/65 Of The Best Gift For Your Boyfriend That Show You Really Know Them (or At Least Know How To Impress Them in 2022)

65 Of The Best Gift For Your Boyfriend That Show You Really Know Them (or At Least Know How To Impress Them in 2022)

Selecting the perfect boyfriend is a chore. Sorry, we meant selecting the best gifts for that already perfect boyfriend can be a chore. And yet, it’s a strange thing to ask the very non-intimate Internet what it thinks you should buy your hopefully quite intimate boyfriend. If it helps, think of us more as friends. In fact, I’m a boyfriend myself, so I get it?

The simple fact is that you are showing love by simply trying to find a gift they’ll like. It shows you care. But the perfect gift is different for every guy. It’s also dependent on how long you’ve been going out. You don’t want to splurge thousands on a birthday gift if you’ve only been dating a couple of weeks. 

So this comprehensive guide will cover all bases for your gift-giving curiosities. Grab a nice cold drink, get comfortable on the couch and treat yourself to some indulgent scroll time. Let us deliver that all-important aha! moment to you. Read on to find the best gift for your boyfriend, that the ever-resourceful internet can provide.


Best gifts for boyfriend
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Saying “I love you” via the medium of a gift is a difficult task, but a high-class watch can speak those words thousands of times over. This Tudor 1926 watch comes in a timeless design, meaning it can add panache to any outfit it finds itself with. The buttery dark brown leather, clean white watch face, and silver hardware are quotidian masterpieces. It’s a truly great everyday piece.

Tudor 1926 Wristwatch

Often, the best Christmas present is the one that opens up potential. Books are one of the purest routes to discovery and provide the opportunity to delve into the great minds of others. But a Kindle is for bookworms and casual readers alike. This Paperwhite edition has everything a word nerd needs—advert free, 32GB memory, Audible compatible, and it’s waterproof.

Kindle Paperwhite

There are few things in life more connective than music. This Bang & Olufsen Beosound Explore reaches peak gift for your boyfriend. On his birthday, he’ll be able to invite all his friends, taking them and his beloved playlists wherever he wants, playing it at full blast. Yay. These speakers have a powerful bass and 360-degree sound field to immerse yourself in.

Bang & Olufsen Beosound Explore - Wireless Portable Outdoor Bluetooth speaker

Your man will never look so cute as when his feet are swaddled in shearling. While warm feet are desired in the winter, one fear isn’t so cute, however: smelly, sweaty feet. Never fear. UGG provides moisture-wicking wool that feels like shearling but acts like wool. These brown suede mocassins have all bases covered.

UGG Olsen Moccasin Slipper

Every guy had this thought at one point in their over-optimistic youth: I could totally set up a successful t-shirt business. Put this theory to the test with a screen printing kit. While entrepreneurial success might not be the goal, this kit is a great way to experiment, have fun, and express yourself via the medium of merch. 

DIY Screen Printing Kit

Because nothing says “long-term relationship” like a foot massage machine. Romance might be in a quieter place, but comfort is thriving. If you’ve ever been requested to rub your partner’s feet (not in that way), you’ll know exactly why a foot the massager machine was invented. It comes with an inbuilt infrared heat function, air compression, and massage functions. Get me one while you’re at it, please?

Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine with Heat

Ferrero Rocher is a chocolate-hazelnut ball held together by a crisp wafer shell with hazelnut chocolate inside. God, I’m hungry. But, it is also the bonafide romance chocolate (pardon the pun). The wavy paper cup and golden wrapping are too high-class to be purchased as regular chocolate. When purchasing for Valentine’s, note that it should come as a part of the romantic holy trinity of cards, flowers, and chocolates.

Ferrero Rocher

Sentiment is a feeling built over time. While we can’t look into the crystal ball and know exactly what the best gift for your boyfriend is, we can suggest things that offer the possibility of a sentimental relationship. A bonsai tree is a perfect gift in this respect. Plus, their difficulty to keep alive is actually a good thing. You get to test out his capacity for responsibility, care, and dedication. Nothing weird about that…

Bonsai Tree Chinese Elm

To be a real creative, you have to be into all things artsy and off-the-wall. There are lots of left-field films on MUBI, but every single one is worth the watch. You can take my word for it. This recurring best gift for your boyfriend will now be able to add “arthouse film aficionado” to his growing list of creative identities.

