/80 Best Men’s Haircuts and Hairstyles in 2021

80 Best Men’s Haircuts and Hairstyles in 2021

Are you looking for inspiration or considering upgrading your hairstyle? Read on and discover the best on-trend men’s haircuts.

Choosing a men’s haircut is not one-style-fits-all. What’s more, your hair symbolizes your masculinity, personality, and individuality. It also tells the people you meet a lot about you and can leave a lasting impression. In other words, this is not a decision you want to screw up.

A great men’s hairstyle is the key to feeling fresh, confident, and ready to take on the world.

From a mullet to a Mohawk, a fade to a French crop, make sure your new look is a cut above the rest. Stay up to date and grab some style inspo with 80 of the best haircuts for men today.

Men’s Short Haircuts

1. Regulation Cut

The regulation cut is one of the most popular short haircuts for men. It’s low maintenance, looks good, and is extremely practical. The style involves trimming down the top and tapering the sides, leaving it up to you to decide on how much skin you want to show.

best men's haircuts Regulation Cut
@soldierofloveorg / Instagram

2. High and Tight

A great haircut is your best accessory! The high and tight hairstyle requires shaving or closely cutting the sides and back of the hair while keeping the top a little bit longer. It’s one of the most comfortable men’s haircuts out there, and with careful styling, it can go from messy to sleek.

best men's haircuts High and Tight
@leandrogarcia.13 / Instagram

3. Clean Shave

When it comes to men’s hairstyles, a clean, shaved head can make a man appear more masculine and confident. It’s among the best hairstyles for balding men, and the brave and the bold alike. It may be zero maintenance, but there are ways to elevate its appearance with facial strands and beard styles.

best haircuts for men Clean Shave
@baldmen.philuc / Instagram

4. Short Curls

Tame the tangles, cut down on styling time, and keep it short with this men’s haircut. Here, texture (easily acquired with the best hair mousse) is the name of the game. Wear your hair messy for that ‘just got out of bed look’ or brush it back for a polished vibe. The world is your curly oyster.

best haircuts for men Short Curls
@foolfelps / Instagram

5. Buzz Cut with Line-Up

Boost a buzz cut by pairing it with a line-up. Emphasize strong features and experiment with angles and lines on the hairline, parting, or temples. The line-up is one of the best haircuts for men with attitude, and can easily elevate any fresh buzz. Talk to your barber about what’s best for you and your face shape.

best men's haircuts Buzz Cut with Line-Up
@ates_herrenfriseur_2.0 / Instagram

6. Short Spiky Hair

In the 90s, spiky men’s haircuts were on-trend. Modern short, spiky cuts see the back and sides kept short with the top left longer and scissor cut into choppy layers. Naturally textured hair is easier to style into spikes, but this retro cut works on most hair textures with the right products and just a bit of men’s hairspray. Further proof that 90s trends are here to stay.

best men's haircuts Short Spiky Hair
@marshallbarber.ir / Instagram

7. Short Fringe

A fringe is a simple change that will make a big impact. Fringes add definition and shape to the face and are popular with men who have a high forehead or triangular face shape. Short fringe hairstyles are a great option since they’re the most low-maintenance version of this popular haircut for men.

best men's haircut Short Fringe
@gonzalo.rivas.c / Instagram

8. Disconnected Pompadour

One of the most asked-for haircuts for men, the disconnected pompadour is undeniably sexy. Popular in 1950s fashion thanks to stars like James Dean, the pompadour oozes class and cool. Pairing the pompadour with a disconnected undercut, (aka one of David Beckham’s best hairstyles) gives this classic men’s haircut a modern, edgy twist.

best haircuts for men Disconnected Pompadour
@barber.zawadzki / Instagram

9. Side Part with Quiff

If you’re looking for a men’s haircut that’s effortless and timeless, take inspiration from Old Hollywood with a side part and quiff hairstyle. It’s characterized by length on the top, brushed backward and upward to build volume for a quiff with a parting at the side.

men's haircuts Side Part with Quiff
@@ivancutter / Instagram

10. Flat Top

From chiseled military men to 80s hip-hop style, flat tops have evolved to adapt to your personality. Flat top haircuts feature short hair on the back and sides with volume on top, cut and styled so that it’s leveled flat and angular. The finished look is guaranteed to grab attention.

men's haircuts Flat Top
@@yury_chebykin / Instagram

11. Caesar Cut

The Caesar cut is named after the infamous Roman Emperor and is popular today with ‘A’ list celebs, including Zac Efron and Post Malone. It features horizontal short-cut bangs that are styled forward, and there are many versions, including faded and textured, depending on the type of look you’re going for.

