/5 Best Zero Gap Trimmers For Men – Ultra-Close Trims in 2023

5 Best Zero Gap Trimmers For Men – Ultra-Close Trims in 2023

If you’re looking for an epic beard style or a fade haircut with the sharpest, slickest lines in town, you’ve got to use the right electric shaver for the job.

Now, for face-taming, mane-scaping excellence, zero fade trimmers should be high on your priority list. With the ability to achieve a closer cut and slicker lines, these high-performance beauties will transform your hair or beard from average to astounding.

The best zero gap trimmers are reliable, easy to use, and will make you look darn good. But, with so many out there on the market, how do you know which ones to trust?

Don’t sweat it, friend. I’m here to save the day with my definitive rundown of the best zero gap trimmers money can buy.

Let’s get started.

Key Takeaways

Much like when you’re in search of the best body hair trimmer or cartridge razor, you should always consider your personal grooming needs when choosing a zero gapped trimmer.

To give you the best possible chance of finding the best zero gap trimmer for your needs, I’ve carried out extensive research, carried out some product testing, and talked to men’s grooming professionals.

I’ve discovered that the best overall zero gap trimmer is the Andis 32400 Slimline Pro. If you’re on the lookout for something a little more lavish, the Wahl Detailer Pro will deliver the goods. And for the best everyday grooming experience, Dollar Shave Club has your back.

cordless gold detailer by wahl
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Andis 32400 Slimline Pro

Why it’s great: With a slick slimline design and a striking chrome-style finish, this eye-popping icon is my pick for the most well rounded best zero gap trimmer. Considering its reasonable price point, the Andis32400 boasts plenty of battery time, a smooth cut, and professional-grade self-sharpening blades that are built to last. You can achieve pretty much any sharp-edged beard or hairstyle with this trimmer and its bundles of top user reviews prove that this is a worthwhile investment for your manscaping needs.

How to use it: To use this bad boy to its full advantage, you should dampen your beard or head hair slightly before use. Gripping the handle lightly in the palm of your hand, you should let the blades glide across the contours of your head or face. Always set your desired clipper length before styling your beard or hair and brush away excess bristles after use.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: Some fellas might want something a little less slimline and a little more robust.

Water resistant: Yes | Type: Corded and cordless | Battery Life: 100 minutes

Ufree hair trimmer

Why it’s great: If you’re on a bit of a budget but still want to achieve sharp, slick, close to the bone hairstyling lines, this lightweight USB battery-powered beauty will deliver the goods. In addition to its amazing price and striking gold looks, this slime handheld zero-gapped trimmer is easy to handle, offering even slightly ham-fisted fellas an opportunity to achieve a sleek electric shaver-style finish. The UFree is also easy to transport as well as clean and offers a generous two hours of solid battery time. Perfect for first-time shavers and groomers.

How to use it: For the very best grooming results, charge the battery in full before use. Lightly oil the blades, choose your clipper lengths (there are three to choose from), and enjoy!

Flaws but not dealbreakers: Some guys might find this a little too light and limited if they have coarse hair or long beards.

Water resistant: Yes | Type: Cordless | Battery Life: 120 minutes

Wahl Professional Series Detailer #8081

Why it’s great: Part T blade styler and part zero gap trimmer, the mighty Wahl Detailer is a barber-grade beauty that always gets the job done to the highest possible standards. In addition to its classic barbershop looks, this epic barber-standard trimmer will withstand years of regular use. It’s a precious styler that makes it easy to craft striking lines and achieve smooth fades, even if you have thin or fine hair. Its electromagnetic motor and ergonomic design also make for an incredible cutting experience with every use. Plus, it looks epic!

How to use it: Set the T blade to the angle that best suits your styling needs, lightly oil the cutting blades, and with a relaxed hand, work your way around the head or beard from up to down or side to side. Make sure your hair is slightly dampened before use for the best styling results.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: This might be a little hot to handle for guys a little newer to the world of hairstyling and manscaping.

Water resistant: Yes | Type: Corded | Battery Life: n/a

Philips Norelco OneBlade 360

NOTE: This razor isn’t your traditional zero gap trimmer, it’s great for edge-ups and regular maintenance but it won’t give you the same level of sharp clean lines as others on this list. It’s great for those who perform regular grooming but don’t desire sharp lines or designs. But, specificities be damned, I love this trimmer, I recommend it constantly and you’ll find it as a main player across many of the articles on FashionBeans. But as a responsible writer and expert, I want to make sure you’re spending your money on quality items that work the best for you. Hence this note, so happy shopping!

