/10 Of The Best Shower Caddies To Keep Everything Organized and In Its Place (Updated 2022)

10 Of The Best Shower Caddies To Keep Everything Organized and In Its Place (Updated 2022)

If you have one lonely bar of soap in your shower, then we have way more to talk about than the best shower caddy to buy. Shampoo, body wash, loofahs, the list goes on. These are things guys need for high-quality grooming and hygiene. But that also means cluttered shower ledges and slippery bottles escaping your grasp.

And now we’ve come full circle back to the shower caddy. Maybe you live alone, but your shower situation has zero real estate for products. Maybe you have six roommates, and you want to keep your stuff separate from the one bar of soap guy. There’s a shower caddy for every dude and every shower. We should know. 

We did a ton of research to find the best shower caddies for men. Keep reading to find the perfect one for your soaps and suds so you can focus on the important stuff…like singing too loud to Ariana Grande. Don’t deny it. 


Shower caddy installed in the bathroom
simplehuman / Instagram

Forget everything you know about the traditional hanging shower caddy. Simplehuman adjustable shower caddy is so sleek and modern it looks built-in. A rubberized clamp secures from above while pivoting suction cups stick from below. It always stays flush against the wall and never slips or sticks out like typical over-the-shower-head caddies. 

But it’s not all looks with this shower organizer. The two shelves are wide enough to fit several bargain-sized bottles, and the soap dish drains quickly, so get ready for longer-lasting soap bars. There’s even a subtle hook on the side for a razor. Choose from two different sizes or even an over-the-door style. It’s not the cheapest on this list, but it’s easily the best shower caddy for function and style.

Material: Stainless Steel | Installation: Adjustable Clamp & Suction Cups | Type: Hanging

Simplehuman Adjustable Shower Caddy

With the Adovel corner caddy, more is definitely more. Perfect for full houses with families or roommates, this four-layer bad boy will hold all your products and then some. Reverse mounting lets you hang towels, rags, and plenty of hooks. Plus, each shelf is slotted for maximum drainage, preventing bacteria and mold build-up. 

Usually, space is limited with portable or hanging caddies, but Adovel uses a tension mount rod made of polished stainless steel to extend from floor to ceiling. Renters fret not. The end cap for stability is soft, so it won’t leave any marks on the ceiling, floor, or walls.  

Material: Stainless Steel & Plastic | Installation: Tension Rod | Type: Corner

ADOVEL 4 Layer Corner Shower Caddy installed in the shower

While its small size might not be ideal if your shower routine involves a lot of products, it’s perfect for the minimalist. Plus, you can always buy more than one and stack them.

A lot of people are wary of suction cup caddies, but Good Grips is the real deal. They use lever activation to reinforce the suction cups—it’s no joke. Reviewers note that as long as you secure the suction with the lever, the caddy won’t budge. From stone to metal and even acrylic, it can attach to any surface. 

Material: Phthalate-free Plastic| Installation: Stronghold Suction | Type: Corner

OXO Good Grips Stronghold Corner Basket

Two convenient hooks make this the best shower caddy for the guy who lives with his partner. But it’s also great if you live solo and have lots of products. A deeper top basket is perfect for holding large shampoos and body washes.

Sure, this caddy is convenient, but it’s also attractive. Why not keep your bathroom feeling elevated alongside the rest of your home? Match your hanging organizer to your bathroom hardware. Choose between bronze, black, chrome, and silver options for a cohesive look. 

If you’re going to choose a hanging shower organizer, Simple Houseware is the way to go. Nearly 15,000 positive Amazon reviews can attest that this caddy seems to have it all. 

Material: Alloy Steel | Installation: Hanging Mount with Nonstick Grip | Type: Hanging 

Simple Houseware Bathroom Hanging Caddy

The Attmu mesh shower caddy is your go-to travel companion. Even if you’re just traveling down the hall to an overly crowded bathroom situation. It’s highly durable, dries on a dime, and super light for throwing it into your suitcase or camping gear. But now for its shining feature—pockets.

Tons of outer pockets are ideal for keeping track of every possible bathroom accessory you own (yes, including a towel). There’s plenty of room for your razor, comb, and toenail clippers to join the staples of shampoo and soap. You may not win a style award, but this shower caddy gets the job done.

Material: Polyester Blend | Installation: Free-standing | Type: Portable

Attmu Mesh Shower Caddy

Few materials seem to dry faster than mesh, which is probably why S&T Inc. chose it for their shower curtain. You get the best of both worlds with mesh—super tough yet light as a feather. If you’re stuck with a minimal space dual tub shower, this affordable hanging shower curtain is a no-brainer. 

loop the metal grommets right onto the shower curtain rings. You’ll never have to fiddle with suction cups again. It may not be the most attractive on this list, but it’s ideal for streamlining your shower efficiency. Seven roomy pockets are a dream for a highly organized person.

Material: Polyester | Installation: Metal Grommet Holes | Type: Hanging

S&T Inc. Hanging Shower Curtain Caddy

If installation isn’t your thing, then you’ll love the iDesign standing shower caddy. This won’t work for every bathroom, especially narrow designs, but you can easily pop it into the corner of your standing shower or leave it right next to the bath for easy access. The three wire baskets make for some seriously quick drainage, and they’re spacious enough for even the bulkiest bath products.

