/10 Best Gold Chains for Men – Affordable Styles for 2023

10 Best Gold Chains for Men – Affordable Styles for 2023

You don’t have to be a hip-hop star or mafia boss to rock a gold necklace. But if you do happen to rap or are a member of the Genovese crime family, the best gold chains for men will certainly do wonders for your street cred. And for the average Joe? They’re this season’s must-have accessory.

But not all men’s gold chains are the same. From Cuban to curb and rope, the luxury Jewelry staple comes in a wide range of styles, weights, and thicknesses. Listing them all would keep you here until Christmas, which is why I’m only rounding up the ones worth your attention.

Continue reading for my lowdown on the finest gold chains for men.

Key Takeaways

In comparison to our female friends, us guys can be a little reserved when it comes to jewelry. Earrings are often saved for the weekend, while bracelets aren’t quite on the top of everyone’s wish list (just yet). But the trusty gold necklace is something we can all agree to love.

This list includes something for everyone. From Oliver Cabell’s rope chain to Miabella’s wallet-friendly curb design, you’ll find a mixture of options for every style and budget. I’ve also answered some of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to buying the best gold chains for men.

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Oliver Cabell 4mm Rope Chain

In my opinion, the best gold chains for men almost go unnoticed. With ‘almost’ being the key word. I mean, it would be pretty pointless if you couldn’t actually see it, right? What I mean is: your chain shouldn’t be fighting for attention. Unless you’re Rick Ross. Then you can wear whatever you damn like.

This one from Oliver Cabell is the perfect example. It’s subtle and classy but guaranteed to be on the end of some ego-boosting compliments every time you put it on. Made from 18k gold, it features a classic rope design that can be worn alone or teamed with other pieces in your collection. I’d wear it over a plain black T-shirt with ripped jeans and designer sneakers (adding a gold bracelet for a little extra luxury).


Necklaces are clever, aren’t they? I mean it’s kinda impressive how something so small can have such an impact on your outfit. Depending on its size, they can become the main event or simply provide a subtle accent to your neckline (which is exactly what this one from Olive Cabell offers up).

Expertly handcrafted, the 5mm Cuban chain uses 18k gold to produce an understated style that can impress on its own or be worn with some of your other favorite pieces. I think it’d look best with a plain black tee, skinny jeans, and sneakers—adding a few rings and some hoop earrings for extra measure.

Miabella Italian Curb Chain

A stylish base layer regardless of your style, nothing completes an outfit quite like a men’s gold chain. And thankfully, you needn’t spend a fortune to find something you love. Case in point is this version from Miabella.

Coated in solid 18k gold, I think it’s the perfect option for guys shopping on a budget. You can choose from various lengths, so you dictate exactly how you want it to hang. What I like most (apart from the price) is that it’s big enough to make an impression without feeling too intrusive. You can wear it with shirts and khakis, but it’ll look equally as good with a graphic tee and cargos.

Mejuri Square Box Chain

If money is no object, your search for the best gold chains for men could get really interesting. Truth is, there are endless options I could present to you. But in the name of sensibility, I’m going to stick with something you can wear every day. And anyhow, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better all-rounder than Mejuri’s understated square box design.

Handcrafted from 14k gold, it’ll instantly elevate your best basics, whether you’re wearing a flannel shirt and jeans or sweats and an oversized tee. Because it’s square, you’ll find it reflects light from all angles—ensuring it captures the attention of friends, colleagues, and passersby.

Jewelry Atelier Rope Chain

Surprise, surprise, Amazon has a rather impressive collection of fancy jewelry. But it’s not all pearl necklaces and earrings. They also have some pretty awesome men’s gold chains—including this one from Jewelry Atelier.

Filled with 14k gold, it boasts a classic rope design that looks the part with just about any ensemble (although I wouldn’t go wearing it with a suit). Better yet, it can be purchased in multiple thicknesses and lengths, so you can easily find a style that suits you best.

