/24 Of The Best Men’s Shorts To Show Off This Season (2022 Edition)

24 Of The Best Men’s Shorts To Show Off This Season (2022 Edition)

When things start to heat up and your afternoon walks result in glistening beads of sweat on your brow, it can only mean one thing—shorts season is around the corner.

It’s easy to remove layers if you’ve overcommitted; less so to add ones you’ve not brought. “Don’t dive in too early,” says Phil Green, global senior operations manager for Farfetch, who advises leaving it until mid-May before breaking out your shorts.

But regardless of the time of year, it is never too early to take advantage of any change-of-season sales and prepare for the inevitable warmer months ahead. But what’s suitable for James Bond on a Caribbean beach doesn’t always translate to a barbeque in Colchester, so keep reading to see our top picks for men’s shorts. 

The perfect combination of style and comfort—our top overall pick for men’s shorts is Asket‘s “The Shorts.” As the product name suggests, the brand knew they created a staple.

These near-perfect men’s shorts work well for just about any occasion—sans perhaps, a workout. 

We love that THE shorts (remember, that’s their official name) come in a slim and regular build for men of various shapes and that the design is stylish and timeless.

Size range: 28-36 | Material: 100% organic cotton | Colors: Beige, Navy, Olive | Care: Machine wash, hang to dry | Fit: True to size

Do you ever dream of wearing a single pair of men’s shorts out for the day and not having to change whether you’re at the beach or the bar (insert best used-car salesman voice)?

Well unlike those salesmen sitting on the lot we aren’t in the business of selling you a lemon. These cotton ‘baby corduroy’ shorts from Portugal super brand ITSO are the real deal. While these shorts have an intentional baggy look the slim cord material will let you walk into any restaurant with ease. We love the drawstring waistline but because that can read as too casual in some settings we would recommend wearing a buttoned-up shirt untucked.

We’re a big fan of the open transparency as well. Everything is accounted for and laid out in the open from the fabric right down to the buttons. It’s got our stamp of approval but you can also rest assured your money is in good hands.

Size range: S-XXL | Material: 100% organic cotton | Colors: Beige, Olive | Care: Machine wash, hang to dry | Fit: Relaxed But True to size

Everyone knows that cargo shorts are highly functional, but who knew they could be stylish too? Created by Amazon’s own clothing line, and while initially skeptical, we’re impressed at the level of quality for the price.

These classic-fit cargo shorts come in 18 different colors and give you your traditional cargo storage without the expected bulky fit. 

Wear them for an outdoor adventure or a casual evening out. While these Amazon shorts add a more stylish flair to your traditional cargo shorts, we still recommend pairing them with a tee or sweatshirt due to their more casual nature.

Size range: 28-44 | Material: 100% cotton| Colors: Khaki, Black, Light Blue, Grey, Navy, | Olive, Silver, Patterned, Rust, Pink | Care: Machine wash | Fit: True to size

We love these L’Estrange Anywhere Swim Shorts because (you guessed it) they really can be worn anywhere—in the water or out. You can wear them for any outing that may potentially lead to a swim, like a boating trip or walk around a beach town. 

L’Estrange designed these shorts for maximum comfort on land and ultimate functionality for a swim. Enjoy your traditional stretchy swimwear material without interior netting. With any L’Estrange products, you can enjoy free 60-day returns and a 1-year product guarantee.

Best of all, you can rest easy (and wear them with confidence) knowing that these shorts are made from recycled nylon and marine plastics, helping support a more sustainable future. 

Size range: XS-XXL | Material: 98% organic cotton| Colors: Black, brown, grey | Care: Machine wash | Fit: True to size

Runners, rejoice—the perfect men’s running shorts do exist, and they’re eligible for Prime shipping. These shorts come in over 12 different colors and are built with comfort and functionality in mind. The split-leg design promotes mobility and freedom; they even have a zipper pocket that is big enough for your phone. 

Any avid male runner cringes at the “c” word (chafe)—and rightfully so. But thankfully, these shorts come with a compression lining to prevent chafing and bruising during even the most vigorous activity. 

