/9 Best Travel Shoes For Men – Better Adventures For 2023

9 Best Travel Shoes For Men – Better Adventures For 2023

The last thing you want to worry about while scrambling to pack for a spontaneous trip is an unreliable pair of shoes that might fall apart on you.

There’s a delicate art in picking the best travel shoes for men. You want something versatile, that can ideally work in casual and formal settings. If you’re flying, you need to take into consideration how easily your shoes can slip on and off when TSA inevitably rummages through everything you have.

You might already own some quality footwear in your collection, but do you have something to rely on when going from point A to point B? What you really need is a new pair of footwear to embark on your next excursion.

Luckily, an entire sub-genre of footwear has opened up on the market, designed to accommodate many travel necessities and then some. As travel becomes more prominent for work and life, so has the development of travel shoes. A great men’s travel shoe should be efficient to put on, comfortable to walk in, and great to look at.

All the shoes on this list check these boxes while bringing their own unique characteristics to the table. Whatever you might need, you can find it within this lineup. So, let’s break down 9 of the best travel shoes for men, to bring out your inner cosmopolitan.

Key Takeaways

The best option to accompany you on your next getaway is the Wilson loafer from Helm Boots. These loafers feature a modern take on the classic penny-loafer design, offering a ton of versatility no matter where you go and what you do.

The Original dress shoe from Amberjack is also one of the best travel shoes for men, balancing style and comfort in a single package.

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Helm The Wilson

Last summer, while on a trip to Austin, Texas, I had the pleasure of stopping by the sleepy, hole-in-the-wall Helm Headquarters. The employees were incredibly accommodating and this was the first time I got to wear the Wilson loafers. These shoes are downright excellent, and I feel the Helm brand is a criminally underrated player in the footwear market today.

It’s no surprise a loafer is at the top of this list, they’re a go-to for travel, but the Wilson is more than just a loafer. This shoe utilizes modern technology for maximum comfort in the reimaged body of a penny loafer. I personally think these shoes are stunning, especially in the burgundy color. The Helm signature white line on the midsole indicates an added layer of comfort and rigidity. Also, the leather outsole with rubber inserts ensures you have enough traction if you’re traveling somewhere stormy.

While these shoes may be a modern take on the classic design, you can still wear them like a normal pair of penny loafers. They’ll effortlessly compliment a nice pair of slacks or shorts. You also have the flexibility to wear them formally with a button up, or just throw on a nice polo for a casual look.

Material: Brush-Off Krumenauer Leather | Sizes: 6-16 US | Colors Available: 5

Crown Northampton Everdon Wholecut Mid

There’s a very real possibility these sneakers might cost more than your plane tickets. However, Crown Northampton is a distinguished brand in the footwear world and shell cordovan is one of the most luxurious leathers money can buy.

For those who don’t know, shell cordovan is actually horse leather. Now, the morality of such a material is an entirely different discussion, but the fact is, it’s a highly sought-after leather. It goes through a much trickier tanning process and often comes out a beautiful burgundy color, aka “Horween Color #8”. Oh, and the Horween Leather Company is also one of the most prestigious leather tanneries in the world.

All of this may sound like a bunch of gibberish to you, so to put it simply, these shoes are the highest of high-end. They’ll certainly be the star of the show with whatever outfit you decide to throw on. The high-top design also makes them great for warmer or cooler conditions, depending on where you travel. I’m sure if you do purchase a pair of these, they’ll only ever see first class.

Material: Horween Shell Cordovan | Sizes: 3-14 UK | Colors Available: 1

Tropicfeel Sunset Sneaker

If you’re planning to travel somewhere remote, you should bring a pair of shoes that can withstand the elements. The Sunset sneaker from Tropicfeel is just the solution for a nomadic trip in the wild.

While the Vessi sneakers are built to propel water, the Tropicfeel Sunset sneakers are built to embrace it–able to be worn fully underwater. The drainage holes in the outsoles allow water to exit the shoe without reentering. Once you come back to land, your feet should dry out in no time. If you’re wondering about wet socks, these sneakers act as a pair of socks too. It’s best to not wear any socks with these because you have the breathability and comfort of the mesh upper–one less thing to cram into your carry-on.

