/15 Best Parkas For Men: Warm Winter Jackets For All Styles 2022

15 Best Parkas For Men: Warm Winter Jackets For All Styles 2022

In a lot of ways, the parka is the ultimate winter jacket/coat. But before dissecting the best parkas for men, it’s best we define what exactly the term means. Quite simply, the parka is a long-bodied style jacket, generally with insulation and a fur-lined hood. It’s a winter jacket and borderline coat due to its length. Any materials can be used, but usually, you see thick, robust, and oftentimes weatherproof materials.

The style-to-function spectrum is continually toggled with when it comes to the parka jacket. Brands may opt for a parka ready for the Arctic or a parka ready for an Arctic Monkeys gig. Finally, the long shape helps insulate the whole body, gives it a more statement style, and prevents rain from soaking your bottom half (if waterproof). The parka really can do it all.

So, if the parka can lay claim to being the best all-around winter coat, what are the best parkas for men? Grab your hiking boots, we’re about to trek you through some of the most rugged and exciting parkas on the market. It’s worth remembering the weight of the decision you are about to make. Buy right here, and you may never have to buy a parka ever again. Or, at the very least, it will come to define your style for a long time, so make sure it has some aesthetic merit, okay?

This is an important decision. Tread lightly and read on.

Key Takeaways 

I would suggest working out the function of your parka jacket before anything. There is a gap between expedition parkas and style pieces. Consider how you’ll be using this jacket first. Then consider breathability, waterproof rating, insulation, weight, body length, and the jacket’s aesthetic. In this list of best parkas for men, your jacket will be the one that best aligns with your specific application.

Axel Arigato Nebraska Puffer
axelarigato / instagram

Arc’teryx Therme Parka

Material: P75d 2L GORE-TEX, 100% recycled nylon lining | Sizes Available: XS-2XL | Colors Available: 4 | Insulation: 750-fill goose down + Coreloft™ synthetic (80% recycled polyester, 20% Polyester bluesign® Approved Material)

The best parkas for men are warm, durable, waterproof, and stylish. This Arc’teryx Therme Parka achieves these qualities with ease.

But when it comes to technical prowess, boy, does the Therme thrive. The waterproof and windproof GORE-TEX membrane retains breathability; the 750 premium goose-down fill brings snuggly warmth; and in areas susceptible to moisture, Arc’teryx instead uses Coreloft™ synthetic to protect the down. As for style, the uninterrupted shell surface and hidden pockets give it a futuristic aesthetic. Imagine Blade Runner 2069: The Alpine Skiers (if it’s still cold in this imagined future).

For a jacket that does it all, arc your parka buying trajectory towards the Therme.

Wahts Lawson Commuter Parka

Material: Italian shell fabric | Sizes Available: S-2XL | Colors Available: 3 | Insulation: Ecological padding

Wahts designed a jacket at the subtler, lighter end of the best parkas for men spectrum. Its name, the “Lawson Commuter,” hints at its intended purpose; as a lightweight, rain-resistant, warming jacket ideal for the early AM and late PM exposure going to and from work. The tail drop at the back gives extra material for the train, car, or bike seat. It also infuses classic parka style.

This jacket has a pared-back aesthetic making it an excellent weather-proof choice to throw over your three-piece suit. Equally, it’ll match a crisp smart-casual ensemble too.

Axel Arigato Nebraska Down Parka

Material: 100% recycled polyester | Sizes Available: XS-XL | Colors Available: 2 | Insulation: 100% reprocessed down feathers

Once upon a time, being a puffed-up man was considered a bad thing. Try telling that to the fashion trends at the moment. It’s all about huffery and puffery. And there are few parka jackets so full of themselves as this Axel Arigato Nebraska Down Parka.

I love the space between the puffer stitching, making this look more like a series of cozy cushions stitched together than a jacket. Then there’s the drawstring pull around the waist that helps give this amorphous material its shape.