If your first thought when eyeing this caddy is stability, you’re not alone. Tons of customers left rave reviews on that subject. Cast in tough alloy steel and coated in an attractive bronze finish, this is the best shower caddy for making organizing a little bit sexy.

Material: Vinyl & Alloy Steel | Installation: None | Type: Standing

iDesign Standing Shower Caddy Organizer

You’ve never seen a shower caddy like this before. Instead of hooks or suction cups, the Carwiner caddy uses innovative traceless adhesion to secure the two-shelf pack to the wall. If using sticky sheets to secure a caddy sounds nuts, trust us, they work. In fact, be sure you’re satisfied with the placement before you stick them on because once applied, they won’t budge. 

As for heft? Check. Each shelf holds up to 30 pounds. Wildly flexible? Absolutely. Conveniently stick it on any wall that works for you. Minimalist color scheme? You bet. Whether you choose between silver or black, it’s sure to look sleek. 

Material: Stainless Steel | Installation: Traceless Adhesive Strips | Type: Wall Mounted

Carwiner Shower Caddy

Once again, forget about sacrificing your personal style when it comes to the best shower caddy. The earthy guy will love the bamboo construction to embrace a natural aesthetic. And the satin chrome details like built-in hooks add a modernist touch for an overall sleek appeal. 

Like most hanging shower organizers, the Zenna caddy uses a rubberized no slip-grip collar to secure around the shower head. No tools are involved, making it incredibly easy to install. While there is a decent amount of space offered by these conveniently slatted shelves, this caddy is only ideal for one to two people at most. 

Material: Satin Chrome & Bamboo | Installation: No-slip Collar Grip| Type: Hanging

Zenna Home NeverRust Shower Caddy

If a mesh portable caddy doesn’t appeal to you, a sturdier organizer might be your vibe. Big enough for your shower products and toiletries, mDesign’s portable organizer is the best shower caddy for college-bound guys. 

There’s nothing too sophisticated about this caddy, but its minimalist design has left thousands of customers pleasantly satisfied. Choose from attractive neutrals like charcoal and cream, or go with clear to show off your product labels. Either way, they all come with a classy bamboo handle. Bonus points for discreet drainage holes in all four corners. 

Material: Shatter-resistant Plastic & Bamboo | Installation: Free-standing | Type: Portable 

mDesign Plastic Portable Shower Caddy 

What To Look For When Buying The Best Shower Caddies 


Substantial, durable, and resistant to rust, stainless steel is your best bet for shower caddies. Other metals like iron, brass, and bronze can make for strong caddies, but be on the lookout for anti-rust coatings for a longer lifespan. Plastic may be perfect as a cheap, lightweight option, but it’s less likely to last for the long haul. Mesh, on the other hand, is typically made from polyester and is easiest to keep clean; simply throw it in the wash. 

Bathroom with shower curtain and towels on stool
zennahome / Instagram

Type (corner, hanging etc)

The best shower caddy depends on where you need it to go. Hanging varieties are ideal for small spaces because they easily slip right over the shower head or through the rings of your shower curtain. Free-standing caddies are often best for larger bathrooms. They’re versatile, require little to no assembly, and are usually quite stylish. Tension caddies are rod-based and fit snugly into the corner of your tub while providing a ton of storage space. 

On the other end of the spectrum, single-shelf corner caddies are small and perfect for the low-maintenance guy. And finally, portable shower caddies are pretty self-explanatory—they go wherever you go.

Installation Methods

Good installation is essential if you don’t want to fiddle with your caddy daily. Typically, suction cups provide the weakest hold, so choose suctions with reinforcers and be sure to secure them. Adhesion strips are easy to apply, so long as you attach them in the proper place on the first try. 

Tension rods provide lots of flexibility and can be adjusted according to your shower height, though they require some time and occasionally a screwdriver. Over-the-shower head varieties are usually the most involved, as they often have a top grip and bottom suctions. The good news is all of the caddies on this list are known for their stability. 


    • A shower caddy is a bathroom organizer dedicated to keeping all your bathtime products in one space. At the very least, a shower caddy will have one shelf. But they’re usually equipped with additional ledges, shelves, and hooks. With materials ranging from steel, metal, or plastic, there’s an option for every shower.

      • The best way to keep a caddy from falling is to invest in a quality caddy and follow the installation instructions provided to a T. For instance, if your caddy comes with reinforced suctions, be sure to lock the reinforcement in place.

        • The best kind of shower caddy will check several boxes. Does it fit properly in your shower? Does it hold all of your products easily? Does it match your style (yes, that’s important)? Will the installation method work for your bathroom? Simplehuman won our best overall spot because it checks most of those boxes for a wide range of guys.

          • Installing a shower caddy should typically be easy, but even some suction cups have special requirements. Unless you choose a simple over-the-curtain-rod option, it’s always best to read the installation instructions. If you choose a caddy with specialized adhesion, make sure you’re confident about the location before you stick it to the wall.

            • For mesh and plastic shower caddies, you can soak them in your kitchen sink or spray them down with your preferred cleaning spray. If you’re lucky, some may even be dishwasher-safe. Other metal varieties, like stainless steel, are easier to maintain with a simple wipe-down every so often. Bamboo is a little trickier, so read the care guide if you opt for that type of shower caddy.