Why it’s great: This pretty amazing five-in-one hybrid trimmer looks futuristically chic and boasts droves of excellent Amazon reviews (all of which are justified). Lightweight and built with a flexible head, this incredibly ergonomic trimmer is amazing for touching up hairstyles and achieving nearly any beard style under the sun. It’s primarily a high-performance beard trimmer, but it’s also equipped for tidying up necklines and shaving heads. Even those with unsteady hands will be able to trim like a pro with the Norelco, it’s a pretty genius piece of kit.

How to use it: Charge this in full before use and slightly dampen the blades. Practice using the Norelco on a small surface area of hair to get used to the flexible head. Then let the trimmer work its manscaping magic.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: If you want something for more extensive hairstyling needs, this probably isn’t for you.

Water resistant: Yes | Type: Cordless | Battery Life: NiMH Rechargeable Battery (120 minutes)

Dollar Shave Club Double Headed Trimmer

Why it’s great: This compact beauty from the Dollar Shave Club is an all-round shaver and trimmer that is built to go the distance. In addition to its decent price and cool and as cucumber looks, this nearly zero gapped trimmer (Note: not advertised but the shave results are promising) is reliable and offers a smooth shaving or styling experience. Whether you have a long or a short beard, a classic do, or a slick fade, this will help you with your daily styling needs. With two different heads, you can shave, trim, and style with this one device, and as it is fully waterproof, you can take it in the shower or the tub with you.

How to use it: To use this bad boy to your full manscaping advantage, dampen the head and blade slightly before use. Make sure you use the appropriate head for your needs (beard trimmer or hair styling), and use the button lock mechanism when you’re traveling to make sure it doesn’t go off in your bag.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: If you’re looking for something for slightly more complex hair styling needs, this might not be the droid you’re looking for.

Water resistant: Yes | Type: Cordless | Battery Life: 60 minutes

unboxing the dollar shave club double head trimmer
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Buying Considerations for the Best Zero Gap Trimmers


First of all, you should decide on a type that suits your specific needs. Are you looking for something compact and portable you can travel with or do you want something more bulky and barbergrade?

Do you want something for slick hair fades, sharp beard styles—or both? Answer these questions, look through my Product Pick hitlist, and you’ll discover your perfect zero gap trimmer in no time.

Water Resistance

Next up, you should check your zero gap trimmer of choice is fully water resistant. Okay, you might not want to lather up and take it in the shower with you—but as a general rule of thumb—it’s a good idea to have a trimmer known for its water-resistant qualities.

So, take a look at the reviews and product descriptions of any potential zero gap trimmers before pressing the ‘buy’ button—and you can’t go wrong.


Last but certainly not least, when looking for the best zero gapped trimmer for your needs, you should check the power source.

Make sure if you’re going for a corded trimmer, that the plug and power source is reliable and suits your home set-up.

If you’re going for a rechargeable battery-powered trimmer, you should make sure it has an active running time of at least 30 minutes (that way, you’ll get at least two trims out of a full charge).

a slimline pro trimmer by andis x popular nobody
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Why You Should Trust Us

As a fashion and grooming writer at FashionBeans, I compare, test, and research the products that make a gentleman a gentleman. As someone who has dealt with a lot of electric shavers and hair trimmers in his time—I know a thing or two about grooming.

To compile my definitive zero gap trimmer hitlist and build on my existing knowledge, I talked with a group of professional barbers in person to uncover what they believe you should look for in the best zero gap trimmer.

Based on their expert feedback, I created a longlist and did some real deep-dive research and comparison to arrive at my essential top five. So, this really is a collection of hair grooming products you can trust.

Final verdict

With a solid price point, eye-grabbing looks, an ergonomic slimline design, and self-sharpening blades, the Andis 32400 is my number one pick for the best zero gap trimmer.

Whatever your hairstyling aspirations, this tip-top trimmer is likely to deliver—and its quality design is likely to offer an excellent return on grooming investment (ROGI)!

But, each and every trimmer on my list is incredible in its own way and has the key attributes required to offer a quality manscaping finish. So, consider your personal grooming needs, go back through the list, and take your pick.


    • Zero gap trimmers are electric shaving devices for hair, beards, and general manscaping purposes. Usually handheld and offering high-performance batteries, these trimmers allow you to line the two main clipping blades up for a sharper, closer cut.

      Often, man-scapers or pro barbers use zero gap trimmers to achieve slick fades, lines, and angles when creating a particular hair beard style.

      • A zero gap trimmer allows you to get a closer, sharper shave and achieve defined fades or edges when styling your hair or beard.

        Most people use these high-performance trimmers to cut in incredibly sharp, defined lines or cut in particularly precise patterns or fades to enhance a beard or hairstyle.