Caesar Cut
@jh_saloninclusivo / Instagram

12. Side Parted Short Wavy Hair

Parting the hair on your left can make you appear manly and confident. Parting on the right gives a softer, more feminine vibe. Whichever side yours falls on, one thing is for sure: this is one of the best men’s haircuts for anyone with short, thick and wavy hair who wants to make a splash!

Side Parted Short Wavy Hair
@lau_thebarber / Instagram

13. Line Up Short

Give your barber the opportunity to show off their skills. Rather than a natural hairline, your barber will use clippers to line up and shave straight lines and angles into the temples, forehead, sideburns, and back. When it comes to men’s hairstyles, it’s a real head-turner.

Line Up Short
@ericktg7fitbarber / Instagram

14. Taper Fade with Slick Back

A taper fade gives a trending take on a slick back hairstyle. Here, the hair tapers down the sides and back. It gets gradually shorter as it goes down the head and blends into the skin. Sharp and chic, this taper fade hairstyle looks good for work and play.

Taper Fade with Slick Back
@stevie12_3 / Instagram

15. Butch Cut

Butch cuts are one of the best military hairstyles and are also popular among athletes. The hair is cropped short and the same length around the head. It’s an effortless, hassle-free haircut that will instantly change your look. A large upside to a single-length cut is it doesn’t look sloppy after a couple weeks away from the barber chair. This is definitely worth considering for low maintenance guys. Justin Timberlake and Nick Jonas agree it’s one of the coolest haircuts for men.

Butch Cut
@chrisevans / Instagram

16. Bald Fade

Feeling bold? Grab your barber and get creative with a bald fade hairstyle. Bald fades are all about a short back and sides. A small strip of faded hair blends down to hair that is completely shaved off. For a striking contrast, pair with an ample top section, such as a pompadour.

Bald Fade
@sami_barbershop / Instagram

17. Short Afro

Embrace your natural texture with this easy-to-maintain haircut for black men. Short afro haircuts are a way to limit volume to make for a low-maintenance daily grooming routine. For many men, embracing their natural hair is empowering and a way to honor their heritage.

Short Afro
@asmara_natural / Instagram

18. Short and Messy

For a sexy just-got-out-of-bed look, go for short and messy men’s hairstyles. Tousled tresses give the impression their wearer is easygoing and not afraid to get a little rough and ready. To achieve the look on a short haircut, ask your barber for a scruffy quiff or textured crop top and style with matte pomade.

Short and Messy
@themoviesofrobertpattinson / Instagram

19. Crew Cut

Join the ranks of Channing Tatum and Ryan Gosling with one of the most timeless haircuts for men. Essentially a short back and sides, there’s no need for crew cuts to be boring. They are easy to customize with fringes, or high skin fades. Smart and low-maintenance crew cuts for men are ideal for professionals or anyone looking to transform their look with a new haircut.

Crew Cut
@daniel_giovane_ / Instagram

20. Undercut

Popular undercut hairstyles are about the dramatic contrast between faded, short backs and sides and a disconnected, long top. Day-to-day styling of an undercut doesn’t take much effort, but schedule regular appointments with your barber to keep your trim fresh.

@kei_hair_studio / Instagram

21. Disconnected Undercut

For this men’s hairstyle, the hair on the top of the head disconnects from the shaved sides. The transition from the long hair on the top to the short on the sides is abrupt, creating a stark contrast between the hair on top and the sides. The disconnected undercut is a bold and daring look for the stylish man.

Disconnected Undercut
@mrunalamitdesai / Instagram

22. Low Fade

The low fade blends the hair just above the ears and along the hairline. When it comes to the best men’s haircuts, it’s a classy, cool, and tapered cut that works down the sides and back for a smooth and continuous transition. For an edgy, on-trend look, a low fade hairstyle is a cut above the rest!

