/20 Of The Best American Flag Tattoos For Men in 2021

20 Of The Best American Flag Tattoos For Men in 2021

The American flag continues to stand for freedom, liberty, and justice for all. The colors are symbolic too: White represents purity, blue is for vigilance, and red for bravery. That’s why most people decide to get an American flag tattoo to show how much they love the United States. 

If you want to express your love for your country by getting an American flag tattoo, keep reading. We’ve listed 20 of the most incredible American flag tattoos for men, time to stand at attention and salute your country.

1. American Flag Tattoo

An American flag tattoo has many different styles of linework and shading. It can be made to look like a pencil or pen drawing, hyper-realistic, minimal or even with good old fashioned (hello Salior Jerry) American Traditional. The choice to honor your country is completely yours. 

American Flag Tattoo Drawing
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2. Black and White American Flag Tattoo

For some, a full color piece won’t fit with their personality or other existing tattoos, not to worry there will still be a proud and patriotic American flag tattoo for you. Add a favorite phrase or some words from the Decloration of Independence for a personalized touch.  

Black American Flag Tattoo
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3. Small American Flag Tattoo

A small American flag tattoo is ideal for men who don’t like large detailed tattoos or men who would like there ink to be shown, only when they want others to see it. The best place to tattoo a small American flag is on the wrist, chest, or shoulder blade. 

Small American Flag Tattoo
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4. American Flag and Eagle Tattoo

Men get American flag and eagle tattoos to show their deep love of the US’ sense of freedom or because they served in the military. To get the full majestic sense of this combo we would recommend scaling up for a chest, upper arm, or back. 

American Flag and Eagle Tattoo
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5. Tattered American Flag Tattoo

Tattered American flag tattoos act as memorial tattoos for veterns or as symbolic tattoos of time served in the forces. Whether commemorating your own service or that of a family member this a American Flag tattoo with a lot of meaning. 

Tattered American Flag Tattoo
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6. Mexican American Flag Tattoo

If you are a dual citizen or have family from Mexico, an Mexican American Flag tattoo could be a great way to celebrate both sides of your heritage. This is a good tattoo to get in full color to show the vibrancy of both flags; the design can be placed on the leg, arm, or chest. 

Mexican American Flag Tattoo
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7. American Flag Patriotic Tattoo 

Patriotism means something different to everyone but the clearest way to show you love the land you call home is with a classic American Flag. Add special details to make yours unique to your brand of patriotism.  

Patriotic Tattoo
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8. Ripped Skin American Flag Tattoo

Ripped skin tattoos have become quite popular over the years. The goal is to get the tattoo to appear like is embedded under the skin. You can get an American flag tattoo in this design with or without color. Men tend to choose the chest area or arm for this design. 

Tattered American Flag Tattoo
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9. American Flag Skull Tattoo

Any image that includes a skull represents death or something macabre. Pairing a skull and American flag tattoo can represent lost veterans in batter or someone you love that you may have lost. The size and designed can vary to suit your needs, this tattoo will fit just about anywhere from neck to foot. 

American Flag Skull Tattoo
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10. Cross with American Flag Tattoo

A popular (and official) American motto, ‘In God we Trust’ is found everywhere around the US. If a script tattoo isn’t for you combining the details of a cross and flag could be an excellent way to commemorate your patriotism. Use these symbols as memorial tattos for a lost love one as well.  

American Flag Cross Tattoo
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11. American Flag Tattoo We The People

Another popular saying from United States Consitution, ‘We The People’ commemorates the ideals that America holds so dear. Represent your unwavering loyalty to your country and combine this phrase with popular symbols of freedom like the statue of liberty or an eagle.

American Eagle and Flag Tattoo
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12. Traditional American Flag Tattoo

This tattoo can be styled in two ways, either representing a traditional American flag in color (and usually blowing in the wind), or using Salior Jerry made-famous American Traditional tattoo style. American Traditional style includes bold primary colors and thick linework to creat dynamic embles. Either of these styles will do the job of representing your unwavering patriotism.

Traditional American Flag
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Best Placement for American Flag Tattoo 

13. American Flag Sleeve Tattoo

Some men prefer to have large elaborate tattoos of the American flag that cover the entire arm, while partrotism comes in all sizes, going big certainly makes a statement. Creating a full sleeve also allows you to add in other images important to you.  

American Flag Sleeve Tattoo
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14. American Flag Half Sleeve Tattoo

Alternatively, if a full sleeve is a bit daunting or possibly not kosher for work a half-sleeve is the best of both worlds. The upper arm still has plenty of space to create dynamic scenes but is easily hidden from your boss’ eyes at work.

Eagle and Flag Tattoo, American Flag Half Sleeve Tattoo
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15. American Neck Flag Tattoo

For those loud and proud of their American pride a neck tattoo may be the only option. However, there are many ways to go about this type of tattoo. Try for a classic placement on the side or front of the neck or try a teaser with part of the tattoo slightly creeping up from the chest. 

American Flag Neck Tattoo
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16. American Flag Hand Tattoo 

Another loud and proud placement, the hand is an ever-present place to show off some sick ink with some deep meaning. Any style will do, however we are especially fond of the eagle and flag combo.

American Flag Hand Tattoo
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17. American Flag Arm Tattoo

There’s plenty of space on the arm to place a large American flag tattoo. Some prefer the flag to wrap around the arm or a tattoo that has lots of shading to make the stars look three dimensional. Others prefer a simple design running from the shoulder to the elbow, as seen below. 

American Flag Arm Tattoo
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18. Forearm American Flag Tattoo

Another popular place to get an American flag tattoo is on the forearm. The tattoo is done on top of the veins in the forearm and could symbolize whether your blood runs blue or red. It’s also another great spot to show off your ink for years to come.

Forearm American Flag Tattoo
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19. American Flag Shoulder Tattoo

If you get an American flag tattooed on your shoulder, you can easily hide it when you wear a  t-shirt. This is ideal for men who work in corporate companies that may have a strict dress code. On the other hand, the shoulder is one of the more masculine places for a tattoo, it can accentuate muscle and natural lines of the body.

American Flag Shoulder Tattoo
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20. American Flag Chest Tattoo

Men who have an intense love for America tend to place their American flag tattoos over their hearts. The chest is also a place to tattoo a memorial piece to remember a loved one, friend, or fellow officer that died while serving in the military. 

American Flag Chest Tattoo
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American Flag FAQ:

What does an American flag tattoo mean?

An American flag tattoo represents freedom, justice, and resiliancy. Men who decide to get American flag tattoos want to show love and respect for their country. Others choose to get this tattoo to remember all the people who have fought or died serving America. 

What side of the body should an American flag tattoo be?

American flag tattoo etiquette is vital to some men, especially those in the military. Some state that you should have the flag tattooed on the right-hand side of your body with the stars facing the direction of your heart. This is how the American flag military badge is displayed on uniforms. 

Which direction should an American flag face on a forearm tattoo?

An upside-down American flag, to some, is seen as a sign of disrespect. When you tattoo the American flag on your forearm, the stars should be on the top right-hand side (the viewer’s left) of the tattoo with the red stripes running down the arm.