Wear them with a tank, tee, or even go shirtless—these shorts are designed to go the distance. You may even want to take advantage of the two-pack value option. 

Size range: S-XXL | Material: Proprietary spandex, polyester blend | Colors: Black, bright blue, gray-blue, blue, navy, purple, red, orange, royal blue, grey, green, khaki, yellow, pink | Care: Machine wash | Fit: True to size

Jorts (that is jean-shorts) get a bad rap, but we would argue that the ridicule is undeserved (as long as you know how to wear them). And who better to trust with your fashion choices than the Denim leader—Levi. 

Jean shorts can make a great companion for a casual summer outing. Pair them with a t-shirt or short-sleeve button-down. Due to their neutral nature, you can really match them with any shirt. However, not every type of “jort” will make a positive fashion statement. For this reason, we recommend staying away from denim shorts that sit too far above the knee or feature a hyper-distressed look. 

Size range: 29-44 | Material: 100% Cotton | Colors: Light, Medium, Dark, Black, Brown | Care: Machine wash | Fit: Runs slightly small (order one size up)/

A reliable pair of mesh shorts are a must-have for any athletic gentleman. Under Armour has created our favorite option with these UA Tech Mesh Shorts. They are designed for superior ventilation and mobility, making these shorts great for the court, the field, or the gym. 

These shorts are reminiscent of O.G. Under Armour gear with the quality comfort that made you love the brand to begin with. The elastic waistband does the job of keeping your drawers up without causing any discomfort.

Size range: 28-44 | Material: 70% cotton, 28% TENCEL Lyocell, 2% Lycra Elastane | Colors: Light Wash, Navy, Black | Care: Machine wash | Fit: True to size

“Perfect” is a bold word, but it is accurate in this case. The Docker’s Perfect Shorts win our top pick for a khaki pair of men’s shorts. These shorts are durable, high-quality, and are designed to make you look like a million bucks. Enjoy an elastic waistband for comfort and stretch and a hidden security pocket with a coin compartment for heightened functionality.

These shorts come in non-khaki colors, but a reliable pair of khaki shorts should be a wardrobe staple for any self-respecting guy. Wear them with a polo, or button-down for any day or nighttime affair.

To convince you even more that you need a pair of these (but you don’t need that, right?) They pair well with almost any color. Still, we personally love it with a white or blue (light or navy) top—especially in the late spring and summer. 

Size range: 28-44 | Material: 100% cotton | Colors: Dark khaki, light khaki, 6 other colors | Care: Machine wash cold, tumble dry | Fit: True to size

While we don’t necessarily recommend wearing them out of the house (but trust us, you still can if you find the right pair).  A good pair of sweat shorts still make a great addition to a day of binge-watching TV or lounging around the house. So while comfort was our primary qualifier for this selection, these shorts are also not an eyesore. 

While they come at a premium price point, we can attest that these Norse Project Falun Sweat shorts are worth every penny. The shorts are garment-dyed for a worn and vintage look and feature a drawstring waist and ultra-soft material for maximum comfort. 

Size range: XS-XXL | Material: 100% organic cotton| Colors: Beige, yellow, navy, sea green | Care: Machine wash | Fit: True to size

White shorts are a great summer wardrobe staple and this pair adds an element of function and style to your otherwise basic garment. Pair with a polo or short-sleeve button-down and stitched shoes or loafers for an elevated summer style or dress them down with a t-shirt and sneakers.

Japanese-inspired Edwin brand nailed these white carpenter shorts by making style, quality, and comfort apparent in every crease. These slightly off-white shorts come with Italian pockets in the front and a carpenter pocket on one side for added functionality and style. To further exclaim the carpenter look, there is also a loop for hanging lanyards or keys on the backside of the shorts. They also come in a garment-washed fabric for a more vintage and worn look. 

Size range: 28-38 | Material: 99% cotton, 1% elastane | Colors: Beige, yellow, navy, sea green | Care: Machine wash | Fit: True to size

Elastic-waist shorts are a great way to keep your drawers up while foregoing the trouble of finding a belt. We love these Wrangler Performance Shorts because they do just that while still offering style.