Low Fade
@rafaellucasbarbeiro / Instagram

23. Mid Fade with Brushed Back Hair

Brushed back hair shows you mean business. Here, for mid fade with brushed back hair, your barber will use a hair clipper to crop the sides and back. The hair on top of the head gets combed back and styled with a firm hold hair product to create one of the best haircuts for men. You can even go for a comb over fade hairstyle if you leave enough hair on top to work with.

Mid Fade with Brushed Back Hair
@mathsalles_oficial / Instagram

24. Textured Crop

If you’re thinking about getting a textured crop, check out Peaky Blinders hairstyles like Thomas Shelby’s for inspiration. It’s stylish, short on the back and sides, and a slightly longer length on top. The textured crop is one of the most popular hairstyles for men who want to rock a classic yet edgy look. Don’t underestimate the power of an amazing haircut!

Textured Crop
@savillsbarbers / Instagram

25. High Fade With Hard Part

This style is a modern spin on one of the most classic men’s haircuts. A side part divides the hair into two sections, along the natural ridges at the top corners of the head. A hard part with a high fade complements and defines sharp features resulting in an on-trend, polished look.

High Fade with Hard Part
@v12barbering / Instagram

26. Side Part

The perfect balance between smart and casual, side part hairstyles have withstood the test of time. Side part haircuts should have a noticeable difference in length between the top and sides. No need to reach for the hair clippers, though. Ask your barber for a scissor taper to rock the look but show less skin, resulting in the perfect smart casual look.

side part haircut for men
@hairceps / Instagram

27. Buzz Cut

A hairstyle that’s masculine, powerful, and zero maintenance? Sound too good to be true? Buzz cuts for men ticks all those boxes. They are also one way to combat a receding hairline or bald spots. Buzz to a #1 if you’re feeling brave (or are looking for a grey hairstyle that will hide your age), or start with #4 for enough thickness to cover your head. The buzz cut is the cure for nearly all common men’s hair problems and the key to a no-fuss look.

Buzz Cut
@miksub1 / Instagram

28. Edgar Haircut

Take a straight cropped Caesar cut, add a high skin fade, and there you have the Edgar haircut. Edgar cuts are divisive; you either love ’em or hate ’em! So for this cut, you need to be confident, daring, and edgy. Edgar styles are popular haircuts for men with longer angular or oval faces.

Edgar Haircut
@lupitaaac_18 / Instagram

29. French Crop

French fashion is effortless and classy. And the French crop haircut is no exception. A similar length on top, sides and back paired with a longer fringe allows for versatile styling options. Suitable for almost every hair type, take it further with subtle highlights to showcase the texture.

French Crop
@pedroantunescom / Instagram

30. 360 Waves

Thanks to rapper Nelly, 360 waves became the most requested hairstyle amongst African-American men wanting to showcase their natural hair texture. If you’re planning to rock this men’s hairstyle, you’ll need to put in some prep. A healthy head is a must for waves, but the same goes for the hair and scalp.

360 Waves
@rolandagli / Instagram

31. Mohawk Fade

The traditional Mohawk cut is a strip of hair running down the middle of the head, with the sides shaved. Mohawk fades are a modern take on faux hawk hairstyles as they create a similar effect. They work well re-imagined with temp fades, burst fades, and taper fades. It’s a statement haircut with a punk-like look for men who like to stand out from the masses.

Mohawk Fade
@jorges_fades / Instagram

Men’s Medium Length Haircuts

1. Curtains

Curtains are long bangs parted in the center or on the side. From the late 1900s through to the swinging sixties and naughty nineties, curtain hairstyles have withstood the test of time. Today, it’s one of the best hairstyles for men undergoing a retro revival or any guys aiming for Timothée Chalamet hair.

@kazuma_sanagi / Instagram

2. Hair Twist

Tame those kinks with twisted hair. A great style for afro-texture hair, this men’s hairstyle works best with medium-length hair. Here, low and mid fades give the style a lighter look. It’s also a way to look cool while protecting the hair at the same time. Properly maintained, twists can stay in place for up to six weeks.

