/Show Off Your Arms (And Underarms) Confidently This Spring and Summer: 5 Products We Love

Show Off Your Arms (And Underarms) Confidently This Spring and Summer: 5 Products We Love

So, I have a confession to make… I’m insecure about my arms, specifically my underarms.

Everyone has that area or body part that we are extra sensitive about. So, yes, no matter how much self-love you practice, there will still be things that are a struggle to love. BUT, the vital thing to remember is that there is nothing wrong with you or that part of your precious body.

We have been conditioned to believe that anything less than society’s definition of perfection is something that needs to be changed. Still, I have found, the more I embrace those parts of me that aren’t perfect, the better and more confident I feel.

So I decided to give my arms and underarms the love they deserved for the past 35 years of my life. Better late than never!

My particular insecurities stem from the keratosis pilaris (aka chicken skin) on my upper arms, cellulite, and dry skin. So I went and researched what would be some good products to use to love up on my arms, and through trial and error, I found a few products that have really worked in helping my skin in that area feel pampered and, in turn, has made me feel more confident going sleeveless!

Show Off Your Arms (And Underarms) Confidently This Spring and Summer: 5 Products We Love
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5 Products That I Love For Arms & Underarms!

I was fortunate enough to try Dove’s Ultimate Antiperspirant before it launched, and I love how it made my underarms feel and look. So I decided to reach out to Dove and ask exactly *how* they did it.

  1. Is this the brand’s first water-based deodorant? 

This is our first stick to use water-based technology, which means some of the ingredients are delivered in water and emulsified in oils and waxes before it’s cooled and set in a solid cream form.

  1. Being water-based, does it change the deodorant’s effectiveness (aka, would this be a deodorant you can use at the gym)?

Dove Ultimate Antiperspirant provides up to 48 hours of odor and sweat protection. It provides the sweat protection of an antiperspirant as well as the odor protection of a deodorant! Dove Ultimate Antiperspirant’s formula also includes our latest generation of antiperspirant active, providing more effective sweat protection.  

  1. What are the “6x more skin-caring ingredients” included in this new formula? 

It contains 6x more humectant moisturizers like glycerin (vs. Dove Advanced Care), which help to keep your skin moist and softer for longer.

Final Thoughts

As I tried different products, the common theme among those that worked was that they were gentle on the skin, deeply hydrating, and exfoliating. They certainly help me feel more confident showing my arms and underarms! Although it is important to note that I still have keratosis pilaris, and I still have cellulite and stretch marks under my arms… but you know what, that’s ok with me!

Finding those products that worked for me, and taking time to touch, pamper, and get acquainted with the part of my body that I am most insecure about, really helped me, just as much as the products themselves!

Are you insecure about your arms/underarms too? Have you given these products a try? Let me know your thoughts and recommendations!