/15 Of The Best Watch Boxes To Display and Keep Your Prized Collection Safe in 2022

15 Of The Best Watch Boxes To Display and Keep Your Prized Collection Safe in 2022

Now that you’ve finally built your dream watch collection, where will you keep them all? There’s no point in spending all that time and money without securing the best watch box to show everything off.

Perfect for keeping your watches organized and easily accessible, a watch box will also protect them from dust, dirt, and sunlight. But these handy organizers don’t have to be purely practical. 

Made with premium materials like soft, supple leather and strong wood like ebony, maple, and acacia, they can be beautiful, too. In fact, many are designed to sit atop a desk or dresser to be prominently displayed around your home or office. Much like your most prized watch, the best watch box for men should make you proud you own it. 

From the highest handmade Italian quality to Amazon affordable, keep scrolling to find your best watch box at every price point.


Watch in a green watch box
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Tawbury 8 Watch Box Organizer

Material: Premium Vegan Leather | Fits: 8, 12 or 24 Watches | Colors available: Brown, Black | Lockable: No 

If the best watch box for men has to be reasonably priced yet attractive enough as a stand-alone piece in your home, then it’s clear why the Tawbury organizer tops the list.

Because it’s crafted in high-quality vegan leather, it’s not going to set you back more than 200 bucks. Smooth, round front edges and contrast stitching on both the top and drawer at the bottom are easy details that look attractive on a dresser top. 

It’s customizable where it counts, too. All of the watch pillows are extra wide, while smaller wrist cushions can be ordered as part of a bundle. With the ability to hold 8, 12, or even 24 watches, it’s just as suitable for the novice as it is for the avid watch collector. 

Baltic Watch Roll

Material: Leather | Fits: 4 Watches | Colors available: Black, Lion| Lockable: No

A watch roll is perfect if you’re looking for a sleek travel case. Even if you’re not on the move, a sleek roll tucks just as easily into a closet or drawer as it does a suitcase. While it’s technically not a watch box, Baltic’s watch roll will protect your watches in a convenient, easy-to-store case. 

Made entirely of leather, the watch roll unravels to house four watches in convenient pouches. Dust and dirt can sneak in because the roll doesn’t seal up entirely, so make sure to wipe it down frequently with a wet cloth. 

Pineider Passion Leather and Plywood Watch Box

Material: Leather | Fits: 14 Watches | Colors available: Brown, Black | Lockable: No

If luxury is what you’re after, then Pineider may be more your speed. Crafted in gorgeous black leather and debossed with the brand emblem on its sloping lid, it feels as good as it looks. Plus, thanks to two removable internal trays, it can hold more watches than it might appear.

As for quality, it’s absolutely on par with its external luxe. Since Fransesco Pineider first opened his workshop in Florence in 1774, the integrity of each handmade product has remained unchanged. If you’re looking for a refined piece to hold your most prized watches, then you’ve found your best watch box 

Wolf Windsor 5 Piece Watch Box 

Material: Faux Leather | Fits: 5 Watches | Colors available: Black | Lockable: Yes 

It wouldn’t be a best watch box list without Wolf. For over 188 years, they’ve been the go-to for premium watch and Jewelry storage and accessories. As for the Windsor 5-piece box, it’s as simple and understated as it is elegant, the perfect representation of Wolf tradition. 

It can’t simply be square, either. The oblong hexagon shape gives this box a mid-century modern feel, while the black pebble faux leather is ideal in any era.

As for the watch pillows, the silver-textured silk lining looks like neatly folded ties for that classic menswear vibe. Complete with a silver lock, you really can’t go wrong here. 

Best-Watch-Box_ Wolf-x-AnalogShift-Flatiron-II-5-Piece-Watch-Box

Material: Wood | Fits: 5 Watches | Colors available: Natural Brown | Lockable: No 

Stunning in its simplicity, the Wolf Analog/Shift may be forged in wood, but its slim design was made with the urban dweller in mind.

It may be for the minimalist, but brass hardware, miter joints, a beveled display top, and contrasting hardwood spines add quality details where it counts. 

Made of maple and natural walnut inlay, the durability isn’t in question. But the inside is where things get interesting. Each watch is sectioned off with walnut and surrounded by cork, which is a surprisingly great material for watches. It’s impermeable to air with exceptional elasticity in case you were wondering. 

