/8 Best Sunglasses For Big Heads – Men’s Aviators and More in 2023

8 Best Sunglasses For Big Heads – Men’s Aviators and More in 2023

Picking out a pair of new sunglasses is fun. Especially if you’re buying them for an upcoming vacation or summer event. You simply choose the frame that you like, find a price that’s affordable, and hand over your hard-earned cash.

However, for guys with larger heads, the enjoyment can dwindle somewhat. An otherwise simple task turns into an ego-bruising activity that has you blaming Mom and Dad for giving you a gigantic bonce.

To help, I’ll be taking you through the best sunglasses for big heads. There’s plenty of choice, you just need to know where to look. Keep reading for a list of the coolest styles for every style and budget.

Key Takeaways

As the owner of an above-average noggin, I know the difficulties of finding frames that fit. Which is why I’ve done some digging and found the best sunglasses for men with big heads. Here you’ll find a wide variety of options from some of the best sunglasses brands around, including Roderer’s Aviators and Ray-Ban’s wide-fitting Wayfarers. Your only dilemma now is deciding which pair you like the most.

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Roderer Edgar Aviator Polarized Sunglasses

There’s no arguing sunglasses are a seasonless essential. Sure, they shine brightest during the summer months, but they’re the kind of accessory you can turn to throughout the year—coming in particularly handy when wanting to hide the evidence of a late, drunken night.

Roderer’s Edgar Aviators offer timeless appeal that’ll look just as good with a suit as they would with a T-shirt and jeans. Handcrafted from stainless steel, they feature large 58mm lenses that are perfect for big heads. The polarized finish will reduce glare from reflecting surfaces, as well as protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.

Frame Size: 145mm | Colors: 5 | Face Shape: Round | UV Protection: Yes | Polarized: Yes

Meller Chauen Black Sunglasses

Designer sunglasses can set you back a pretty penny. Big luxury names often come with a hefty price tag that can be enough to make even the deepest pockets wince. Thankfully, there are plenty of shades out there that leave you with enough spare cash for a poolside cocktail.

Meller’s Chauen sunglasses look like they should cost an arm and a leg but are a wallet-friendly option that offers UV protection as well as some seriously cool style. They come in two sizes (M-L), with the latter measuring 141mm. For those forgetful folk, you can purchase a chain that keeps them close by when they’re not sheltering you from the sun.

Frame Size: 141mm | Colors: 4 | Face Shape: Diamond | UV Protection: Yes | Polarized: Yes

Oscar Deen Morris Sunglasses

Tortoiseshell sunglasses are about as classic as they come. The speckled pattern had its first moment during the 1920s and has been a popular choice for stylish shades ever since. And guess what? They look the part on just about any skin tone or hair color, so all you need is a pair that’ll fit on your head.

Oscar Deen’s version comes with 58mm lenses and a 136.3mm wide frame—meaning you won’t have to worry about lingering indents from tightness. It’s inspired by a 1950s design and made from Mazzucchelli acetate that’s both flexible and lightweight. Pack them in your suitcase and take them on all your warm-weather escapades.

Frame Size: 136.3mm | Colors: 4 | Face Shape: Square | UV Protection: Unknown | Polarized: No

Self Made Rockefeller II Sunglasses

Not all of the best sunglasses for big heads are the same. Each offers varying levels of protection when it comes to batting away UV rays and glare from reflecting surfaces. And for guys who wish to take their eye health seriously (and why wouldn’t you?) I highly recommend a pair of polarized shades. Or, more specifically, Self Made’s Rockefeller II.

Featuring a wide-frame wayfarer design, they’re made from premium Italian Mazzucchelli acetate with large anti-scratch lenses and a diamond top bridge for increased comfort and style. You can wear them with sweatpants and hoodies for lazy days or pop them on with a shirt and shorts for alfresco dining with friends.

Frame Size: 145mm | Colors: 3 | Face Shape: Square | UV Protection: Yes | Polarized: Yes

Celine Homme Aviator Sunglasses

Once the sun shows up, sunglasses are undoubtedly one of the hardest working pieces in your daily roster. Whether you’re heading to the office or a backyard party, you’ll find yourself popping on a pair to finish off any kind of outfit. Which is why it makes total sense to invest in a luxury style that you can always rely on.