Mubi Arthouse Cinema

If your boyfriend loves coffee (there are a lot of us coffee freaks out there), it follows that a coffee subscription is a thoughtful gift for your boyfriend. Then, consider that caffeine is a stimulant. Thoughtful, see? Atlas has curated its coffee, supplying from micro-lots in Tanzania, Kenya, and Columbia. They are then roasted fresh and sent off. That means delicious coffee and minimal fuss; very thoughtful indeed.

Atlas Coffee Club Subscription

Argh! We all know the panic when someone’s birthday is upcoming fast, and you have no idea what to buy them. While this Ember mug isn’t the world’s most necessary invention, it does look incredibly sleek. It’s techy and, therefore, more interesting than just getting your partner a mug (that really is giving up). If they’re a bit of a DIY-er, love being in the shed, or just chat a lot, this mug keeps their coffee warm and a smile on their face. If in doubt? Domestic tech.

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug 2 Metallic Collection

Have you heard the news? Travel is back, my friends. That means you want your man to be looking suave while he’s snaking in and out of dawdling holiday-makers. While there is nothing quite so personalized as a passport, there’s always scope to make it even more individualized with a chic initial embossed passport cover. If you have a family, this is an easy way to distinguish passports quickly too.

Smythson Passport Cover

There are two very strong advantages to knowing how to swear in many, many languages. Firstly, you can know for sure if you’re a bad tourist. Secondly, you can curse at people in your own country with (relative) freedom. Perfect for the cheeky potty-mouthed boy whose mother never washed his mouth out with soap.

How to Swear Around The World

Romance. Everyone thinks it’s some gooey, schmaltzy feeling of love and comfort. They’re wrong. It’s a sexual feeling. Honor that with this vibrating silicone ring. It’ll give him the ride of his life. Meanwhile, when he’s away, it’s great for both female and male stimulation. It’s the gift for your boyfriend that keeps on giving… orgasms.

We-Vibe Pivot

Funny how the most meaningful thing is… empty? I’m sure a Zen Buddhist would have something insightful to say about that. The blank page is an open space to pen your deepest thoughts, plan your most incisive plans, and diarise the most profound moments of your life. Do not underestimate the power of a humble notebook.

Karst Hardcover Notebook A5

Your boyfriend has been working hard for months. So he’s probably been avoiding booze to drain every last bit of performance out of that brain of his. We all know the first thing he’ll want to do when he’s finished is have a nice cold one to celebrate. This beer tap is the perfect contraption to get a load of friends around and celebrate. It’s the best hair-letting-down device there is.

Fizzics DraftPour Dispenser

Modern life is full of complexity. Too many delivery options. Too many career choices. Too many beers, too many gins, too much of everything. For a very reasonable price, you can strip your boyfriend of all this mental strain of what to watch on TV with the easy roll of a dice. With streaming quality these days, this isn’t the Russian Roulette of TV watching it once was; you never know, you might end up finding your new favorite show.

If you’ve ever tried to pass out listening to sleep cast, you’ll know the strife of turning over with your chunky headphones on. Give your man sweet relief from this modern problem with these Bluetooth headphones, which also double up as an eye mask. They’re great for travel, and they’re affordable too. Win, win.

Perytong Sleep Headphones Wireless Bluetooth

For the man who has everything, gift him something consumable. Once he has consumed all of the said consumables, he won’t have everything, so he’ll consistently need more. That is why a beer subscription is a genius option. A constantly replenishing stock of delicious craft beers curated from around the USA? Consume away, sir.

Beer Drop Membership

Best of The Rest

I was at a shoot recently (yeah, I’m a model, what of it), and I was asked to shave my basically non-existent beard. The make-up artist handed me this razor, and I felt it glide over my skin. I have very sensitive skin, so close razors can cause great irritation and lead to rashes, but with this Phillips OneBlade, that wasn’t a problem. Its lightweight and slim design make it great for traveling too.

Philips OneBlade Hybrid Stubble Trimmer & Shaver

If your boyfriend is a “wine aficionado” worth his salt, he’ll know that champagne’s reign at the top is being challenged by a new boy in town. English sparkling wine. Due to climate change, the conditions of the region are more like what champagne was in the past, making it ripe for producing incredible sparkling wine. Nyetimber is one of the best-known in the English sparkling scene, and for good reason. It. Is. Delicious.

