/17 Of The Best Luxury Wallets For Men That Will Be Your Premier Investment in 2022

17 Of The Best Luxury Wallets For Men That Will Be Your Premier Investment in 2022

There’s nothing quite as embarrassing as whipping out a tattered wallet to pay for a date or a posh business dinner. Yes, duct tape wallets were cool once, but middle school is over. In today’s modern society, any of the best wallets reflect the man who carries them, so use it to make a good impression. If it’s time for an upgrade, consider one of the best luxury wallets for men as an investment of the ages. We promise it’s an accessory that will outlast any Old Navy model that’s ripping at the seams.

If you’re not sure where to start with the luxury wallet market, keep reading for our complete round-up of the most stylish brands today. Your wallet should look as good as you feel, so let’s manifest that money and pick out a suitable option. Please throw away your velcro wallet before you continue… 


wallet on table with a magazine and bag


Known for simple designs and high-quality materials, Roderer specializes in luxury essentials for the modern man. Step into the wallet world of understated styles and global inspiration. They create some of the best luxury wallets for men designed to last for years. And the proof is in this Trophy bifold design. 

It’s crafted thoughtfully from the finest Italian soft grain leather that oozes panache. Plus, it’s finished with the signature Roderer steel crown for a subtle flex. It’ll be challenging to find more luxe than this without the traditional skyscraper pricetag. May as well get one in black and navy. You can always tell yourself one of them is a present for someone (until you begin using it yourself).

Material: Soft grain leather | Type: Bifold | Dimensions: 11cm (W) x 8.2cm (H) | Colors Available: Black, navy

Roderer Trophy 6CC Money Clip Bifold

Montblanc regularly tops the list of best luxury wallets for men with good reason. This ageless European brand has been doling out extravagant pens and leather goods since 1906, so it’s no wonder they’re the mecca of luxury wallets. 

And with the finest craftsmanship comes the Meisterstück wallet. This one is great for guys who want to make an understated statement. Why not do that with a rugged forest green wallet? The unmistakable Montblanc emblem means it’s up there in price, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find a rival when it comes to quality. This is the ideal everyday companion for the stylish man. 

Material: Full grain leather | Type: Bifold | Dimensions: 8cm (W) x 11.5cm (H) | Colors Available: Black

Montblanc Meisterstück 4810 Textured-Leather

Oliver Cabell is essentially royalty when it comes to leather goods. They bypass traditional retail pricing to bring consumers luxury products at a fraction of the cost. Founded in 2016, this sneaker and accessory brand uses old-school techniques to craft timeless products. High-quality goods without the markup. What’s not to love?

Among the best luxury wallets for men is the OC leather card holder. While it doesn’t fit as much as a traditional bifold, this genuine leather card holder fits in way more savings. And the gold embossed Oliver Cabell logo takes elegance to a whole new level. It really is the top pick for luxury on a budget. Best of luck choosing your favorite color… although, at just over $100, you don’t have to.

Material: Genuine leather | Type: Card holder | Dimensions: 7.6cm (W) x 9cm (H) | Colors Available: Burgundy, navy, black

Oliver Cabell OC Leather Card Holder

Notorious for their intrecciato weave and signature bright green colorway, Bottega Veneta works their magic yet again. one of the most well-revered leather goods makers in the world is still pumping out some of the best luxury wallets for men. Starting their journey in Italy in the mid-1960s, it didn’t take long for bigger brands to notice them. The Gucci Group acquired Bottega in 2001, which heightened the brand to the status they’ve reached today.

The brilliant fashion minds of Bottega Veneta did veer away from the bright green this time, though. If you’re a fan of neutral colors, you have four to choose from. It’s also slightly larger than a standard bifold if you’re the guy who saves every receipt. We recommend not taking it to a Geroge Costanza level, though (younger fellas might have to look that up).