Next, behold the magnitude of the pockets, complete with a relaxed puffer flap and also hand slots at the back too. Finally, there is a puff hoodie to caress and soften that worried head of yours. Everything about this puffer jacket says comfort. But the unique design features give it personality.

This is one of the best men’s parka jackets for mornings you don’t want to leave your bed. Harness that cocooned laziness by dressing exactly like a pillow has consumed you. The only downside is this jacket won’t fair well in the wet.

The North Face Mc Murdo Parka

Material: 100% recycled nylon with a non-PFC durable water-repellent outer, 100% recycled polyester lining | Sizes Available: S-3XL | Colors Available: 8 | Insulation: 600 fill recycled waterfowl down

The North Face is a mountaineering/outdoor brand with serious street appeal. Go to any major Western city and witness the younger demographic donning the brand’s puffer jackets to see what I mean (see also the athleisure trend). This particular McMurdo Parka jacket edges towards the outdoorsy end of the spectrum.

It has a 600-fill recycled down, a puffer hood with faux-fur trim, and a Dry Vent 2L. Dry Vent is The North Face’s answer to GORE-TEX, utilizing similar two-layer nano-membrane technology to keep you dry and ventilated. It has large Arctic-style pockets, which look great, and two compartments for double storage. Plus, it is the brand’s longest coat.

On some colorways, the two-tone graphic prevails, giving it its trendy “The North Face” aesthetic. With eight colors available, this is one of the best men’s parka jackets for color diversity.

Woolrich Arctic Parka

Material: 60% cotton, 40% polyamide | Sizes Available: XS-3XL | Colors Available: 13 | Insulation: 80% gray duck down, 20% feather

Established in 1830, Woolrich is America’s oldest outdoor brand that dug into its treasure-trove archive from 1972 for this parka. Originally designed to keep Alaskan pipeline workers protected from minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit conditions, the oversized buttons, large box pockets, sleek material, and detachable coyote furry hood now give it a suave style.

The brand’s patented Ramar cloth is wind and water-resistant thanks to the Teflon (yes, the bulletproof wünder-material). But that’s not all. If cold and water are annoying in winter, being ill is also a burden. A special Polygeine ViralOff coating also claims to kill 99% of viruses within two hours. A jacket that says good riddance to material-borne colds? Surely that’s one of the best parkas for men?

Canada Goose Borden Bomber Black Label Print

Material: Cotton blend | Sizes Available: XS-2XL | Colors Available: 1 | Insulation: 625 fill power responsibly sourced duck down

I’ve had my trusty Canada Goose parka for the past four years. My jacket and this Borden Bomber share the same camo print, exterior, and padding. The only difference is that this is a bomber jacket. The padding is exceptional, the warmth untouchable, and the hood is insulated and snug.

If you’re wanting a large, bulky feel, this is a high-quality garment that can withstand destruction (despite all my rogue drunken cigarettes giving it a good attempt). That being said, it doesn’t fare very well in the wet… at all. While it looks waterproof, it gets sodden very quickly. To reiterate: this is not a rain jacket.

The camo print is a versatile style. It has a city tinge to it, exacerbated by the short body of this jacket that’ll add flexible movement. Plus, the iconic black Canada Goose badge on the side acts as a certain stamp of quality, allure, and incredible insulation. The lifetime guarantee isn’t bad, either (when purchased from a licensed dealer, of course).

Patagonia Men’s Tres 3-in-1 Parka

Material: Polyester (50% recycled, 50% virgin) | Sizes Available: S-2XL | Colors Available: 1 | Insulation: 700-fill recycled down (duck & goose)

One of the best parkas for men might also be three of the best parkas for men. Confused? This Patagonia jacket acts independently as two separates and one co-dependently (hence the 3-in-1 claim).

Much like the overall best parka, the Arc’teryx Therme, this Patagonia parka has a really sleek exterior. Two hidden chest pockets with zips complemented by an angle bottom pocket flap give it a super modern feel.