Maple Julian Gold-Filled Chain

Thanks to iced out A-listers, the humble gold chain has often taken a backseat behind its far flashier counterparts. But unless you’re planning on launching a new rap career, you’d be best sticking with what you know.

Able to improve even the most low-key outfits, this classic piece from Maple is just what the doctor ordered. Perfect for day-to-day, it’s understated enough to wear with shirts but will give a luxury edge to streetwear too. You may not notice at first, but look closely and you’ll see that each link is engraved with the label’s starburst motif.

Missoma Round Curb Chain

From Justin Bieber to LeBron James and Ryan Gosling, every man and his dog are wearing the best gold chains for men. And while your budget might not stretch as far as theirs, it actually doesn’t have to.

Missoma’s version is a popular choice that won’t leave you checking the side of the couch for spare change. It’s coated in 18k gold and features a soft curb chain with rounded edges. You can wear it for evening events, but I think it’s ideal for everyday styling.

Mejuri Flat Curb Chain

If a handful of rings isn’t your style and piercing your ears is firmly out of the question, investing in a men’s gold chain is a smart sartorial move. And before you look elsewhere, I’d highly recommend this curb design from Mejuri.

Built to last, it’s available in two sizes and crafted from solid 14k gold that promises to never oxidize or discolor. You can wear it with an open-collar shirt, or team it with an assortment of other necklaces over an oversized graphic tee.

Monofore Rope Chain

A versatile addition to any Jewelry collection, the classic rope chain can lend itself to just about any ensemble—whether you layer it over a tee or turtleneck or wear it proudly with a tank top or silk shirt.

Healers is recycled gold and 50 cm in circumference. I’d like it shorter for a slightly dressier feel, otherwise, an added pendent could be a nice touch.

Macy’s 24” Pendant Necklace

There’s only one way you can improve the best gold chains for men: by adding a pendant. Full of character and great for smart-casual outfits, a statement necklace (complete with a pendant) will never steer you wrong.

This gold-plated one from Macey’s not only makes a unique focal point for any outfit, but it has endless styling potential. Use it to give a little attitude to formal ensembles, or wear it to your next summer festival with a flannel shirt, band tee, shorts, and sneakers.

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What To Look For In The Best Gold Chains For Men 


Often mistaken as a unit of weight, karat actually refers to the percentage of pure gold within a piece of jewelry. 24 karat is the best you can get, consisting of 99.9% gold. 22 karat has around 91.6%, while 18 karat contains 75%. Finally, you have 14 karat gold (58.3%) and 9 karat (37.5%).


Men’s gold chains are available in a plethora of styles, including rope, figaro, curb, and belcher. Each varies in weight, feel, and appearance. Which one you choose will depend on personal preference, as well as budget.


Not all gold chains for men are the same size. Before making your purchase, take into consideration how low you would like your chain to hang. You may want it to be tight around your neck, or perhaps fall just above your chest. To get a better understanding of what size you need, it’s also a good idea to make a note of your neck measurement.

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Final Verdict

Whether you’re dipping your toes into the world of Jewelry or looking to expand an ever-growing collection, I highly recommend investing in one of the best gold chains for men. And where should you start? Oliver Cabell’s 4mm cable chain is an excellent investment for any style-conscious guy. The versatile accessory can be added to formal or casual outfits and will stand proud alone or with other necklaces you own (or are about to).


    • There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to finding the best gold chains for men. Generally speaking, most chains will be around 20 inches in length, but you may wish to opt for something shorter or longer.

      • Your style and budget will dictate the type of gold necklace you choose. However, if you’re looking for a classic design, the Cuban chain is a popular choice amongst men of all sartorial preferences.

        • Not just for special occasions, men’s gold chains can be worn every day. Just make sure you stick to a classic design that can be worn with smart and casual outfits alike. Keep it simple and avoid anything too flashy or chunky.