Material: Calfskin leather | Type: Bifold | Dimensions: 11cm (W) x 9.5cm (H) | Colors Available: Beige, gray, black, brown

Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Leather Billfold Wallet

Ah, Luca Faloni, one of the world’s finest menswear brands. Did we mention they also make exceptionally indulgent leather goods? The chic Italian brand utilizes small producers and artisans to craft their products. Get ready for next-level durability, comfort, and design. Suitable for big city boys and small-town men alike, Luca’s luxury wallets hit the mark every time. 

The bifold cardholder is worth the splurge when it comes to the best luxury wallets for men. It utilizes some of the oldest tanning processes in the world for an unforgettable design. Swanky leather isn’t the only bonus. It’s slightly larger than a standard cardholder yet more compact than a traditional wallet. That sweet spot is hard to come by in the men’s accessory world.  

Material: Vegetable leather | Type: Bifold | Dimensions: 8cm (W) x 10.5cm (H) | Colors Available: Chocolate brown, ink blue, black

Luca Faloni Bifold Cardholder

Running the game since the early ’60s, Saint Laurent completely revolutionized the fashion world. They’re one of the top luxury brands in the universe today with their distinct designs and unbeatable brand name. 

Speaking of distinct designs, the crocodile leather adds an exotic touch. Before you sulk about the missing typical gold logo, give the alternative style a chance. It doesn’t get any sleeker than black on black. Trust us, you won’t miss the gold. 

So while it is on the expensive side, it’s a worthy investment that’ll make you feel like a smooth criminal. And don’t worry about storage space. This wallet is roomier than most bi-folds and ideal for squirreling away cash, cards, and coins. Remember coins?

Material: Croc effect leather | Type: Trifold | Dimensions: 9.5cm (W) x 6cm (H) | Colors Available: Gray

Saint Laurent Logo-Appliquéd Croc-Effect Leather Trifold Wallet

Mismo specializes in accessories for the man on the go and consistently creates winning choices. This Danish brand is well known for its travel essentials. You just can’t beat their upgrades to classic backpacks, briefcases, and of course, wallets.

With a reputation for sleek, durable creations made from only the highest quality materials, Mismo’s travel wallet is one of the best on the market. Passport, boarding pass, credit cards—oh my. There’s room for traveling documents because this wallet nailed function and aesthetic. It’s aptly dubbed the “essential travel companion,” to which we couldn’t agree more. 

Material: Full grain leather | Type: Full zip travel wallet | Dimensions: 12cm (W) x 23cm (H) | Colors Available: Black, tobacco, natural

Luxury doesn’t always include a high price tag. U.K. brand Bound makes that very clear. They’ve perfected marrying elements from contemporary fashion and streetwear for show-stopping products. The innovative nature of the company shines through in the premium materials and unique patterns. Expect bold menswear and accessories that will last forever. 

Bound is redefining the best luxury wallets for men with bright card holders that make fantastic gifts. No one says you can’t buy gifts for yourself. This delightful genuine leather wallet looks inconspicuous but packs a big punch. Finished with a gold embossed Bound logo, this affordable luxury wallet is a must-have.

Material: Genuine leather | Type: Card holder | Dimensions: 10.5cm (W) x 8.5cm (H) | Colors Available: Tan brown, black, petrol blue

Gucci and luxury go hand in hand. Here’s the not-so-shocking revelation—they make some of the best luxury wallets for men. Constantly at the forefront of men’s fashion, Gucci is a powerhouse in the wallet world.

Enter the Web GG Supreme wallet. It wouldn’t be iconic without the classic Gucci pattern topped with their signature stripes. And that luxe simplicity never ceases to add to any fashionista’s flair. Need we say more?

Material: Canvas | Type: Bifold | Dimensions: 11.5cm (W) x 9cm (H) | Colors Available: Brown

Tom Ford has been a long-time status symbol in high-end designer stores and even hip-hop music videos. After working as the creative director for both YSL and Gucci, Ford launched his own brand launched in 2005. Putting his design knowledge to good use, he regularly pumps out some of the best luxury wallets for men.