These shoes have sprint laces which means you can fit them securely to your feet in mere seconds. They also feature a drop-in heel which allows them to be slipped on easily and worn as slippers in even less time. They also lean toward a casual aesthetic, so throw them on with some cargo shorts, a boonie hat, and get exploring.

Material: 77% recycled polyester, 23% polyester | Sizes: 6-12.5 US | Colors Available: 5

Cariuma OCA Therma High

While most of the suggestions on this list are geared toward warmer conditions, we haven’t forgotten colder climates. If you’re traveling somewhere a bit more unforgiving, try out the OCA Therma High sneakers from Cariuma.

These high-top sneakers are fully vegan, yes, even the Sherpa lining. Speaking of the lining, it’s integrated into the whole interior of the shoe–including the removable midsole. As Cariuma puts it on their site, these sneakers have been “winterproofed”. Not to mention, two trees are planted for each pair of shoes sold. This means you’ll be able to enjoy those trees whenever you finally decide to travel somewhere warmer.

While these high-tops might take a bit longer to slip on than a pair of loafers, once you have them on your feet, you’ll be comfy and cozy in the harshest climates. They can be worn casually with a comfy sherpa-lined flannel and beanie to brace the elements in style.

Material: 100% Vegan Suede | Sizes: 5-13 US | Colors Available: 2

Cole Haan Grand Crosscourt II Sneaker

Cole Haan is one of the most prominent figures in the fashion footwear monolith. Most notably, they hold a reputation for making comfortable shoes–this includes the Grand Crosscourt II Sneakers.

These fall into the classic, leather sneaker family. The external design doesn’t really do anything original, but it’s what’s on the inside that counts. These sneakers feature springy, shock-absorbent insoles for high comfort. Combine that with their lightweight construction and tactile tread on the outsole, and you have a great pair of walking shoes to explore a new city.

The slim, minimalistic design makes these sneakers great for casual and business-casual attire. You can wear them with a blazer and slacks, but a tee and shorts would look just as clean.

Material: 100% Leather | Sizes: 7-15 US | Colors Available: 9

Merrell Trail Glove 7

If you’re the type of person who never takes a break from the gym, even when traveling, the Merrell Trail Glove 7 running shoes could be your new training partner. I’ve gone through three iterations of Merrell trail gloves over the years, and they’ve become my go-to workout shoe.

The zero-drop design, aka barefoot, is more anatomically natural compared to other cushioned, athletic sneakers. It may take an adjustment at first, but I’ve gotten so used to zero-drop runners that they’re the only shoes I use to run. If you’re not a runner though, use these for weightlifting, yoga, or whatever physical activity gets your blood pumping. The wider toe box improves balance and it means your toes have the space they need to prevent injuries.

Now, these shoes are far from formal, and you’ll have to dress super casually if these are the only pair you bring along for the ride. However, they’re so accommodating to your feet, you’ll be able to walk, run, and jump wherever you travel.

Material: Recycled Mesh | Size: 7-15 US | Colors Available: 4

Perry Ellis Tread Sneaker

Fun fact, the first boots I ever purchased were a pair of Perry Ellis chukkas. They were less than 50 bucks and, although the quality was admittedly poor, they lasted me throughout my senior year of high school.

Perry Ellis has made a name for itself as a designer brand offering goods at great value. The Tread Sneakers take key features from the best travel shoes for men and deliver them at an inexpensive price point. The base price is right under $100, but Perry Ellis products are frequently on sale and there are plenty of promotions you can cash in on to snag the best deal.

This particular model is made of a knit mesh material, making them breathable and super comfortable for long days of travel. Now, these should generally be worn in casual situations, but there are quite a few examples of these being dressed up–even with a suit. The profile is slim enough to accommodate a lot of different outfits, so experiment without breaking the bank.