Hair Twist
@director_mickey / Instagram

3. Medium Length Afro

Afros work well for all hair lengths. But when it comes to the coolest afro hairstyles, they needn’t be extreme. If you are looking for a fashionable rather than flashy look, a medium-length afro is radical and sexy with natural style, shape, and volume. Go with the ‘fro!

Medium Length Afro
@viniciusnadler / Instagram

4. Burst Fade

You’re only as good as your last men’s haircut, just ask James Harden! This style tapers the line of hair behind the ear, leaving the hair longer at the neck. It’s rounded and rises like a sun behind the ear. A burst fade is sure to bring out your A game!

Burst Fade
@jxssixthebarber / Instagram

5. Mullet

If you think the “business in the front, party in the back” mullet haircut belongs only in 1980s style, you’re wrong! This retro men’s haircut is making a resurgence. Short on the top and sides but kept long at the back, the mullet is dramatic, fun, and tongue-in-cheek. To avoid a bad haircut, you’ll need bags of confidence to rock this trim and a hairdresser who knows what they’re doing (no, your little brother doesn’t count).

@shrunknheads / Instagram

6. Fringe

A long, tousled fringe sweeping across the eyes is sexy and mysterious. Keep in mind, men’s fringe hairstyles are high maintenance. Regular trims, products like men’s pomade, and styling are all par for the course. Chat with your barber to find a fringe style that complements and enhances the angles of your face.

@josiegreen / Instagram

7. Shag

For men who aren’t working in a corporate environment and can get more adventurous with their hair, the shag cut is a purposefully messy trim. It’s best known as a favorite of 1970s fashion icons and rock gods. A full crown blends down to choppy, feathered layers that flatter every face shape.

@enjoyco.collective / Instagram

8. Side Parts and Slick Backs

The mark of a true gentleman, the slick back hairstyle is a polished and timeless cut for the professional man who takes pride in his appearance. A side part is styled, slicked, and creates an easy to achieve, groomed look. All you’ll need is a comb and high shine product with hold. This is an especially attractive widow’s peak hairstyle for men.

Side Parts and Slick Backs
@elijah / Instagram

9. Surfer Hairstyle

Surfers have sex appeal, and a large part of this is thanks to their effortless, messy hair. With your barber’s help, you won’t have to spend all day in the surf to achieve this tousled, sun-kissed look. A failproof hairstyle for thick hair, opt for a textured, unstructured haircut paired with plenty of sea salt spray without ever having to hit the waves. For bonus points, bleach your hair or add highlights for the full surfer vibe.

Surfer Hairstyle
@maartenvda / Instagram

10. Comb Over

Classic and contemporary, from brokers to bankers and actors to accountants, the comb-over is a firm favorite hairstyle, especially when it comes to the business casual dress code. From a neat slick back to a curly comb-over, this cut is timeless no matter how you wear it.

comb over best hairstyle for men
@tiphaine.le.barbier / Instagram

11. Natural Curls

Keep those natural curls in tip-top condition with a good men’s haircut, the best shampoo and conditioner for men, along with specialized men’s hair gels or creams. It’s official, guys with curls are more attractive than those with straight hair. Check out Hollywood hotties Jason Momoa, Kit Harington, and Penn Badgley. We rest our case! Just remember to follow expert hair care tips so your curls stay bouncy, full, and healthy.

Natural Curls
@elite_for_men / Instagram

12. Bro Flow

The bro flow, flow hairstyle, or hockey haircut is a popular haircut for men seeking a laid-back look. Freestyle and flowing, it allows the hair to take its natural shape. This retro, preppy style is making a cool comeback and works for curly and straight hair.

Brow Flow
@keepitcut / Instagram

13. Pompadour

To pull off a pompadour haircut, the long hair is swept up and back at the top and flanked by shorter or slick sides. The tallest and most voluminous part is at the front of the hairline. Whether you opt for a classic pompadour like signature Elvis style or a modern version like Zayn Malik’s hair, this is the one if you want to make a statement!

@slobisback / Instagram

14. Tousled

Purposefully messy yet strikingly manly, this look is casual and sexy. It’s easy to achieve this medium length hairstyle seen everywhere from the streets to the runway. Simply muss up your locks with men’s hair products such as grease, wax, pomade, or sea salt spray for instant results.