They come in six wearable colors and a lightweight, water-repellent material to keep unforeseen weather conditions from slowing you down. With these shorts, you can also take advantage of generous cargo storage to keep your phone, wallet, and keys comfortably without fearing they will fall out. 

By nature, elastic-waist shorts will not make the best choice for any elegant or professional occasion. Still, they can be a great option for casual outings such as walking, running errands, or a relaxed Saturday lunch. 

Size range: 30-48 | Material: 100% polyester| Colors: Beige, yellow, navy, sea green, sage, grey | Care: Machine wash | Fit: True to size

While we love the energy that summer carries, the extra sweat that the heat provokes is something we would prefer to live without. Fortunately, these linen shorts are a saving grace comparable to Monopoly’s ’get out of jail’ card.

Linen is a material that we love but is only suitable during the warmer months. As the same can be said for shorts, the two go together like PB&J. 

These shorts are the perfect length, hanging just above the knee. They also come in various colors to achieve multiple styles while keeping cool in the heat of the summer. Furthermore, these shorts are made in Italy for an added notch of luxury and quality and promote lightness, breathability, and moisture resistance. 

Size range: 28-40 US, 44-56 EU | Material: Linen, Organic Cotton| Colors: Black, blue, beige, white, grey, rust, green, orange, brown | Care: Machine wash | Fit: True to size

Chino-style pants tend to get an upscale reputation. However, its shorter variant takes this formality down a level while still giving off a classy vibe. To ensure the optimal style, make sure you buy these men’s shorts to be fitted but not tight. This will make them more versatile to dress up or down.   

These shorts feature a stretch-infused fabric for superior comfort and are offered in over 30 different colors. So there is something for everyone. Enjoy your classic chino style with the button closure, fly zip, buttoned back pockets, and belt loops, but with an added degree of comfort and workmanship. 

Size range: 28-52 | Colors: Beige, black, navy, grey, 25 other colors | Care: Machine wash | Fit: True to size

One of our favorite summer staples is a trusty pair of black shorts. If black shorts are being left out of the conversation it’s only because people are forgetting how many different applications and flattering cuts these shorts can have.

The black color makes these men’s shorts easier to dress up than your traditional shorts —perfect for a nice date or going out on the town. Pair with a neatly ironed button-down and your favorite dress shoes or even some clean sneaker for a memorable look. 

We love L’Estrange for its luxurious craftsmanship, perfected design, and excellent customer service. This pair is made in Italy and features a luxurious cotton stretch fabric and elastic waistband for comfortable wear. They also offer the shorts in two different lengths: 7 and 9 inches, making it easier to pick between a more casual or dressed-up option. 

Size range: XS-XXL| Material: 97% Cotton, 3% Elastane | Colors: Black, navy, beige, khaki, grey | Care: Machine wash | Fit: True to size

If your girlfriend gets her hands on these, you may need to buy a second pair. These Polo Ralph Lauren Fleece Jersey Shorts are made to live in and lucky for you men’s sweat shorts are making a turn for the fashion elite. Wear them out and about to your heart’s content.

These shorts are cut from breathable cotton-jersey material and backed with fleece for comfort that formerly only existed in your dreams. As with any Ralph Lauren purchase, you can also rest assured that you are getting a garment that will sustain the test of time. 

Size range: XS-XXL | Material: 60% cotton, 40% polyester | Colors: Gray, black | Care: Machine wash, tumble dry | Fit: True to size

Nothing screams summer like these Amazon Essentials’ Drawstring Walk Shorts. While they are not technically swimming shorts, they almost look like they could double as such. The bright color options give you an excuse to wear those vibrant summer colors that you long for in the colder months. Their casual, comfortable nature provides a great way to achieve an effortless summer look.

The shorts come with an elastic drawstring waist for a relaxed fit for many activities that a summer’s day demands. Pair with sneakers and a good tee, and you are off to the heat. 

Size range: XS-XXL | Colors: Coral, light blue, green, yellow, red, grey, teal, navy, others | Care: Machine wash, tumble dry | Fit: True to size

Italian designer Luca Faloni has made this list again with this fabulous pair of cotton shorts. These shorts are an investment in comfort, durability, and breathability. 

