/8 Best Wave Grease Products – Pomades For 360 Waves in 2023

8 Best Wave Grease Products – Pomades For 360 Waves in 2023

There’s no doubt about it, wave hairstyles are bang on trend right now. Not only will these striking styles turn heads on every occasion, but they’ll personalize your look with extra pizazz in a way that really stands out from the crowd.

While waves are all the rage right now, achieving or maintaining the look you want can prove easier said than done. Enter wave grease.

The best wave grease on the market can not only help you craft waves that will make professional surfers weep with envy. But also, working with the right product will protect and nourish your hair (making it look epic day and night).

With so many products out there promising the Earth, knowing which ones to trust can feel like a minefield. But don’t stress because I’m here to guide you in the right direction with our guide to the best wave grease.

Intrigued? Read on.

Key Takeaways 

If you want to keep your hair looking healthy while keeping it in shape, choosing the right wave grease is as important as picking the right shampoo or skincare products because it will become a vital part of your daily grooming regime.

Goiple’s superior wave styling abilities and versatility make it my overall best pick. But if you have unruly hair to tame, WaveBuilder’s Deep Wave Purple Haze will offer the extra elbow grease you need. For a little pampering and luxury, Veeta’s lavish Wave Butter will deliver the goods. On the flip side, DAX’s wave edition will work wonders if you’re on a bit of a budget.

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Goiple Natural Wave Pomade for Men

As our best overall wave grease for men, this punchy little pomade is fairly priced and offers a solid hold for all hair types. Made with a mix of top-notch natural ingredients including shea butter, this wave grease is build-up free and even works to protect and moisturize the hair. A small dollop will help you create epic waves and it even comes with a special styling brush and a durag to help you achieve the best results.

Hair Type: All | Hold: Strong | Texture: Medium | Build Up: None

DAX Wave & Groom

If you’re on a budget and looking to get plenty of wave styling for your buck, this mane tamer from DAX will deliver the goods. The soothing gel-style grease has a striking scent and is designed to offer a long, strong hold throughout the day. DAX Wave also has ingredients that create a natural medium shine and lock in moisture to keep your waves looking on point at all times. Epic value for the money.

Hair Type: All | Hold: Strong | Texture: Medium | Build Up: Minimal

Veeta Superior Wave Butter

For black men looking to add extra pizazz to their hairstyle, this lavish little product from Veeta is the one for you. It comes at a slightly higher price point than many of the products on our list, but the buttery coconut tangerine scent is out of this world. A little of this decadent cream goes a long way, forming a solid natural hold to help you maintain the waves of your dreams daily. Natural ingredients like shea butter and hemp oil will also make your hair shimmer and shine while almost acting as a leave-in conditioner.

Hair Type: All | Hold: Medium to strong | Texture: Thick | Build Up: None

Ocean View Deep Waves Pomade

This fine addition to our best wave grease is an Amazon’s Choice product for good reason. The welcome addition of beeswax gives this product a sweet-smelling edge while keeping the scalp healthy and preventing any unwanted greasy build-up. The hair wax-like texture of this grease makes it easy to style those waves to perfection no matter what length or hair type you have. It’s also an epic product on the list for big-style wolfing without over-curling your hair.

Hair Type: All | Hold: Medium to strong | Texture: Medium | Build Up: None

WaveBuilder Jelly Guava Edition

WaveBuilder is a wave grease that has started to earn some serious popularity in recent times. The soothing jelly-like texture of this wave-styling bad boy is packed with protein and amino acids to strengthen the hair while adding extra definition to your waves. The moreish guava scent will also turn heads wherever you go (in the best possible way). And for the very tasty price tag, this sure-fire up-and-comer will work wonders. You can even a little to your beard to give it a little extra sweet-smelling shape and shine.

Hair Type: All | Hold: Medium | Texture: Medium | Build Up: None

SoftSheen-Carson Sportin’ Waves Gel

The reason this is our ‘staple’ grease is mainly down to its subtle yet clean scent, its wave-shaping reliability, and its fair price point. With a natural strong hold and mild shine for all hair types, this versatile gel locks in moisture while its rejuvenating oils soothe the scalp and follicles. Whether you’re an avid traveler, a tough manual worker, a nocturnal socialite, or a keen sportsman, this epic wave grease will always go the extra mile.

Hair Type: All (but effective for natural waves and curls) | Hold: Strong | Texture: Light| Build Up: None

Wavebuilder Deep Wave Purple Haze

Yes, this bonafide up-and-comer has made it to the list once again. If you have natural kinks or waves in your hair that can prove to be a little unruly, this beast of a hair grease product will help you whip them into shape with minimal effort. The grapeseed oil contained within the formula helps condition the hair while contributing to a super strong hold that will last for the entire day and evening. Oh, and like all WaveBuilder products: a little always goes a long way.

Hair Type: Wavy | Hold: Ultra Strong | Texture: Thick | Build Up: None

Luster’s S-Curl Wave Control Pomade

The perfect pomade for transforming slightly out of control curls into eye-catching waves, this simple yet effective product from Luster’s is as solid as a rock (I mean reliable, not literally like a slab of stone). It sports a classic barbershop-style scent, it’s easy to apply to damp hair, and it provides a non-greasy medium hold for several hours. A great little purchase for everyday use if ever I saw one.

Hair Type: Normal to Curly | Hold: Medium Strong | Texture: Medium | Build Up: Minimal

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What To Look For In The Best Wave Grease

Ingredients or formula

First of all, when searching for your best wave cream, you should take a closer look at the ingredients or formula. Different sets of ingredients contain different qualities (volumizing, moisturizing, extra strength, etc.). As a general rule of thumb, the more natural ingredients that feature in the mix, the better the product.

Hair type

Your hair type will determine what ingredients and formula will have the best impact, so choose accordingly. If you have dry hair, for instance, go with something that boasts moisturizing qualities. Or if your mane is hard to control, pick a product with a little more sticking power.


Some fellas can achieve a perfect wave with something a little lighter. But if your hair is finer or ‘fly away,’ you should opt for grease with a stronger hold. Hair wave grease comes in a variety of consistencies, so always take a look at the product description before you make a firm (pardon the pun) commitment.


Last but certainly not least, size matters. If you’re looking for wave grease for daily use—or if you think you’ll have to apply lots to get the look you want—going for a larger quantity is a good idea. But if you only plan on using your hair wave grease for special occasions, a smaller package will do the trick.

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Final Verdict 

Overall, Goiple’s Natural Wave grease strikes the perfect balance between affordability and reliability. With a long-lasting strong hold and striking scent, Goiple offers universal appeal for wannabe hair wavers with every styling aspiration imaginable. It’s easy to apply, it nourishes the hair, it comes with extra styling supplies, and most importantly, it makes epic waves with minimal effort.


    • In a word, yes. If you want to achieve well-defined waves with a long-lasting hold, using the right wave grease is advisable. The best wave grease products add the right level of moisture to the hair before you start the brushing or styling process. In turn, you’ll end up with the hair waves of your dreams.

      • The amount of wave grease you apply will largely depend on your hair type. Generally, if you have finer or straighter hair, daily application will give you the best results. If your hair is a little thicker or naturally kinked or waved, adding wave grease to the mix every two to three days will usually do the trick. The best thing to do is experiment and see what suits you best.

        • No. Provided you use a wave grease free from harmful chemicals or properties, daily use will not damage your hair. In some cases, it can even help condition your hair follicles.