Celine Homme’s version of the classic Aviator style will take your ensembles to a league of their own—protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays while raking in the compliments for its classy gold-tone frame and large brown lenses. If you’re worried about losing them, you can get peace of mind by attaching the chain to keep them safe around your neck.

Frame Size: 134mm | Colors: 2 | Face Shape: Oblong | UV Protection: Yes | Polarized: No

Gtand Oversized Sunglasses

You don’t have to be a celebrity to rock a pair of oversized shades. In fact, the best sunglasses for big heads are those that are large themselves. And as you would expect, there are a bunch of suitable options available at Amazon.

This pair from Gtand have super wide 63mm gradient lenses and a 145mm frame which will accommodate even the biggest of beans. You can wear them on summer vacations or use them to stay hidden after a night on the sauce.

Frame Size: 145mm | Colors: 9 | Face Shape: Round | UV Protection: Yes | Polarized: No

Ray-Ban State Street Wayfarer Sunglasses

There was no chance of me pulling together the best sunglasses for men with big heads without featuring a pair of Ray-Bans. The iconic shades specialist has been the king of sunnies since 1936. And throughout its time on the top, the Wayfarer has continued to be one of the bestselling styles around.

This wide-fitting pair comes in an elegant, squared shape with dark gray lenses and a 145mm tortoiseshell frame. If you’d prefer something a little different, you can get your creative juices flowing by customizing everything from the color to the case it arrives in.

Frame Size: 145mm | Colors: 11 | Face Shape: Oval | UV Protection: Yes | Polarized: Custom Option

Persol 714SM Steve McQueen Sunglasses

You don’t have to have a perfectly sized head to look like a style icon. Thanks to Persol, guys with big craniums can look just as good. The 714 is one of the most instantly recognizable frames on the market—famously worn by Steve McQueen on the set of The Thomas Crown Affair.

Made of acetate, the timeless design can be folded up and popped into your pocket or bag for easy transportation. My favorite color is the ‘light havana’, which comes with 54mm polarized lenses with a regular fitting for medium and large heads alike. For a truly classic look, wear yours with a plain white tee, blue denim, and high-top Chucks.

Frame Size: 140mm | Colors: 5 | Face Shape: Round | UV Protection: Yes | Polarized: Yes

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What to Look For In The Best Sunglasses For Big Heads

Lense Size

If you have a large head, you’ll need to choose the right size lenses to complement your features. Use that big brain you have and avoid smaller styles (like John Lennon’s rounded specs). Instead, opt for lenses that have a greater circumference.

Frame Size

To avoid wearing uncomfortable sunglasses, it’s important to get the right size frame by taking your head measurements and checking them with a brand’s size guide. Look out for wide-fit styles that are designed to accommodate bigger heads.

Face Shape

It’s not only the size of the lenses and frames that you need to consider when choosing the best sunglasses for big heads. You also need to take into account the shape of your face. If you have an oblong face, you can pretty much pick any pair. Round faces are better suited to rectangular styles, while square heads look good with slightly rounded shades.

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Final Verdict 

So there you have it: the best sunglasses for big heads. It’s now down to you to decide which pair you want to add to your collection. Just don’t forget to consider the shape of your face to find the perfect match. But if you’re looking for an excellent all-rounder, Roderer’s Edgar Aviators are guaranteed to become your next summer staple. Offering timeless style and large 58mm lenses, they’ll look good with just about any head shape, plus you can wear them with smart or casual clothing (depending on the occasion).


    • Avoid small frames and lenses. The best sunglasses for big heads have a large lens and frame width. Ideally, the lenses should be around 55mm, while the frame will measure above 130mm. What suits you best will depend on the shape of your head as well as the size.

      • Large sunglasses are those that are wide with big lenses. However, each brand will have a different interpretation of what is considered large. Be sure to check the size guide before making a purchase.