/Meet Georgia Based Bridal Boutique Owner of Laine London, Lundyn Carter

Meet Georgia Based Bridal Boutique Owner of Laine London, Lundyn Carter

How are you enjoying Plus Bridal Week? We are back with another spotlight to show support and love to the various plus size businesses that you NEED to know! And Laine London, the Georgia-based, plus size bridal, rental boutique is one to know!

So, to learn more, we had the chance to speak with Lundyn Carter, the co-owner of this innovative plus size bridal option. Think accessible bridal luxury!

If you are a newly engaged bride to be AND want to learn how you can achieve your BIG DAY experience without breaking your bank?

Then keep watching and meet the owner behind Laine London, Lundyn Carter!!

In our latest Speaking of Curves interview, we speak with Lundyn Carter, the coowner of Laine London, a plus size bridal boutique!

Are you here for this?

Think about it… renting your plus size wedding gown. One that you would wear one day or weekend and never really slip back into. What if you could rent it? Yes. Rent.

If you have been looking for an exclusive and inclusive plus size wedding option, then get to know all about Laine London!

Affordable Bridal Luxury with Laine London Co-founder, Lundyn Carter!

If you missed the live, no worries! Grab a cup of coffee or wine and get to know Lundyn!

How innovative is this idea?

If folks can rent their tux for the wedding, why not the dress? Also? This is quite economical, but with all the perks!

In the era of clothing rental companies and the addition to existing brands, why could this NOT play its own role?!  

Genius really! If budget is a concern, plus size sustainability, or even environmental concerns, then Laine London is the brand you need to keep on your radar!

Plus size bridal boutique, Laine London

A high end plus size bridal gown at amazing rental rates? Ha! Brilliant!

Not only that, but the fact that you can have the whole store to yourselves, with your must-have guests? Thanks to COVID (not really), this pivot has yielded an even more impactful experience for Lundyn’s plus size clients!

Plus size bridal boutique, Laine London

“Laine London is a first-of-its-kind, woman-owned rental bridal shop that also happens to be female and black-owned. Laine London offers a chic, high-end experience at sensible prices.

Wondering about alterations? Your dress will fit like a dream thanks to Laine London’s talented alterations team.”

Plus size bridal boutique, Laine London

What do you think about this plus size bridal boutique?

Could you see yourself going this route?? Plus bridal rentals?

Learn More and Book your Appointment at LaineLondon.com!!

How cool is this idea to rent your plus size bridal needs?!

Could you see yourself playing around in plus size bridal dresses that you rent, instead of buy? There are quite a few options that we have nowadays, that make the plus size bridal experience much more positive!

Plus size bridal boutique, Laine London

Make sure you also follow them at @Laine_London on Instagram!!

But seriously… rental instead of buying? Kind of amazing!!!

The reason why we have Plus Bridal Week is all about how we can support the various brands and influencers in the plus size bridal space. Especially now!

In the plus size fashion space, indie business owners are the backbone of our community. These brands, designers, and businesses challenge status quo and push the envelope.

We will continue this series as there are quite a few plus size indie designers, plus size boutiques, and brands that you can support and shop.

If you need a few more options, make sure that you check out these plus size wedding dress designers, and a few of the plus size bridal boutiques to shop!

Make sure you come back to catch more plus Bridal Week Features!