@larserikseneitran / Instagram

15. Fade

For the last few years, fades have dominated the world of the best haircuts for men. They are modern, eye-catching, and allow you to showcase your personality. A fade is the transition of the hair on the back and sides tapering down to skin and leaves you free to get creative, so long as you pair the look with a long top.

@ashkanbarber00 / Instagram

16. Slick Back with Taper Fade

Slick backs and taper fades are bold looks on their own. Combined, they offer a sophisticated yet stylish look that is edgy but classic enough to suit a corporate environment or black tie event. A slick back with a taper fade is a versatile men’s hairstyle that easily adapts to many hair lengths and textures.

Slick Back with Taper Fade
@sachin.anand / Instagram

17. Blowout

It’s the volume and height of a blowout haircut for men that makes it stand out from the crowd. The blowout is more wearable than a pompadour and contrasts a long top with short tapered sides. You’ll need strong hold products and patience to master the daily grooming of this popular style, not to mention a hair dryer!

@braidbarbers / Instagram

18. Fauxhawk with Undercut

Release your inner anarchist with this sharp men’s hairstyle. The fauxhawk harnesses the rebellious edginess of the mohawk but in an easy-to-wear way. Fauxhawk hairstyles are shorter on top than the original. Add an undercut if you want your faux hawk to be less subtle and a closer nod to the classic mohawk.

Fauxhawk with Undercut
@mancaveutc / Instagram

19. Hard Part

A hard part is shaved rather than brushed into place, giving definition. To achieve this popular haircut for men, your barber will use either a straight razor or trimmer to shave a thin, clean line down the scalp. Keeping your hard part looking sharp will require regular maintenance, but it’s well worth the effort.

Hard Part

20. Bowl Cut

It’s a fact. The bowl cut is back and with a vengeance! Here, the fringe or bangs and the rest of the hair are the same lengths all the way around. These cuts were popular for men in the sixties, but they are perfect for today’s modern guy.

Bowl Cut
@zaebis.haircuts / Instagram

21. High Top

The high top is here to stay! These popular haircuts for men get their height from textured, kinky, or curly hair. The edges of the high top can be in twists, dreadlocks, or even braids. It’s the epitome of cool cuts for men, and it’s on a whole new level.

High Top
@theafrobeautycompany / Instagram

22. Hair Design

If you have your eyes on unique and attention-grabbing hairstyles, find a barber specializing in detailed hair design. These are patterns sheared onto shaved hair using clippers and a scalpel. From birds and stars to geometric designs and diamonds, whatever you pick will give your hair dimension, depth, and diversity.

Hair Design
@@hosseinsarv / Instagram

23. Hard Part with Quiff

A hard part complements the best haircuts for men to make them more cutting edge. Achieve this by styling the top hair away from the part using hair products. For a vintage vibe, pair with a quintessential quiff on top. You can do this by brushing a prominent piece of hair up and back from the forehead.

Hard Part with Quiff
@f.dbarber / Instagram

24. Disheveled Hairstyle

Whether you’re heading out with the guys or going on a first date, this bedhead style is a must-have for relaxed and laid-back men. Disheveled yet dashing, as proven by Harry Style’s haircuts, it’s one of the most popular hairstyles for men around the world. So if you like the just rolled out of bed look, disheveled hairstyles are a real winner.

Disheveled Hairstyle
@hazzatpwk.94 / Instagram

Men’s Long Haircuts

1. Long Hair with Middle Part

Long hairstyles for men with a middle part suit most face shapes. Here, the hair on top gets parted in the middle. So if you are rocking long hair, this is one of the most romantic men’s hairstyles. It’s a great way to frame those chiseled features.

Long Hair with Middle Part
@dani.sannz / Instagram

2. Long Hair with Slick Back

Long hair with a slick back is a superior way to manage and control longer locks. While long hair is one of the more show-stopping men’s hairstyles, it can take up a lot of time and effort, and this style is the best solution. If you want to rock this longer look, look to Sons of Anarchy character Jax Teller.

