/7 Best Straw Hats for Men – Warm Weather Protection For 2023

7 Best Straw Hats for Men – Warm Weather Protection For 2023

Aah, summer. It’s so nice to see you again. Finally I can pack away my chunky knits and robust boots for lighter, more breathable alternatives. And I’m not just talking shorts and sandals—it’s the perfect time to start thinking about the best straw hats for men.

Excellent at keeping your head shielded from the sun, they’re also the ideal accessory for completing your warm-weather ensembles. Giving your outfit the kind of edge that’ll cement your status as the best dressed in your friend group.

To keep you from getting lost making your way through the endless options available (there are a lot), I’ve done the hard work for you—rounding up seven of the most stylish straw hats for men.

Keep reading for the hottest headwear for every occasion, whether you’re bossing it on Miami beach, dining alfresco, or simply brunching at your favorite weekend spot.

Key Takeaways

From sunglasses to sunscreen, there are plenty of ways we can keep ourselves safe from harmful UVs. But there’s one sun-blocking savior that’s often overlooked: men’s straw hats.

Fashionable, comfortable, and protective, there’s simply no accessory that does it better. Which is why I’ve handpicked the best options to add to your summer rotation, including Barbour’s versatile Rothbury and Vilebrequin’s stylish splurge.

pairing a suit with a straw hat
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Barbour Rothbury Hat

Some of the most charismatic and best-dressed men on the planet have championed straw hats. Frank Sinatra was rarely seen without a fedora, while Paul Newman preferred the Panama. Even David Beckham and Just Bieber have been spotted rocking a version of the summer-ready essential.

My favorite, and top suggestion, is Barbour’s woven trilby—complete with a striped grosgrain headband and subtle Barbour branding. It’s named the Rothbury and offers enough versatility for backyard parties, weddings, and days in the city. You can even wear it to the beach with a linen shirt, swims shorts, and espadrilles.

Style: Trilby | Sizes available: S-L | Colors: 2 | Adjustable: No

Vilebrequin Natural Straw Panama Hat

Once the sun’s out, your wallet shortly follows. But when you’re not spending your pay cheque on cocktails and tropical vacations, you should leave some money aside for this Panama hat from Vilebrequin.

Made from natural straw in two sizes, it’ll keep your head in the shade while instantly improving your sunny season ensembles. I think it looks super slick with an Oxford shirt and khakis, but you can also wear it with swim shorts and a crew neck tee.

Style: Panama | Sizes available: M-L | Colors: 1 | Adjustable: No

Pineapple & Star Straw Fedora Hat

Some of the best straw hats for men can be found on Amazon. But if you’re anything like me, you can easily stray from the path you started on. One minute you’re looking at a timeless trilby, the next you’re shopping for kitchen utensils. How the hell did that happen?

To keep you on track, I suggest heading straight to Pineapple&Star’s fedora. Made from ultra fine paper straw for a premium feel and look, it’s a must-have for all of your summer escapades. To ensure the perfect fit, there’s an inner hook and loop system that allows you to adjust the size. While there’s a removal chin strap that will come in pretty useful on windy days by the sea.

Style: Fedora | Sizes available: S-L | Colors: 9 | Adjustable: Yes

Fancet Straw Fedora Hat

In a desperate bid to stop your face (and head) from frying in the foreign sun, you may find yourself buying the biggest hat you can find. But not only do you risk looking a little silly—fitting it in your suitcase is almost impossible (and wearing it to the airport will definitely upset those behind you on the plane).

Fancet’s straw fedora is foldable, so you can pack it away and it’ll ping right back into shape when you arrive at your hotel. It’ll look great at the beach or poolside bar, but you can wear it to lunch and dinner too. Complete your outfit with a floral shirt, Bermuda shorts, and smart sneakers.

Style: Fedora | Sizes available: M-XXL | Colors: 2 | Adjustable: Yes

Paul Smith Trilby hat

Summer days are for basking in the sun and sipping on your favorite tipple. And there’s no better place to do it than on the beach. However, in the name of safety, I suggest bringing along a suitable hat (as well as some sun cream).

Paul Smith’s colorful trilby will add a little pizzazz to your seaside outfits, looking just as good on the sand as it does by the bar. Keep it simple with a tank top and swim shorts—not forgetting a lightweight linen shirt once you head for lunch.

Style: Trilby | Sizes available: S-L | Colors: 2 | Adjustable: Yes

H&M Straw Hat

There seems to be a misconception that hats are tricky to pull off. Truth is, you simply need to wear them with confidence and you’ll be ready to shine bright in the sun. However, if you’re still a little unsure, and want to test the waters before fully committing, you’ll require something that doesn’t break the bank.

H&M’s paper straw version is a top budget pick for newbies and those looking to tighten the purse strings. It comes in a fedora shape and is finished with a grosgrain band that slightly smartens things up. Rock yours with a graphic tee and denim shorts at festivals, or with a polo shirt, linen pants, and sandals for beachside breaks.

Style: Fedora | Sizes available: S-L | Colors: 1 | Adjustable: No

Men’s straw hats aren’t just for special occasions. You can wear them on a daily basis if you’re looking to keep the sun at bay and look cool. But to pull it off, the trick is to lean slightly more towards smart-casual than just straight-up casual. That way you can increase your styling options.

Zegna’s design looks just as good with a shirt and slacks as it does with khakis and a crew neck tee – a bonus is that most people don’t associate a straw hat with a baseball or dad cap. Better yet, there are multiple sizes available—so you’re sure to find one that fits.

Style: Baseball Hat | Sizes available: S-XL | Colors: 1 | Adjustable: Yes

man taking a mirror selfie with a straw hat on
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What To Look For In The Best Straw Hats For Men 


Not all men’s straw hats are the same. From fedora to Panama, there are a variety of styles to choose from. To find your perfect match, consider when you will wear it and what you want to wear it with.

For example, if you’re looking for something to accompany you to the beach, opt for the kind of casual style that pairs well with a tee and swim shorts. More formal occasions will require a hat with more structure and a slightly smarter feel.


While most straw hats are beige or brown, there are other options available. If you want to keep it classic (and smart) opt for those classic shades. They’re the most versatile and can be dressed up or down. Otherwise, you may want to choose white (great for the beach) or something more colorful (ideal for festivals).


Getting the right size hat is important for all-round comfort, protection, and style. To do so, take some measurements and check them with the size guides supplied for each hat. If you struggle doing this yourself, ask a friend or family member to help. Most men’s straw hats will come in small, medium, and large. Some may even be adjustable.

man wearing a straw hat with a feather
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Final Verdict

Now that the best straw hats for men are firmly on your radar, it’s time to choose your favorite. From beach-ready trilbies to a colorful fedora, there are plenty of styles for you to consider.

But before making a hasty decision, don’t forget about Barbour’s Rothbury—a versatile option that’ll shade you from the sun and look the part whether you’re exploring the outdoors or drinking with friends.


    • Straw hats are cool in more ways than one. Not only are they a stylish summer accessory, but they also help keep the sun away from your head—thus avoiding overheating and burning your scalp. For ultimate coolness, opt for a design with a wider brim that maximizes shade.

      • Not just for girls, straw hats are a must-have in every guy’s wardrobe. They’re the perfect accessory to finish off your smart-casual summer looks. Wear them to the beach while on vacation or with smart-casual outfits when dressing for the weekend.

        • There are many different types of straw used to make hats, with each boasting various advantages. Raffia is strong and stretchy, while paper is slightly more tear-resistant. Panama is the lightest and considered one of the most luxurious—offering a high level of flexibility.