Take advantage of its triple-button closure, premium cotton material, and neat pockets. The shorts also come with a slim straight-leg profile for flattering yet relaxed everyday wear. Pick from a good selection of wearable colors and pair them with a polo or button-down for any summer affair. 

Size range: 28-40 US, 44-46 EU | Material: 97% Whipcord Cotton, 3% Elastane| Colors: Light blue, olive, navy, light grey, camel beige, white | Care: Machine wash, hang to dry | Fit: True to size

These Dickie’s Relaxed Fit Cargo Shorts are our top pick for long men’s shorts, and its 5,000 plus 5-star reviews attest that they are worth the purchase. 

Dickie’s designed these shorts with style and convenience in mind; these shorts offer multi-use pockets for cargo functionality with a distinctive loose-fitting and slick design. They also feature a wrinkle-resistant fabric and a permanent leg crease for a classic design. 

Size range: 30-44 | Material: 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton | Colors: Black, charcoal, navy, beige | Care: Machine wash, tumble dry | Fit: True to size

Graphic shorts are difficult to pull off if you don’t know what you’re doing. This is why it’s essential to choose graphic shorts that are easy to match and also make the correct statement. 

There is perhaps no better brand to choose from when buying graphic shorts than nautically-inspired Tommy Bahama—which offers an array of tasteful expressive items in every collection. 

The navy nature of these shorts makes them reasonably easy to match with most solid-colored shirts. Still, the pink palm trees deliver a fun vacation-esqe wink. Furthermore, the shorts are made with Lyocell (wood-derived sustainable material) and Spandex for a slight stretch and comfortable wear. 

Size range: 28-40 | Material: 77% Cotton, 20% TENCEL Lyocell, 3% Spandex | Colors: Navy/Pink. Care: Machine wash, hang to dry | Fit: True to size

We will be honest—the camo shorts are not an article of clothing you should be reaching for every day. But…they can add an extra element of swag to an otherwise basic item, making them an excellent option for a hike, walk, or casual daytime outing. 

But if you’re going to wear them, we suggest trying something different than your average run-of-the-mill army green pattern. That’s why we selected this blue/gray pair from Wrangler. Wear these shorts with a gray, navy, black, or white tee and pair them with sneakers. 

These shorts are also great because they have a relaxed fit for all-day wear and offer cargo pocket functionality. The fabric is a Spandex blend which also promotes mobility and stretch. The shorts are offered in other colors if you are not feeling bold enough to opt-in on camo. 

Size range: 30-54 | Material: 98% Cotton, 2% Spandex | Colors: Blue/grey camo, and Others. Care: Machine wash, tumble dry | Fit: True to size

As spring rolls in, every designer releases their rendition of your classic pair of men’s shorts. But even with ample options, we couldn’t look past this stunning pair. 

Not only does the name have a catchy ring to it, but the shorts exclude elegance and timelessness. If you’re going to spend top dollar on a pair of designer shorts, they may as well attract some head-turns, and these shorts do just that. 

These shorts flaunt your unmistakable Burberry print and promise quality to last you forever. While these shorts offer the graphic challenge, their mostly-neutral color palette and plaid design make them an elegant option that can easily be matched with a solid black, white, beige, or red shirt. 

Size range: S-XL| Material: 100% Polyester | Colors: Beige check pattern | Care: Machine wash, dry flat | Fit: True to size

Corduroy shorts are a great option when the weather is too warm for pants but just a tad cooler than your traditional shorts forecast. Wear them with a T-shirt and sneakers for any relaxed excursion. 

These Todd Snyder shorts win our top pick for the best men’s corduroy shorts. Achieve maximum comfort with their soft and stretchable material and select from various colors. The shorts are inspired by the 80’s and are loved by surfers and skaters alike. The vibrant color schemes give you a nostalgic and summery vibe, and the corduroy material makes you want to live in them.

The shorts are 5″ long, so they are a bit on the shorter size, great for guys looking to enhance their height or show the world that they haven’t been skipping leg day. 