Now let’s turn to the inner jacket. This is a padded inner lining that’ll beef up insulation for those nasty chilly days out and about. Don’t think it’ll rain? Just zip out the inner lining and wear it as a puffer jacket. Think it’ll rain, but also predict mild temperatures? Zip out the inner lining, stuff it into its purpose-built bag, and throw it in your rucksack as you utilize the parka’s two-layer waterproof and breathable shell for weather protection (which is humorously named: H2No®).

Isabel Marant Ganeri Oversized Fleece Trimmed Colour Block Shell Hooded Parka

Material: 100% polyamide outer, 100% polyester lining | Sizes Available: S-XL | Colors Available: 1 | Insulation: 100% polyester quilted lining, fleece-trimmed funnel neck

“Isabel Marant is Still Cooler Than You” ran a recent Elle headline, and since 2017, this has been true for men too. Marant worked at Chloé and Martine Sitbone before launching her own brand in 1994. Her womenswear and menswear have an intoxicating quality of Parisian chic and experimentation. Marant is not your obvious “designer,” so this parka will make you seem esoteric compared to going with your regular Diors or Louis Vuittons.

This parka uses a 90s block coloring in bright yellow, green, blue, and red. It imbues a child-like naivety, simplicity, and unbridled joy. The fleece-lined hood languorously splays over the shoulders with panache. Marant designed it to have a super oversized fit, which is useful because that happens to be à la mode. Snag yourself some Parisian sportswear style.

P.S. It won’t function well as an outdoor trekking coat, but this is one of the best men’s parka jackets for suave style.

Only & Sons borg lined parka coat with hood in black

Material: 100% cotton outer, 100% polyester lining | Sizes Available: S-2XL | Colors Available: 1 | Insulation: Fleece

Danish brand Only & Sons brings some classic British parka energy into the fold. This is how I, a British lad from the Midlands dealing with being a teenager around 2010, instinctively know the parka jacket look. The traditional elements include the zip/popper fastening, the baggy hood, the fleece lining, and most importantly, the fishtail at the back. Word to the wise, never try to tie them up. Why are they there? Please get in touch if you know why they exist.

Compared to the more expedition-proof men’s parka jackets on this list, this parka is almost purely aesthetic and has a certain arrogance about it. The thin fleece lining and cotton exterior provide scant insulation and minimal to zero waterproofing. This jacket is for the streets only.

Columbia Men's Marquam Peak Fusion™ Omni-Heat™ Infinity Insulated Parka

Material: 85% polyester, 15% cotton | Sizes Available: S-2XL | Colors Available: 4 | Insulation: Thermarator™ 100% polyester + Omni-Heat™ Infinity

Sir Ranulph Fiennes said, “there is no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.” Haskell Beckham, the Senior Director of Innovation at Columbia, strives to prove this mantra. Columbia’s Omni-Heat™ technology is inspired by NASA. It utilizes metal’s unique properties in reflecting our body’s invisible radiant heat back to the body without adding bulk and retaining fabric breathability. You can feel the warmth of the down-fill and foil combining when on your shoulders.

It feels snug. Plus, there’s a surprise flash of gold when you take it off that’ll intrigue the magpies around. It has a nice color-blocked style plus an enveloping faux-fur hood. And though it claims it isn’t waterproof, it has faired very well out around London in the recent torrential downpours. All-in-all, it’s a very well-considered and capable parka.

The UK website suggests the sizes run slightly larger than usual. I would normally buy a Large, so I opted for a Medium, and it was perfect. My only concern with the product is that the elastic toggles, velcro, nor zips appear built for longevity. But that points to what this jacket does better than other men’s parka jackets, affordability.

North Face Puffer

Material: 100% polyester | Sizes Available: S-XL | Colors Available: | Insulation: 90% responsible down standard duck down, 10% feather

This North Face parka jacket combines militarism and minimalism with aplomb. The large pockets give it a resilient, tough, and pragmatic aesthetic, while the duck down/feather insulation is plentiful. See how it billows out, encasing whoever cocoons themselves inside.