Long Hair with Slick Back
@charliematthewhunnam / Instagram

3. Long Hair Undercut

If you don’t want to chop your luscious locks, upgrade them with an undercut and long hair on top. Guys with a manly mane can have the best of both worlds with this easy-to-customize statement look. If you need some further inspiration, look to Bradd Pitt’s hairstyle in Fury.

Long Hair Undercut
@alexander.sharko / Instagram

4. Long Hair Undercut and Fade

Long hair on top with an undercut fade is an on-trend style for men. If you’ve got the attitude and confidence it takes to break away from the pack, then this stand-out haircut is the way to go. Go long, or go home!

Long Hair Undercut and Fade
@longhairstylemen / Instagram

5. Long Afro

A full head of hair is a blessing, so be bold with a long afro. You can go black and beautiful with your natural color or play around with different hues using hair dye for men. One thing is sure though, for this men’s hairstyle, big is better!

long afro best hairstyles for men
@chevelureafricaine / Instagram

6. Man Braids

Braids date back 5000 years, and in African culture, an art form. Today, cultural and cool, the man braid is a popular men’s hairstyle. Braid hairstyles mean taking hair and creating designs by weaving it together to make new patterns. For more unique designs, an ideal hair length is 5 plus inches. Be brave. Get a braid!

Man Braids
@rubendlessly / Instagram

7. Long Loose Curls

Accentuate the natural character of your curly hair and wear it loose. It’s a dashing and daring men’s hairstyle worn by the brave and the beautiful in romantic novels, movies, and more. Go red like Sam Heughan, black like Russell Brand, or rock those blonde curls like Robert Plant. Curly hairstyles will always look good, even worn messy like Jon Snow’s hairstyle in Game of Thrones.

Long Loose Curls
@chase.franklin / Instagram

8. Long and Straight Hair

Shoulder skimming long hairstyles for men are once again stealing the show! Long and straight hair looks equally at home in the boardroom as it does in a festival field and there are plenty of guys with long hair to prove this point. But texture is king for this style, so it’s ideal for all ethnicities, so long as you know how to grow your hair out.

Long and Straight Hair
@jorgepla_oficial / Instagram

9. Long Hair with Fade

The fade cut isn’t just for men with short hair. And the good news is, a low or high fade is one of the best haircuts for men who are stylish conscious with lustrous longer locks. If you are looking for a more dramatic look, talk to your barber about what type of fade will work best.

Long Hair with Fade
@sergiobarron_ / Instagram

10. Long Hair with Side Part

A side part hair cut is classy and paired with long hair, it transforms traditional into trendy. Sweep the larger portion of the hair to one side for a smoldering and sexy vibe that is the perfect men’s hairstyle for those thick and treasured tresses.

Long Hair with Side Part
@i.am.stacks / Instagram

11. Ponytail

Men’s Ponytails are great for guys, and better yet, they are a big hit with the girls! It’s a versatile men’s hairstyle that suits lots of different hair types. The secret to styling success is in finding the right sort of ponytail that suits your face, hair color, texture, and length.

best hairstyles for men ponytail
@canyaman / Instagram

12. Half-Up

Half-up and half-down is a damn-fine look for guys with a bold sense of style. This men’s hairstyle means you get to wear some of your hair up in a ponytail or bun while leaving the rest free. Now you can pull your hair back off your face without sacrificing that long lock vibe.

@menslonghairstyles / Instagram

13. Man Bun

A man bun hairstyle will help you connect with your sensitive side. You will need long, thick hair made into a ponytail or bunch of hair and bundled somewhere on the top or back of the head. From the business bun to the beach bun, it’s a super stylish ‘do for men on a mission.

Man Bun
@menslonghairstyles / Instagram

14. Samurai Hair

Samurai hairstyles are date back to Japan hundreds of years ago. You can get the look today by gathering your hair with both hands, twisting it at the back of the head, and then securing it with a tie. This manly and sophisticated Japanese style is just as popular today as it was centuries ago!

Samurai Hair
@tom.s_barbershop / Instagram

15. Man Bun with Braids

Transport your man bun to the next level with braids. Combine two trendy men’s hairstyles with a man bun and man braid. It’s a great way to spice up a long hair look. From cornrows to a Viking braid, talk to your barber about the different ways to braid your bun.

