/8 Best Titanium Watches – Get Tough On Time For 2023

8 Best Titanium Watches – Get Tough On Time For 2023

For many, getting your hands on one of the best titanium watches was no more than a pipe dream; the kind of sartorial purchase that only came to fruition for serious savers or the rich and famous. However, thanks to an ever-expanding portfolio of options, rocking a featherweight timepiece is no longer such a wallet buster.

Sure, they still sit firmly in the luxury end of the watch market. And they’re going to cost more than your average digital design. But you’re getting a seriously slick bit of kit. Well worth the money, if you ask me.

To help you decide which one deserves your attention (and a place on your wrist), I’ve handpicked some of the finest tickers on the market. Read on and get ready for the next addition to your watch wardrobe.

Key Takeaways

With a strength-to-weight ratio as impressive as an olympic gymnast, the best titanium watches are your lighter and tougher alternative to stainless steel. A must-have for every guy’s accessory collection, they’re always on trend and promise to be your stylish wrist companion for many years to come.

For the perfect all-rounder, you’ll want to check out Baltic’s Aquascaphe. Or for something slightly more wallet-friendly, you have Invicta’s Pro Diver. I’ll also be sharing some well-known Swiss names and the kind of chronographs that will have your friends reeling with envy.

wearing an aquascaphe titanium watch by baltic
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Baltic Aquascaphe Titanium Watch

A great watch does so much more than simply tell the time. It’s a stylish accessory that becomes a trusty companion you can’t leave the door without. And if you do, you can bet you’re rushing back home to put it on.

Ticking all the boxes required for elite status, Baltic’s Aquascaphe is the brand’s new adventure diver—boasting a smart yet slightly sporty appearance that makes it versatile enough to wear with suits or sweatpants. Taking to land as well as it does the water, it has a 41mm case made from 55-gram titanium and can survive in depths up to 300m. When it’s dark, the indexes and hands will light up thanks to the luminescent material coating.

Case Size: 41mm | Movement: Automatic | Thickness: 13.6mm | Water Resistant: Yes

Invicta Pro Diver Automatic Watch

As I touched upon earlier, thanks to an increasing amount of titanium watches available, affordability has improved considerably. Which means finding a new watch on a budget is entirely impossible (if you know where to look).

My favorite economical ticker is this one from Invicta. And it’s not just the price that’s impressive. Lightweight but super tough, there’s luminous hands and dials, an exhibition case back, and a magnified date window. Better yet, you can take it into water up to 200 meters deep, so there’s no need to take it off when you jump into the pool this summer.

Case Size: 45mm | Movement: Automatic | Thickness: 14mm | Water Resistant: Yes

Citizen Eco Drive Titanium Watch

Finding men’s titanium watches on Amazon is easy; it’s working your way through the hundreds of results that becomes tiresome. Luckily, there are men like me who are prepared to do the hard work for you.

After some serious digging, I decided that Citizen’s version was the watch worthy of a mention. Not only affordable, it’s boosted by the brand’s Eco Drive technology—generating power using light that allows it to run for six months (even in the dark). The 42mm case promises to make a strong impression, while the titanium band looks as good next to a shirt cuff as it does with a hoodie.

Case Size: 42mm | Movement: Quartz | Thickness: 11mm | Water Resistant: Yes

Tissot Gentleman Titanium Watch

If an event or occasion calls for formal attire, you better be wearing a dress watch. The perfect finishing touch to your most elegant ensembles, they’re a must-have for every well-dressed guy.

But what does a dress watch look like? Truth is, times are changing. And thanks to dapper individuals such as James Bond, the dress watch is too. But if you’re wanting to remain true to tradition, Tissot’s version is a great place to start. Slim enough to slip under a suit jacket, it features a blue face and glow-in-dark dial that’ll stand out as you sip cocktails at your favorite late-night bar.

Case Size: 40mm | Movement: Quartz | Thickness: 8.5mm | Water Resistant: Yes

Huawei GT3 Pro

Nowadays there seem to be so many smartwatches on offer, it’s hard to keep up. And while we’ve become accustomed to their impressive features, every now and again something new comes along that really grabs your attention.