With the oversized trend showing no signs of deflating, the large puffer shape is a good choice. Pair with a mohair cardigan and military herringbone trousers to become military-grade trendy.

Shackleton Haakon Tactical Parka

Material: 100% recycled, bluesign® certified monofibre fabric | Sizes Available: XS-2XL | Colors Available: 3 | Insulation: 90% down, 10% feather

The Haakon Tactical Parka is refined. Especially for an expedition-grade coat with (responsibly sourced) 850-fill goose down packed into its layers. Sleek pockets, the drawstring toggles just about the waist to give shape, and the neat buckle detail at the chest for aesthetic weight. But it’s the sheer technical capabilities of this coat that elevate it as one of the best parkas for men.

The exterior is constructed from recycled monofibre that’s undergone a laser cut and seam-sealed finish, offering a 20,000mm (H/H) waterproofing. You can read our full explanation below of how that is measured, but it’s worth noting that it’s almost impossible to experience conditions on Earth that 20,000mm waterproofing could not cope with (unless you taped it up and went deep sea diving, of course).

This jacket also has achieved the highest breathability rating of 20,000 g/m2/day. With other men’s parka jackets, conditions might become too much. With this Haakon Tactical Parka, the Earth is your limit.

Pretty Green Pretty Green X The Who Generation Parka

Material: 70% heavyweight cotton twill, 30% nylon | Sizes Available: XS-2XL | Colors Available: 1 | Insulation: Soft wool-polyester blend

The Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher inspired a whole generation of Brits. Sometimes to be cocky, swaggering lager-louts. Sometimes to sing upwards into a microphone. And sometimes just to don a parka jacket down the pub. His unique style punctuated the cultural landscape of the 90s.

After the band stuff died down a bit, Liam set up his own brand, Pretty Green. Unsurprisingly they do parkas… very well. For this parka, the brand has collaborated with The Who (a crazy successful British band from the 60s). The jacket is constructed from cotton twill and has a wide fishtail back.

Stylewise, it is a hark back to the military, Mod, wholly rock ‘n’ roll status of the parka jacket. Expect minimal insulation, minimal water resistance, and zero f*cks. To really embrace the Oasis style, pair with a bucket hat, 514s, and Superstars.

66 Degrees North Jökla

Material: 76% nylon, 24% polyurathane | Sizes Available: XS-2XL | Colors Available: 2 | Insulation: 90% 800-fill white goose down, 10% feathers

Jökla is the Icelandic word for “glacier.” It only takes a second to realize two things. One, this jacket looks glacier cool. Two, it would be right at home within the environs of a glacier.

Its Codura nylon outer has been chosen for its abrasion resistance often needed in the freezing landscapes of Iceland. Taped seams and a water-repellent coating lend weatherproofing. Ample amounts of 800-fill-down insulation keep the hellish cold at bay. Finally, reflective arm details are useful in a place that sometimes sees 24hr darkness, while also adding urban stylishness in places where normal darkness is in place.

Don’t take it from us. Researchers, film crews, and photographers rely on this jacket when out in the Icelandic wilderness. This is a top-end survival parka.

Material: G-1000® Lite Eco, 65% polyester, 35% cotton | Sizes Available: XS-2XL | Colors Available: 3 | Insulation: Swedish wool padding

This jacket is a one-off in my “best parkas for men” article in the sense that it uses a wax exterior to help battle against the elements. The Greenland Wax is a super waterproof paraffin and beeswax coating which can be applied to its polyester-cotton exterior as a kind of wall against the wind, water, and long-term wear.

It will also age with grace as it soaks up and adopts the patina of your life. Think of it as an accidental long-term commitment to customization. Plus, the wax can be continually reapplied if it wears off.

But it’s what’s on the inside that counts. And here, that is a soft flannel lining combined with renewable Swedish wool paneling. All in all, this coat has a heritage feel and a vintage mac-style aesthetic. It’s wonderful, and the light brown toggles with white rope only serve to reinforce that.