Man Bun with Braids
@kunalkkapoor / Instagram

16. Long Hair with Shaved Sides

Men’s haircuts featuring a half-shaved head are a hot trend. The best way to successfully pull this look off to maximum impact is by combining it with long hair. Get your inspiration from the Vikings. Check out The Last Kingdom TV character Uhtred and recreate this manly and cool hairstyle.

Long Hair with Shaved Sides
@oliver.tv / Instagram

17. Long Hair on Top with Short Sides

If you’re a rock god on the weekend and a clean-cut professional during the week, this is one of the best haircuts for men. If you’re looking for the perfect style to combine business with pleasure, it will tick all the boxes, and then some!

Long Hair on Top with Short Sides
@alexanderludwig / Instagram

18. Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks symbolize spiritual and supernatural power, sending a message of non-violence, non-conformity, and compassion for the less fortunate. Dreadlocks are amongst the most popular men’s hairstyles for black men. Be warned, though, they may look cool and laidback, but they take as much aftercare as any other hairstyle.

@knot_nation / Instagram

19. Topknot

The topknot is a cross between an undercut and a man bun. It can have shaved or faded sides, with long hair on top and the ponytail vibe of a bun. If you already have long hair, this could be the change you’re looking for. Men’s hairstyles never looked so good!

@hoffster_ / Instagram

20. Long Hair with Bangs

Switch up your long hairstyle and frame your face with bangs. Opt for a textured fringe, angled fringe, messy fringe, or even a Caesar cut. Whatever style you choose, though, you will need a professional and skilled barber. Don’t attempt this on your own. This men’s hairstyle works well with long hair, wavy hair, or curly hair.

long hair with bangs best hairstyles for men
@gregcasses / Instagram

21. Very Long Hair

Release your inner Jared Leto, and rock very long hair like the Hollywood actor and singer! It’s a trendy men’s hairstyle for millions of guys around the world. So if you’re a confident man who wants to challenge convention, it’s time to let your hair down!

Very Long Hair
@lasselom / Instagram

22. Layered Long Hair

Layering those long locks can do wonders for fine hair. Here, the hair on top of the head is cut the shortest length while the section around the hairline is the longest. Then by trimming the midsections, it’s possible to create a contrast between the short and long sections and improve volume.

Layered Long Hair
@menslonghairstyles / Instagram

23. Long Dreadlocks and Burst Fade

A new men’s hairstyle can change your whole look and boost confidence. If you have long dreadlocks and don’t want a dramatic makeover, then check out a burst fade. Here, the burst fade tapers the line of hair behind the ear to leave the hair longer at the neck.

Long Dreadlocks and Burst Fade
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24. Undercut with Cool Design

An undercut is a modern take on a quiff or pomp, where hair is longer on the top and the sides shaved. But why not add drama to this men’s hairstyle by adding a surprise design? It’s a dope choice for anyone looking for a more dynamic hairstyle.

Undercut with Cool Design
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FAQs About The Best Haircuts for Men

What are the most popular men’s haircuts?

The most popular haircuts for men of the moment are comb-over, crew cut, fade, faux hawk, man bun, pompadour, quiff, slicked back, side part, and undercut. No matter your hair length, there’s a barbershop favorite out there for everyone.

What is the easiest men’s haircut to maintain?

The easiest men’s haircuts to maintain are those that embrace your hair’s natural length and texture. So if you have long hair, braids, man buns, and ponytails are a good option.

For short hair, go for a straightforward men’s haircut like a buzz cut or crew cut. You’ll find medium-length hair no more than a few inches long, cut in an unstructured style like a French crop, the easiest to manage.

Men’s Haircuts: What should you tell your barber?

These are the FOUR golden rules to getting a cut and style you love.

1. Tell your barber when you had your last cut.

2. Detail how much time you can spend on daily maintenance and styling.

3. Be clear on how you want your hair to look, length and style-wise.

4. Show them a photo of you with a haircut as a reference of what you’re going for.

How to know which men’s hairstyle suits you

The best way to find a style that suits you is by determining what haircut is best for your face shape. From oval to round, square to oblong, and diamond. Next, opt for a style that complements your hair type and texture. Lastly, chat with your barber about the different options.