Bey Berk Watch Box Organizer

Material: Wood | Fits: 48 Watches | Colors available: Brown, Black | Lockable: No 

With a shocking 48 slots, Bey Berk is undoubtedly the best watch box for men with a habit. The glass on top displays your top 8 pieces, though we have a feeling you’ll be doing some rotating. As for making it your own, add initials in custom laser etching to perfectly match your vibe. 

With three storage drawers lined in velour and discrete silver hardware, the design is rather simple and straightforward. It’s not going to take your breath away, but it gets the job done in good taste. Plus, a felt-lined bottom means it’s not going to scratch your furniture’s surface. 

Holme & Hadfield Watch Display Case for Men 

Material: Wood | Fits: 4 Watches | Colors available: Black, Oak, Walnut | Lockable: No

An instant room-elevator, this display case will leave your closet, bedroom, or office feeling like your own personal store. With room for just four watches under the sleek glass box lid, there isn’t tons of space, but a pull-out drawer underneath does provide ample storage for tools, cufflinks, and other accessories. 

While the rather innovative design has been tested against dust and dirt, ultimately, the best watch box should protect your watches above all else. So, if laying them on wood feels wrong, feel free to purchase additional padding 

Nex 6 Slot Watch Case

Material: Faux Leather | Fits: 6 Watches | Colors available: Brown, Black, Blue, Gray, + | Lockable: Yes 

Probably the most straightforward on this list, the Nex watch case holds six of your best watches under lock and key. No added frills mean its design is rather slim, which is perfect if you’re short on space. Plus, each pillow is removable, so it’s great if your collection is small and you need storage for other accessories like cufflinks.

Not everyone wants to be able to see what’s inside their watch box from the outside, but for those that do, this box is pretty convenient. Made from real glass that is resistant to dust and scratching, the Nex lets you know what’s inside your watch box without opening it. Plus, it shows off your watches like a charm. 

JS Nova Juns Watch Box

Material: Faux Leather | Fits: 12 Watches | Colors available: Brown, Black, Gray, Blue, + | Lockable: Yes 

It may be faux, but there’s nothing phony about this watch box. Typically, you get what you pay for, but the Nova Juns is surprisingly durable, especially considering its volume.

The top compartment can hold up to 12 watches (with removable pillows), while the lower drawer is big enough for rings, bracelets, glasses, and more. Others on this list can hold as much, but none can do so on such a tight budget. 

As for displaying abilities, this case reveals all of the watches at once through the glass pane at the top of the box. This can be helpful for convenience or for showing off your best investments. If that has you worried about security, rest assured, lock and key are included. 

Glenor Co Watch Box

Material: Carbon Fiber | Fits: 12 Watches | Colors available: Black | Lockable: No

You certainly wouldn’t want a watch box made of plastic, but what about carbon fiber? This material is five times as strong as stainless steel, but it’s low density, meaning it’s super lightweight and easy to move around. As for the best watch box, it could be yours if you need an organizer that is easy to transport.

Not to mention that the carbon fiber texture has a rather masculine appeal. This box is very straightforward, and at fifty bucks, it’s the perfect no-nonsense holder for 12 watches of any size. Each of the removable leatherette cushions can be squished down to fit any watch size.

Rapport Portobello Watch Box

Material: Grain Leather | Fits: 3 Watches | Colors available: Blue, Pink, Red, Green, + | Lockable: No

Yet another watch box heritage brand, Rapport London is anything but traditional in terms of color. You don’t often find such bold hues from a company with 124 years of experience. While London may be known for being dreary, the Portobello watch box is inspired by Notting Hill’s most famous street, Portobello Road, awash in vibrant markets and atmosphere. 

A fun hexagonal shape and color options like soft pink, kelly green, or even sunshine yellow turn a somewhat stuffy operation into something a little more fun. Though this box holds only 3 watches, it’s better for making a statement. And it comes with a watch pouch that’s perfect for travel. 

WindUp The Tool Watch Box

Material: Sheet Metal & Mahogany | Fits: 12 Watches | Colors available: Black, Red, Green | Lockable: No

Perfectly nestled at the crossroads of luxurious and rugged, the WindUp looks more like a toolbox, especially in that classic red color found in your dad’s garage. This is the best watch box for the manly man who isn’t afraid of something a bit novel. 