Nyetimber Classic Cuvee Multi-Vintage

Here is a real a gift for your boyfriend – a summer clothing palette that even the sun will come out to witness. These bright but slightly pastel color-blocked shorts are the perfect way to brighten his summer wardrobe. If he doesn’t like them, just tell him he’s boring and doesn’t understand fashion. You can refer to this article if you need to.

Adidas Blocked Woven Shorts

While a hug is nice, it is quite a weird gift for your boyfriend. This Unrecorded lambswool scarf is warm, snuggly, and sparks a cozy feeling inside. It’s basically the same as a hug, but it’s limitless and stays with you all day. The refined texture, chic design, and easy-to-style colorations make it a fantastic present.

Unrecorded Wool Scarf Navy

Travel broadens your horizons. Now that Covid is less of a traveling obstacle, you and your boyfriend can start getting back to making travel plans. If there’s any publication that can inspire with a round-up of the “most amazing places,” it’s National Geographic. The incredible imagery inside is a highly effective catalyst for wanderlust.

National Geographic Destinations of a Lifetime: 225 of the World's Most Amazing Places

Not only does this ceramic croc look neat, but it will also deliver perfect home-cooked eggs. It’s built for the microwave, making the whole process seamless, speedy, and delicious. Never will you nor your boyfriend have to worry about egg-making ever again. The piece is handmade in Portugal and dishwasher friendly as a nice bonus.

Uncommon Goods Minute Egg Maker

If there’s one thing that all boyfriends have in common… it’s their body’s attempt to project hair follicles through their face. AKA, the beard. That cluster of hair ain’t gonna tame itself. So with this care package of beard balm, oil, and shampoo, your fella’s mane will become a shining source of pride. This gift for your boyfriend has been hand packaged by Marit Aagaard and Jeff Lovett in Pittsburgh.

Uncommon Goods The Beard Care Kit

Peugeot is commonly known for their collection of lovable automobiles and vintage hipster bicycles. But it makes sense that their engineering expertise can be transposed to the field of, say, wine bottle opening. This technical piece of kit allows you to open a bottle with one hand and maybe even with your eyes closed? Only one way to find out.

Peugeot Baltaz Lever Corkscrew

If your boyfriend has a permanent resting bitch face, why not turn his cold exterior into a money-maker? He might have the perfect poker face. Jokes aside, Texas Hold ‘Em is a brilliant excuse to get a load of friends together, light a few stogies, and indulge in some healthy play-acting.

Budstfee Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Chip Set

Everyone, including your boyfriend, is prone to losing things. Modern life is complex, and our matrix of belongings is hard to keep track of. That’s why the Apple AirTag is so damn useful. It’s small, affordable, and potentially saves a whole heap of stress. Even if it just gently points out that it’s down the side of the couch.

Apple AirTag

My cousin got into running because he wanted to spend as much time away from his girlfriend as possible. Let’s hope your runner-bean boyfriend isn’t an enthusiast for the same reason. Assuming he’s not, this pair of AdiZero Boston 10 shoes harbor carbon rod technology to maintain midsole structure, increase energy return, and faster times. And they’re also extremely stylish.

Adidas Adizero Boston 10 Running Shoes

Le Creuset is the gold standard of dutch ovens. A famous kitchen tool, beloved by amateurs and pros. The thick enamel cast iron is heat-efficient, durable, and dishwasher safe. It’s perfect for slow-cooked fall-apart-in-your-mouth beef or chicken that you’ll be on the receiving end of.

Le Creuset Dutch Oven

Don’t like the way your boyfriend dresses? Simple. Pick a gift for your boyfriend you like. Just slowly start monopolizing his wardrobe through tactical clothing purchases. These moss green suede sandals by Myrqvist are just one such purchase for the summer capsule edition of the upgrade. They have a soft cork insole and a chic design folded strap design. Plus, they’re handmade in Portugal, a country known for its ethical production. Stylish boyfriend, incoming.

Myrqvist Solvik Moss Green Suede Sandals

For the Brooklinen brand name alone, these deserve to be purchased. One of the major perks of being in a loving couple is the ability to hang out semi-nude, doing vaguely nothing and enjoying each other’s company. Breakfast in bed, delivery dinners, long baths. All these joyful domestic activities are improved by the light clothing of a Turkish cotton waffle robe. Might as well get one for yourself while you’re at it.