The Huawei GT3 Pro really can do it all. It looks just like your everyday titanium timepiece, but let me tell you: this bad boy has more gadgets than a space shuttle. Compatible with iOS and Android, it supports free diving (up to 30 meters), can record diving data (such as speed, depth, and duration), and has over 100 workout modes to choose from, including running, cycling, and mounting climbing.

There’s also a health management tool and a driving range mode perfect for golfers looking to improve their handicap. Simply raise your wrist and you’ll see new texts and plenty of other essential info. I could go on, but you really need to check this one out yourself.

Case Size: 46mm | Movement: Digital | Thickness: 10.9mm | Water Resistant: Yes

Tag Heuer Aquaracer Professional 200 Watch

Good news: if budget isn’t an issue, you really do have your pick of the best titanium watches. From weekend favorites to everyday chronographs, there are a plethora of luxury timepieces ready to upgrade your wrist.

Tag Heuer’s Aquaracer Professional 200 is made from light and robust grade 2 titanium, making it the perfect companion for sportsmen and outdoor explorers alike. Using the sun as its energy source, the eco-friendly option comes with a range of impressive features including a date window and polar blue color touches inspired by the northern lights.

Case Size: 40mm | Movement: Quartz | Thickness: Not specified | Water Resistant: Yes

Victorinox FieldForce Sport Titanium Watch

While many of you will own a variety of different watches, there’s no denying that the most important is the one you wear on a daily basis. Also known as the everyday watch, this type of timepiece offers the kind of versatility that allows you to easily dress it up or down.

Victorinox’s FieldForce Sport is a striking design built with form and function firmly in mind. Super lightweight with bold red features, it has luminous dials for 24/7 visibility and a rubber strap that looks good with both shirts and casual tees. Available in a limited run of 1,400, it’s a great conversation starter and ideal for collectors.

Case Size: 42mm | Movement: Quartz | Thickness: 11mm | Water Resistant: Yes

Hamilton BeLOWZERO Automatic Dive Watch

Modern diving watches are no longer just for the sea. Sure, they’re still an essential for guys who like to take the occasional dip, but you can also consider them an excellent option for the office or after-work drinks in the city.

Hamilton’s versatile design is presented in all black and made from light and deceptively tough titanium. You may recognise it as the watch worn by Matt Damon’s character in The Martian. Boasting a PVD-coated case, rubber strap, and sleek black dial, it’s ideal for men who enjoy outdoor adventures, but you can also wear it at the weekend with a T-shirt and jeans.

Case Size: 46mm | Movement: Automatic | Thickness: 15.7mm | Water Resistant: Yes

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What To Look For In The Best Titanium Watches

Case Size

Not all watches are the same size. So don’t make the mistake of thinking they are. Choosing the right size watch is not only important for comfort but also wearability. If you go too big or too small, chances are it’s going to look rubbish. To find the perfect fit, consider the thickness of your wrist. Big wrist? You can buy a big watch. If you have a small wrist, you’ll need a watch to match.


Your new watch will be powered by one of three movements: mechanical, automatic, or quartz. Quartz watches are the most convenient and affordable, whereas automatic timepieces are wound by natural movement and are generally more expensive. Mechanical movements take you into a higher price point and require manual winding.

Water Resistance

Generally speaking, most of the best titanium watches will be waterproof. However, they will all have varying levels of water-resistant. For example, dive watches can be worn while swimming, while other types of watch will only be able to cope with splashes of liquid. You’ll need to decide which level of water-resistance you require.

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Final Verdict 

Now you’ve been presented with some of the best titanium watches, your search for a new timepiece should soon be reaching its conclusion. You know your options, what makes them great, and when you should be wearing them.

But if you’re still struggling to make up your mind, how about starting with Baltic’s Aquascaphe? Strong, light, and designed for your everyday adventures, it’s the perfect choice whether you’re buying your first titanium watch or your third.


    • Watches made from titanium have many benefits. Especially in comparison to stainless steel. They’re lighter, tougher, and not susceptible to corrosion.

      • There are many different types of titanium grades. However, only a few are used to make watches. The most common are grade 2 and 5. Grade 2 offers excellent resistance to oxidation and corrosion with moderate strength. Grade 5 is stronger and considered the more premium.

        • Not only is titanium stronger than other metals such as stainless steel, but it’s around 50% lighter too. This makes it a better option when looking for a lightweight watch that is just as durable as its counterparts.