On a style scale of 1-10, this wallet gets a 10. The gold money clip paired with the gold logo plaque is pure splendor. This is the joy of subtle luxury, gents. With a low-profile design and sophisticated details, it’s perfect for contemporary professionals.

Material: Full grain leather | Type: Bifold | Dimensions: 10cm (W) x 8cm (H) | Colors Available: Tan, dark brown

Tom Ford

If you’re seeking a wallet that screams “I’m rich” (in a non-pretentious way, of course), look no further. Louboutin is synonymous with extravagant affluence. You may not wear them, but we know you’ve seen the red bottom footwear that’s practically a status symbol. This is the men’s wallet version.

Louboutin wallets have and always will be highly sought after. Fair warning—you’ll start “accidentally” leaving this gem on the table more often when you’re out to dinner. Bad manners be damned. This wallet also comes with a higher chance of paying the bill, so you can expose the iconic red in its full glory. As far as the best luxury wallets for men go, it’s hard to top Christian Louboutin.

Material: Full grain leather | Type: Bifold | Dimensions: 11cm (W) x 9cm (H) | Colors Available: Black

Christian Louboutin Logo-Appliquéd Full-Grain Leather Billfold Wallet

Where luxury meets street style, you’ll find Off-White. This brand is the creative brainchild of late legend Virgil Abloh (RIP) and a highly coveted Italian label. With bold branding and slogans that state the obvious, Off-White has quickly risen to the top of the fashion food chain. Welcome to one of the best destinations for luxury wallets for men. 

It doesn’t get more classic Off-White than the “For Money” bifold wallet. The understated design stays true to the brand’s heritage, but the white print will make it stand out. And there’s another “For Money” motif printed on the inside just in case you forget where the good stuff goes. 

Material: Leather | Type: Bifold | Dimensions: 11cm (W) x 9.5cm (H) | Colors Available: Black

Comme des Garçons has risen to unparalleled heights in recent years, but they’ve actually been around since the late 1960s. Today, the brand is instantly recognizable and still keeps up with the highest luxury standards.

This pocket-size steal is pretty easy on the budget for the level of quality you’re getting. Zip-around wallets are a nice break from typical bifolds, and it’s a unique design for the daring man. Or for guys who are prone to things constantly falling out of their wallets. Stop stressing about where your credit card fell out—zippers are your friend.

Material: Leather | Type: Zip around | Dimensions: 11cm (W) x 8.5cm (H) | Colors Available: Chocolate

Comme des Garcon Zip-Around Leather Wallet

In the late 1970s, Versace quickly became synonymous with high fashion, all things glamor, and next-level menswear. The fashion house rapidly rose to fame and has since been executing daring designs in adventurous patterns under the watchful guise of Donatella Versace herself.

This new season Versace wallet is nothing short of luxe. If punk and pure luxury had a wallet, baby, this is what it would look like. It doesn’t get any more Versace than the quintessential La Greca pattern and a bold logo front and center. And let’s not forget the gold chain embellishment—showy in the best way possible. It’s a fairly solid guarantee no one else in your circle will have this wallet. 

Material: Leather | Type: Bifold | Dimensions: 11cm (W) x 9cm (H) | Colors Available: Blue, green

Balenciaga has been in the luxury fashion game far longer than most. Founded in 1919, this fashion house is more than 100 years old. They’re the original trendsetters. But they’re also more than just chunky sneakers and ultra distressed designs (we definitely have some questions about the latest collection…). Balenciaga specializes in leather goods and accessories with daring pieces and a revolutionary sense of style.

When it comes to the best luxury wallets for men, gents have their fair share to choose from. Are you after bright colors, loud logos, or something more parred back and simple? For the latter, it’s hard to beat this vertical compact wallet. The crocodile calfskin leather is finished with a silver Balenciaga plate. Classic. 

