s new Haybarn collection of organic cotton activewear. This pair of boho lounge pants will take mum from yoga studio to home in style and comfort. If you’re really needing brownie points, add a massage voucher.

Buy Now: £115.00


AllBirds Women’s Wool Runners

Whether she squeezes out 100 squats at the gym or burns her calories walking the dog, comfortable shoes are always a good idea. These wool trainers from sustainable footwear brand AllBirds can be worn sock-less, and she can just chuck them in the washing machine if they get dirty. One less thing to worry about for mum.

Buy Now: £95.00

Women's Wool Runners

Tom Ford Lipstick

It’s okay to know buggar all about lippy (it’s also okay to know a lot, but that’s another conversation). We’ll fill you in if you fall into that first category: pink is the style trend your mum needs this spring and summer. As far as gifts go, this Tom Ford creation is guaranteed to get you nominated for a Son of The Year award.

Buy Now: £30.00

Tom Ford Lipstick

Nanu Pillow

If you scrolled quickly past most of this list, you might’ve missed this major newsflash: the chance your mum lost some major ZZZs because of your very existence is quite high. Pay some of that back with Nanu, the world’s first personalised pillow which uses her height, weight and sleep position preference to create the perfect bedfellow for her needs.

Buy Now: £38.00

Nanu Pillow