Size range: XS-XXL| Material: 99% Cotton, 1% Spandex | Colors: Black, pink, blue, teal yellow, beige, off white Care: Machine wash, dry flat | Fit: True to size

Pleated shorts are a timeless wardrobe staple that are sure to withstand future fashion trends. They are a great option because they can be dressed up or down for various occasions. We recommend keeping the cut an inch or two above the knee. 

Pair your pleated shorts with a classic white tee, dress shoes, and a blazer for a chic, preppy look, or ditch the blazer and add in sneakers for a more relaxed outing. 

These shorts also offer UV protection, moisture-wicking fabric, and 4-way stretch. And as we suggest, these shorts check the length-box as they sit just above the knee. They also come in all of your primary neutral colors—so you may want to consider buying more than one pair.

Size range: 32-60 | Material: 100% Polyester| Colors: Black, khaki, navy, grey  Care: Machine wash, dry flat | Fit: True to size

Unless you’ve set up a sleeping bag somewhere between the leg press and the running machine, your stretchy shorts will serve you both in and out of the gym. Thanks to the era of athleisure, it is a lot easier to look fashionable as you do so. 

These Vuori Kore Shorts are a great stretchy option because they are a functional gym companion but can also help you pull off the intentional athleisure style. 

These shorts are made with recycled material and elastane for stretchy, lightweight, and breathable wear. Keep the rest of your outfit on track by pulling on a crew neck T-shirt and bomber jacket or luxe hoodie.

Size range: XS-XXL | Material: 53% Polyester, 37% Recycled Polyester, 10% elastane | Colors: Black, rush, orange, grey   Care: Machine wash, dry flat | Fit: True to size

What to Look For in Men’s Shorts

While shorts are a necessity for anyone living south of the Arctic circle, they are not entirely foolproof. Too short and paired with a matching preppy blazer over a shirt and tie, and you risk looking like it’s your first day of primary school. Anything below the knee and you risk looking like a talent show rejects from 2000.


Over the last decade, shorts have got shorter. It’s traditional to lay the blame at Daniel Craig’s overexposed legs, ever since his Ursula Andress-esque stride from the sea in Casino Royale, sporting a pair of La Perla shorts that took their name a little too literally. But what’s suitable for James Bond on a Caribbean beach doesn’t translate well to a barbecue in Colchester.

“A length that grazes the bottom of the thigh is best,” says stylist Dan May, who has worked with the likes of David Beckham and Eddie Redmayne. “It’s the most flattering to any body shape and avoids cutting off the knee.” May also advocates a cuff at the bottom: “It offers the illusion of shortness without showing too much flesh.”

That low-thigh sweet spot is imperative even if you’re trying to cover up rather than show off. As with your upper half, acres of fabric only serve to draw the eye to precisely the thing you’re trying to divert attention from.

Even men with big thighs should opt for a slight taper to the knee, while the edges of your shorts shouldn’t extend beyond hip width, otherwise you risk boxiness that makes your calves appear puny in comparison. Ditto anything with cargo pockets – having things to carry is a problem easily solved by picking up a bag


The material of shorts that you choose really depends on the occasion. If heading to a workout, opt for a mesh or moisture-wicking fabric. If you’re going out (during the day or at night), you may want to consider cotton, denim, or linen blend. 


Shorts in the summer can be worn to just about anything except a professional obligation. Unfortunately, as much as we may like them to be, shorts still have not been approved in the business dress codes. 


We recommend that your shorts hang just above the knee—any longer, you will risk creating the appearance of dwarf-legs; any shorter, and you risk attracting unwarranted glances of judgment. 


    • Men’s shorts are an excellent option for most summer occasions because they can be worn with virtually anything and dressed up or down as needed. For example, your chino or pleated variants can be dressed up for a lovely evening out; conversely, your athletic or stretch shorts can take you from the gym to the grocery store while offering style and comfort. 

      • “A length that grazes the bottom of the thigh is best,” says stylist Dan May, who has worked with the likes of David Beckham and Eddie Redmayne. “It’s the most flattering to any body shape and avoids cutting off the knee.” May also advocates a cuff at the bottom: “It offers the illusion of shortness without showing too much flesh.”