Material: Calfskin leather | Type: Vertical bifold | Dimensions: 7.8cm (W) x 11.5cm (H) | Colors Available: Black

Balenciaga Cash Square Folded Coin Wallet

It’s easy to understand why Paul Smith does so well as a brand. Classic designs, pops of color, and an unmistakable identity makes this a tried and true option for men’s luxury accessories. Smith is a veteran when it comes to the U.K. design scene, so it’s no wonder his creations made it to the big leagues.

When it comes to wallets, this brand leaves men wanting for nothing. The classic navy leather says, “I’m traditional and down to earth.” But then you see the playful stripe detail, which says, “I’ve also got a fun side.” The gold emblem is just an extra way to let people know your style is nothing to reckon with. 

Material: Leather | Type: Bifold | Dimensions: 11cm (W) x 9cm (H) | Colors Available: Navy

Paul Smith Logo-Print Striped Leather Billfold Wallet

The House of Alexander McQueen has unparalleled creativity. Their out-of-the-box thinking and ingenious designs haven’t been rivaled by any other designer to date. McQueen founded his brand in the early ’90s and churned out collection after impressive collection. If you’re looking for the most important elements of British culture and design, you found them.

Best known for bold and boundary-pushing designs, simple still takes the cake sometimes. This black vertical bifold embodies all that is McQueen: unique, stylish, and kitted out with the designer’s graffiti tag. This designer organization dream is all you need in the luxury billfold department. Minus the bulk, of course. No one wants lopsided back pockets.

Material: Leather | Type: Bifold | Dimensions: 6cm (W) x 18cm (H) | Colors Available: Black 

What to Look for in The Best Luxury Wallets for Men

If you’re looking for the best luxury wallet for men, here are some key considerations to keep in mind.

Type of Wallet

First, consider the type of wallet. There are bifolds, trifolds, travel wallets, compact billfolds, and more, each serving a unique purpose. That said, the type of wallet boils down to personal preference. If you’re looking for an everyday wallet, you can’t go wrong with a traditional bifold or trifold design. But if you’re looking for something that will hold a little more than your average wallet, a travel-specific design or something a bit larger will serve you well. 

goldblack / Instagram


Next, you’ll want to think about the material of the wallet. In general, the best luxury wallets for men tend to be leather, which is always a safe bet considering the durability and overall lifespan.

That said, you’ll likely come across different types of leather. Full-grain tends to be of the highest quality and shows off a natural pattern. It’s also generally the most expensive and used frequently in luxury goods. There’s also top grain, genuine, and bonded leather, each varying in quality and price. 


Finally, you’ll want to take the overall size of the wallet into account. When buying a luxury wallet for men, it’s important to invest in something that works for you, whether that means keeping it to the essentials only or just enough room for your cash. Check out the dimensions before purchasing so you get exactly what you want instead of a compact or supersized version of your dream luxury wallet. 


    • If you’re asking yourself if a luxury wallet is worth it, reframe your thinking and consider it as an investment. The right luxury wallet will last a lifetime. So while it may be a large chunk of cash to shell out upfront, you’re saving yourself plenty down the line. Quality lasts for years, if not decades. 

      • If it’s time to upgrade your wallet and you’re serious about accessories, a luxury wallet is a very sound investment. Not only is it an impressive statement piece for your collection, but it shows that you mean business. It’s embarrassing paying for a snazzy dinner with a ratty, disintegrating wallet. If you need (or want) to step up your game, a luxury wallet is the place to start. 

        • Celebrities are best known for flashing designer luxury wallets by Gucci, Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta, and Prada. Chris Hemsworth has been seen sporting a Gucci zip wallet. Models like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner carry Saint Laurent styles. And Orlando Bloom is known best for his monogrammed Goyard zip wallet. There are plenty of wallets on this list that have seen the red carpet a few times. Scroll back up and pick your favorite.