Material: Mesh Knit | Sizes: 7.5-13 US | Colors Available: 5

Vessi Everyday Move Slip-Ons

Stop what you’re doing right now, open Instagram, and search up travel shoes. What do you find? Odds are, quite a few of the posts you’ll see are advertising Vessi sneakers. This brand has blown up recently and much of the online marketing has contributed to its trendy appeal.

The biggest selling point of Vessi sneakers is the breathable mesh material, porous enough to expel sweat but not large enough to let in water. Don’t ask me how it works, but you can find plenty of videos demonstrating their impressive water-resistance technology.

The Everyday Move Slip-Ons are particularly great for travel because of their sock-like design. They have a futuristic-ninja vibe, and if you’ll mostly be dressing casually, these are perfect for you. Complete the look with a full black, athletic outfit to embody the streamlined style.

Material: Vegan Knit Material | Sizes: 6-14 US | Colors Available: 7

Amberjack The Original

Ironically, one of the founders behind Amberjack was an ex-Cole Haan employee. This brand was born out of a desire to shake up the stale formal footwear market. Amberjack products resemble the outward style of a dress shoe but have more in common with sneakers on the inside. The Original takes the classic design of a derby shoe and modernizes it for a life no longer confined to a cubicle.

The dual-density rubber outsoles create the classic, stacked heel silhouette but make for a more comfortable walking experience. The heat-activated arch support keeps the foot in its natural position, even if you have flat feet. Oh, and the perforations on the vamp ensure proper ventilation no matter how hot it gets.

These shoes can obviously be dressed up with ease, but can quickly go casual if need be. Or, why not strike a balance between the two, and pair a sharp blazer with some nice jeans.

Material: Full grain leather/Italian Suede | Sizes: 7-13 US | Colors Available: 11

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What To Look For In The Best Travel Shoes For Men

Shoe Type

A critical decision when planning any trip is what type of shoes you will bring on the journey. If you’re flying, you need to deal with the hassle of TSA and probably want something that can come off easily.

Once you’ve arrived at your destination, you’ll also want a ton of comfort for the inevitable walking you’ll do while sightseeing. Not to mention, you might need something formal if you’re traveling for work. The loafer fits all of these criteria flawlessly and is a go-to option for travel. A solid pair of simplistic sneakers or high-tops can also do the trick if you desire something more casual.


Material is also a major player when looking at a pair of the best travel shoes for men. Mesh sneakers and shoes are a great, modern design that allows for versatility in many situations. Leather options are sophisticated and the right kind will be just as comfortable–especially suede. Above all, shoes of quality material and construction can provide you peace of mind that your footwear won’t fall apart halfway through the trip.


Lastly, comfort is huge when searching for the best men’s travel shoes. While the location and occasion of your travel might restrict how comfortable you can get, there are still plenty of options out there for you. If you’re simply traveling on vacation, you don’t want to combat blisters and swollen feet the whole time. Pick what’s the most comfortable for you, so you can enjoy your temporary destination without any hiccups.

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Final Verdict

In short, you really can’t beat the beauty, quality, and versatility of the Wilson loafers from Helm. These shoes can get you through TSA in style and they’ll take you to countless new places. Amberjack’s The Original shoe is also a great choice for those seeking a classic look in a comfortable, sneaker-esque package.


    • Loafers are among the best shoes for travel. They offer a balance between formal and casual, all while being easy to slip on. They can also be worn with pants or shorts, making them great when alternating between two different climates.

      • Running shoes are another great option when leaving home. Most running shoes focus on comfort, as they’re built to endure heavy usage. Also, if you’re an active individual, you might only need to pack one pair of shoes to get your workouts in while away from the gym.

        • When it comes to air travel, the best shoe is ultimately one that can be taken off and put back on with ease. You really don’t want a pair of knee-high lace-up boots that take twenty minutes just to get off–sorry goths. Slip-on shoes are often best because they can get you through TSA in a breeze, and you won’t even have to think twice about missing the flight.