66 Degrees North Jökla in Northern Iceland
66north / instagram

What To Look For When Buying The Best Parkas For Men


Materials can be tested for their waterproof rating through a Hydrostatic Head test. A section of fabric is pulled tight over a cylinder, and millimeters of water are stacked up on top of the fabric to measure the pressure (or mm) at which the fabric concedes to the water. A piece of fabric isn’t considered definitionally “waterproof” until it reaches 1,500mm. It can only be described as water-resistant or other such maneuverable terms.

Between 1,500mm to 5,000mm protects against light to average rain. 5,000mm is good for moderate to heavy rain, while 10,000mm protects against heavy rain but will soak if subject to pressure. At 20,000mm, this covers practically all wet conditions.


Down-fill power rating—the most macho-sounding technical-wear measurement. Sadly the power rating isn’t measured in the power of a single horse but in the properties of the down inside the jacket. A higher rating means the down is of better quality, meaning more warmth and of a lighter weight. A higher rating doesn’t immediately suggest the jacket is warmer, just a more efficiently insulating material.


The feel of the jacket must combine the weight, the fit, and the materials used. A heavyweight parka is good for walking through the Tundra but not for darting between meetings in the CBD. An oversized fit has a fashionable edge, but it might not be ideal for hiking or commuting. Finally, consider the fabric, is it soft to the touch, or does it have a highly technical finish that gives off a little less love?

Arcteryx's_Hard Shell
arcteryxs / instagram

Final Verdict 

The beauty of the parka jacket is the variety of styles, functions, and prices. There is a jacket here for everyone in this round-up of the best parkas for men. The Arc’teryx Therme Parka was the overall winner because it has a mid-weight feel to it, it’s waterproof, and it has ample insulation. Plus, it’s so sleek it looks almost futuristic. Sure, there are more expedition-grade parkas, or even more runway-ready; but this straddles somewhere between the two.


    • Few pieces of clothing have undergone such a thorough transformation as the parka. This age-old outerwear staple can be loosely defined as a long, hooded coat designed to keep the rain (and the cold) out, yet it’s available in a few key forms. And, like many of the most popular garments of today, the parka rose to its 21st century prominence through extensive use in the military, most notably in the American armed forces.

      Facing severely cold Korean winters, the US Army invented the now renowned M-1947 in yep, you guessed it, 1947. Since then there’s been a few updates – most notably the famed fishtail M-51 which was adopted by the mods of the 1960s.

      While the parka has never really fallen from favour since the mod era, like other classic menswear items its enduring appeal can be attributed to its function rather than its form. It was favoured by the military for its good rain coverage and unrivalled warmth, and by the mods for exactly the same reason. Who doesn’t want to stay dry, whether you’re fighting in wars or through city traffic?

      • The parka jacket does a lot of styling for you since it covers a lot of your body. Going hiking? Wear hiking boots/sneakers, waterproof trousers, and a beanie. Mooching around town? Wear sneakers, boots, or jeans. Don’t forget a fantabulous cable knit sweater so that when you unzip, you have a stylish casualwear centerpiece underneath.

        • There are three main variables: weatherproofing, insulation, and style. These define the loose sub-genres of the parka jacket.

          Arctic-expedition-ready parkas focus on waterproofing and insulation. Adept outdoor parkas are the same but less intense in their weatherproofing and will be less bulky. Mid-tier parkas, or designer parkas, might blend all three to compete. The remaining varieties might prioritize style and insulation, rather than weatherproofing. Is it a parka if it doesn’t go below the waist? I don’t think so. But I’m chill. And I might not fight you about it.

          • Well, a parka jacket is a mid-thigh length winter jacket with a hood. A puffer jacket is simply a jacket that utilizes down-filled insulation through bands of stitching. So, in this sense, a parka jacket can also be a puffer jacket, depending on if it uses down-filled insulation or not.

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