So. You’ve got him the Le Creuset dutch oven, the Ember mug, the ceramic egg maker, the Peugeot wine bottle opener, and the Fizzics draft pour beer dispenser. The kitchen is a veritable haven for your boyfriend, except for the recipes. 

Ottolenghi is a worldwide smash-hit with his Middle-Eastern-inspired, veggie, indulgent, and innovative dishes. “Simple” will get you on the road to more vegetarian cooking, while “Plenty More” will act as a culinary skill upgrade on the path to finer things. 

P.S. It’s always smart to buy a gift for your boyfriend that you will directly benefit from.

Essential Ottolenghi

Why not give your boyfriends’ loved, cherished, and storied sneakers new life? It’s much more sustainable than buying new ones and doesn’t rely on his approval. This Arigato x Sneaker Lab kit contains a cleaner, a protector, an odor-buster, and a brush. They are all 100% biodegradable and work on sensitive materials such as suede, leather, and nubuck.

Axel Arigato x Sneaker Lab Premium Cleaning Kit

Treat your man to a complete boxer short overhaul. CDLP provides the highest comfort with a low ecological footprint. They’re constructed from 95% lyocell, a sustainably sourced fabric from wood pulp that absorbs dye much more efficiently than cotton. Silky, breathable, and sweat-wicking. If you’re going to get your boyfriend boxers, at least do it right.

CDLP 12x boxer shorts

This Hatch all-in-one sleep tool could be the key to unlocking your boyfriend’s sleep quality. It comes with an easy awakening sunrise alarm, relaxing in-built dreamscapes, meditations, and guided rest exercises. If he’s well-rested, it’s good for everyone.

Hatch Smart Sleep Assistant

If you live with your boyfriend, then buying a domestically-orientated gift for your boyfriend just makes sense. Some kitchen technology is pointless, clunky, and ugly. Not this Nitro Cold Bew coffee maker. The brass and stainless steel hardware give a nice aesthetic. Plus, it’s simple to use. Fill with coffee and water and put it in the fridge. In the morning, with the help of CO2 canisters, you’ll have perfect nitro cold brew coffee. Mmm.Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Is your boyfriend so obsessed with gaming he can’t leave home without thinking, reading, or dreaming about it? Do him a favor and get him a Nintendo Switch. The Switch is both a home console and a portable device that plays classics like Mario Kart, Animal Crossing, Pokémon, Metroid, and Super Smash Bros.

Nintendo Switch

The french press was the de facto brew method for much of the West for a long time—one of the more communal forms of brewing. This aesthetically sleek stainless steel TYI vessel makes a whole liter of coffee for a family gathering or a hangover debrief with friends. This high-end gift for your boyfriend is an excuse for bringing everyone together to share the good times.

TYI Stainless Steel French Press 1 Litre

Coziness is ubiquitously desirable. That’s why your boyfriend will genuinely appreciate the gift of a Sherpa-lined LL Bean overshirt. It’s not the most fashionable, sharp, or suave piece of clothing, but for hanging out on the weekend, it is ideal.

LL Bean Sherpa-Lined Scotch Plaid Shirt

If you want to get your boyfriend on board with a new skincare routine, it helps to connect it with, say, cannabis. The cold-pressed Sativa and oregano oil by powerhouse skincare brand Kiehl’s will help relieve redness, and in time it will fortify the skin’s ability to protect itself. Weed + skin = a glowing boyfriend.

Kiehl’s Sativa Seed Oil Herbal Concentrate Hemp-Derived

Slippers are always an excellent present for the boyfriend who owns pretty much everything. These are especially perfect if your fella is an outdoorsy type or you live in a rural area. These slippers take you from the couch to taking the bins out or to the shops in approximately zero shoe changes. They’re also puffer insulated and waterproof. Like your man, these slippers can do it all.

The North Face ThermoBall™ Traction Water Resistant Slipper

Is your boyfriend a budding chef, an amazon chef, a terrible chef, a food lover, an Italy-phile, a carb loader, or just in need of stress relief? Then this homemade pasta maker is a good gift for your boyfriend. It’s a cool-looking kitchen item, and fresh pasta is unbeatable.

Marcato Atlas 150 Pasta Machine Chrome

In a sense, we are all trapped in a “Game of Phones” these days. The little blighters dictate a hell of a lot of our lives. This gift for your boyfriend fully embraces that concept and has fun with it. games include: drawing novel emojis, first to find their last selfie or the weirdest image search result of their own name. With a total of 150 cards, your very online boyfriend will have a whirlwind. 