One peek through the glass display, and you’ll see swoon-worthy details like a beautiful inner tray lined in mahogany contrasted against rich black and gray tweed watch pillows. Thick metal clasps add serious heft, giving off all the right utility vibes. 

Scully & Scully Saffiano Leather Watch Case 

Material: Leather | Fits: 10 Watches | Colors available: Red, Orange, Black | Lockable: Yes 

At first glance, this watch box holds five watches, but a careful eye might notice more. The Saffiano can actually hold a whopping 10 watches in this rather small case: five in the lower tray, one in the lower catch-all, and four hidden behind the closable flap in the lid. A brass lock and key only add to the feeling of security.

Safety tricks aside, this watch box is a thing of beauty. Handmade in Italy by premier artisans, Scully and Scully has 87 years of time-tested tradition at its helm. The soft, green suede inside feels expensive, while beautiful leather in fun colors only adds to the excitement. 

Kustom Products Ebony Watch Box

Material: Ebony Wood | Fits: 6 or 12 Watches | Colors available: Brown | Lockable: No 

With the ability to personalize according to your needs, Kustom is the best watch box to give the watch aficionado in your life. Choose from two different sizing options and 12 various initial fonts to be printed on the display case glass. 

As for the box itself, there’s no cutting corners. Each box is made from ebony, an extremely strong wood that is easy to polish for high ornamental shine. With beautiful contrasting wood grain and a thick metal clasp, it has a vintage feel at an affordable price.

There’s room for more than just watches here, too. You might notice ring cushions and the perfect space for sunglasses through the display case glass. 

Shanik Rustic Gray Watch Box

Material: Acacia Wood | Fits: 8 Watches | Colors available: Brown | Lockable: No 

With a lid that opens onto 8 watches and two swivel-open drawer compartments underneath, this bad boy holds a lot more than meets the eye. Don’t worry about the drawers swinging open at random, though. Both the drawers and lid are magnetic, so dust is sure to stay out. Lined in soft velvet, it’s cushy, too.

While all of these features are nice, what sets this watch box apart from the rest is the ability to engrave its surface. From your monogram to a beer glass, animals and trees, there are dozens of options to make your watch box feel like your own. Of course, you can buy the box sans engraving, too.

What To Look For In A Watch Box


When it comes to protecting your timepieces, the best watch box should be made of premium materials. Most consistently, you’ll find either real leather, premium vegan leather, or wood. Vegan leather is going to be cheaper and may align with your personal values better than real leather. As for wood, you’ll want to make sure it’s hard and durable, like ebony, maple, or walnut. 

How many watches does it fit

Whether you own three watches or thirty, size matters when it comes to selecting a watch box. However, if you plan on adding more watches to your collection in time, you may want to size up and choose a box that can hold more than what you’ve got. Watch boxes do an excellent job at preserving the life of a watch, so make sure the box you choose can fit them all. 

Watches in watch box with glass cover
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Does it lock

A lock might seem like a sensible no-brainer, but for some, it can be a pain. Sometimes locks can be faulty, and it can be easier than you think to lose a small key. Plus, unless it’s forged in steel, even the best watch box can be broken into with enough effort. So, while a lock looks cool and can be helpful for protecting valuable watches, it’s not necessary. 

Final Verdict 

When selecting the best watch box for men, you’ll want to be certain it’s made of premium materials at a price you can afford. Real leather can be very expensive, so choosing a box like the Tawbury means you’ll still be investing in quality, even if it’s faux. As long as the box can hold all of the watches that you own and comes in a color and shape that suits your aesthetic, you really can’t go wrong. 


    • If you plan on keeping your watches in top condition for years to come, a watch box is crucial. It will keep dust, dirt, and harsh sunlight off of your beautiful watches. In a box, they’re easy to organize and see. The best part is they’re easily accessible as you dress each day. 

      • If displaying your watches is important to you, choose a box with a glass display lid so your timepieces can be seen without having to open the box. If you own many watches, however, you may not be able to see them all at one glance. 

        • The best watch box is made from quality materials like faux leather, leather, or strong wood to ensure harmful dust and dirt stay out. Your ideal box should match your home’s aesthetic, fit all of your watches, and come at a reasonably affordable price.