Game of Phones 

The gift of education is arguably the noblest. Sometimes, your boyfriend might have to admit he’s not an expert on climate change or skateboarding and needs schooling. Enter Masterclass. These courses are taught by the best of the best in their field (e.g., Margeret Atwood on writing), letting your boyfriend become the best male partner he can be.


It’s a joy to combine impeccable style with eco-friendly recycled cotton. This Wax London over-shirt adds to that joy with two large symmetrical chest pockets, and a minimalist feel your guy will love. This is the go-to plaid for the transitional seasons.

Wax London Overshirt

An outdoorsy guy needs an outdoorsy watch. This Vero Backcountry has clear aesthetic rooting in all things maps, trails, and compasses. While it looks the part, it comes with 120m water resistance, a Cerakote casing that’s scuff-resistant, and if anything fails within 10 years, it comes with a full warranty. Now that’s reliability.

Vero Watch Backcountry

The SPF suncream that’ll do it all. If your boyfriend is a bit of a man’s man, suncream is probably one of the only times he’ll apply any cream to his skin. So, you can be clever about this and get this Verso SPF suncream with niacinamide, turmeric, and retinol 8. This elixir brings vitamin A into play and stimulates natural collagen production. Sneaky.

Verso Day Cream SPF 30

A recent message on a Whatsapp group read: “Does anyone know where my sunglasses went at the wedding? I loved them.” 

Sunglasses will be lost repeatedly. It is a fact of life. That is why your boyfriend will never turn his nose up at a new pair. Especially not these Walker sunnies by Selfmade with a metallic top bar, Teflon-coated hinges, and anti-scratch lenses. Tough and undeniably sexy. 

Selfmade Sunglasses

There are two main criteria when considering Jewelry for your boyfriend. Simplicity and quality. This Roderer Sergio bracelet excels in both. The lush navy color gives it versatility, while the gunmetal clasp ensures a solid fixture. 

Roderer Sergio Bracelet

The Percival x Champion collaboration has brought a bit of spice to the sports-casual scene. The serene swimming koi carp inject aesthetic nuance and zen to this otherwise plush, snug, and cozy black hoodie. A hoodie your boyfriend can wear out and about with pure panache? That is an altogether different pond of koi carp.

Percival x Champion Hoodie

The genius of an oxford shirt is its versatility. I’m wearing one right now. It’s 27 degrees hot (80 degrees Fahrenheit), and it works. Equally, I’ll be wearing this in winter under a jumper. It’s smart-casual, versatile, and chic. This Neutrale rendition is constructed from organic cotton, which takes less water and chemical input to produce; therefore, it’s better for the environment. But your boyfriend doesn’t need to know that. 

Neutrale Oxford Shirt

The sheer simplicity of a Monofore watch is its draw. It combines the angularity of a rectangular watch face with the curvature of the domed glass. The navy strap, white background, and silver hardware combine to produce a beautiful piece of wrist candy.

Monofore Rectangular Wristwatch

There’s a reason menswear staples make such good gifts; they’re always needed. Provide your boyfriend with something he can cherish and love well into the future. This Mismo belt provides hand-stitching, a glimmering brass buckle, and durable bridle leather.

Mismo Classic Belt Dark Brown

This is for the boyfriend who spends his days tapping away on a keyboard and staring into a screen for hours. Academics have suggested that the blue light from screens affects natural circadian rhythms. So give him some respite and upgrade his laptop look with these blue-light blocking glasses.

Meller Yuda Gold Blue Light Glasses

With millions of skincare products out there, it’s sometimes overwhelming to know what’s best for your skin. Treat your boyfriend to the VIP experience and get him the products best suited to him. He will appreciate the extra care and thoughtfulness embedded within this gift for your boyfriend. 

Get Harley Skincare Consultation

A dad cap is no suggestion about your future together, don’t worry. It’s just a standard style. The casual green and white blend of this Frank and Oak, plus its organic cotton construction, make it difficult to find a better cap. Better for his style. Better for the planet.

Frank and Oak The Dad Cap

Just listen to the words “brushed fleece flannel” and then ask yourself, is that something you want to snuggle up to? Of course, it is. The white color is pristine and meshes well with the simple quarter-zip style. Stylish, ecologically forward, and cozy. He’s also not bad boyfriend material.

Forét Motion Half-Zip Sweater

Flax London specializes in clothing derived from flax. This plant creates linen, in case you were wondering. The material is lightweight, breathable, and highly durable. While this sandy hue might not be the first choice for your boyfriend, it will bring a bit of sunshine to his summer palette.

Flax London Patch Pocket Trousers Sand

This coat combines two menswear trends: corduroy and the puffer jacket. As you can see on this Bound coat, they combine exceptionally well. The subtle color-blocking, elasticated hems, and insulation make this an ideal autumn or spring jacket. Tactfully place a pumpkin-spiced latté in his hand, and he’ll be Insta-ready. Boyfriends are just sexy photo props, right?

Bound Navy Cord Puffer Coat

I’ll be honest, I’m not a horologist. But I am an aesthete, and I know a good-looking watch when I see one. Baltic watches are inspired by a father’s vintage collection of watches. Hence they are all classic in style and high build quality, in homage to traditional watchmaking. The rubber strap gives it tenacity and allows it to be wearable daily. This will make for a glorious gift for your boyfriend.

Baltic Watches Aquascaphe GMT Orange

This pair of Artisan Lab sneakers is another in the “Gift Your Boyfriend Into Being Stylish” series. While white sneakers have been de rigueur, they have become over-saturated. These off-white sneakers by Artisan Labs look idiosyncratic. Plus, the gum outsole will provide ample comfort.

Artisan Lab Classic Sneaker Off-White

Oft forgotten, the humble beach towel. If you’re going to gift something as left-field as a beach towel, make sure it’s a good one. This is produced in super fine terry cloth from organic cotton in a crisp striped design. And hey, if possible, we recommend presenting this beach towel with some flight tickets too. Goes down as a real treat.

A Day’s March Beach Towel

This might just be me, but I love treating myself to a good close shave. This Harry’s shaving kit comes with a five-blade head, a stand, and a cover. Don’t forget about the cooling, soothing, and scented properties of aloe vera, eucalyptus, and cucumber. They’re all mixed into the shaving cream. Good for him. Good for you. It’s easy points on the board. 

Harry’s Winston Shaving Set

What To Look For When Searing For A Gift For Your Boyfriend

What they like

It goes without saying that you must consider what they actually like. Mentioned that he’s always loved Mario since he was a kid? Nintendo Switch. Always picking up new hobbies? A masterclass might be good. 

In essence, it requires staying attentive and connecting the dots. Boyfriend enjoys X, therefore might enjoy adjacent related object Y and activity Z. Think of it as clandestine detective work. To become the ultimate gift for your boyfriend-giver, it’s important to keep this activity up all year round and keep a list of possible gift objects. However, you are reading this article, so that probably doesn’t apply. 

Best gifts for boyfriends
@tudorwatch / Instagram

Their hobbies

Notice what your boyfriend spends his free time doing (or, as I like to call it, fiscally negative Space-Time). Within each hobby, there are usually things you can buy to aid and abet their fun. Even if your man alternates between working, meditating, sleeping, and eating, there’s an app subscription or pillow to help out with getting the best gift for your boyfriend.

Their lifestyle

Lifestyle, again, is a good way of seeing their intentional mode of life; it reveals their likes in a slightly more nuanced way. An outdoorsy man, while he would love a sexy robust watch for wading through rivers strapped to his wrist, might not have considered a pair of outdoorsy slippers as a contender for the best gift for your boyfriend (or as treat for yourself). Get clever with it. If all else fails, there are always those basic human needs: food, sleep, water, a Nintendo Switch, etc.


    • The best gift for boyfriends requires you to think about the person. No, really think about them. What do they do? What do they enjoy? Imagine things that help them thrive. The object that most connects with that person is the best gift. Connection is paramount, folks.

      • The perfect gift for boyfriends lets them express their true selves. In that sense, try to avoid clichés or generically “male” things unless, of course, they are generically male in preferences. But it can be negligent of the multiplicity of male personalities if you do. If in doubt, there are certain cliché box ticks that are good, not out of love, but a necessity. Think boxers, socks, chocolate, and money. Just make sure it isn’t the main present.

        • Something that truly connects with him. That being said, certain items will elicit pangs of joy no matter what. A truly exquisite watch is bound to have a high success rate, as is a Le Creuset dutch oven. I would posit because they are aspirational items. That could just be me. Honestly, feeling special is a matter of being seen and someone getting you and connecting with you through the gift. So, go figure.