/The Best Anti-Aging Products to Start Using Before You Really Need Them

The Best Anti-Aging Products to Start Using Before You Really Need Them

The world around us does a lot to age our skin. From a smoke-filled room to a traffic-logged city, to those long days on the beach or hours spent in front of computer screens. The result is rough texture, fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots and hyperpigmentation, tired or puffy or dark eyes, dullness. Looking like an old head, basically. 

But there’s a lot you can do. In general, any skin care regimen is an anti-aging regimen. Whatever you can do to add defense, even using a simple moisturizer and consistently washing your face—it’s all helpful in keeping your skin as clear, smooth, and firm as possible. But there’s a deeper level to take a proactive and defensive approach to the signs of aging. We’re talking serums, powerful SPF, night creams, eye creams, retinols, and masks.

Below are the types of products we’d wish every guy should consider for their anti-aging arsenal. Or, at least, any guy that’s after firmer, brighter, clearer skin, now and in the long term.

The Best Anti-Aging Night Cream

Elemis antioxidant-rich night cream

Like all Elemis products, this night cream uses algae extract for improved elasticity in the skin. Combine that with antioxidant-rich avocado and sesame-seed oils, and it’s a shortcut for long-term hydration—a surefire way to wake with rested skin that is also supercharged for long term resilience.

Best Anti-Aging Day Moisturizer 

Brickell SPF 45 moisturizer

Bounce roughly 98% of the sun’s UV rays with this zinc-based sunscreen hydrator, which also uses antioxidant-rich green tea, rejuvenating sunflower oil, and firming Vitamin E.

Best Anti-Aging Retinol Product

Apostrophe tretinoin formula

A 3-month prescription, handled entirely through Apostrophe’s digital dermatologist appointments. You’ll get a proper formula strength for your skin type and tolerance, and best of all, should enjoy the anti-acne benefits along with tretinoin’s super-effective firming powers.

Best Anti-Aging Day Serum

Yeouth Vitamin C & E serum with hyaluronic acid

Three superhero ingredients in one easy application: Vitamin C to keep skin bright for the long term, plus hyaluronic acid and Vitamin E to hydrate and plump skin for same-day firmness.

Best Anti-Aging Night Serum

With anti-aging bakuchiol plus a long list of active extracts and oils, this serum resuscitates tired, dull skin and expedites its overnight recovery. 

Best Anti-Aging Defense Serum

Aesop intense anti-oxidant serum

Lightweight in its application, but heavyweight in its defenses against toxins that age and compromise the skin. Apply this one morning and night beneath your moisturizer for the strongest shield against airborne pollutants.

Best Anti-Aging Eye Cream

A big roster of ingredients in humble packaging: Peptides for firmness, niacinamide and green tea for toxin defense, silica for brightness, and sodium hyaluronate for plumping.

Best Anti-Aging Device

CurrentBody LED light therapy mask

There is sticker shock with a device like this, but twice-weekly use delivers major, major benefits over time, especially on acne-prone skin. It travels easily, too, nice and flat against your laptop, and inside its own protective tote.

Best Anti-Aging Sheet Mask

WOLF PROJECT sheet masks (5 pack)

These masks deliver instant youthful radiance, thanks to ingredients like skin-plumping hyaluronic acid, texture-smoothing niacinamide, and detoxifying bamboo charcoal. Use them after a rough night, or the morning of a big meeting—it’ll feel like the skincare equivalent to a fresh haircut.

Best Anti-Aging Overnight Mask

Dr. Jart+ Cicapair tiger grass overnight mask

Powered by smoothing niacinamide and soothing tiger grass, this overnight mask not only calms irritated skin, but also firms and tightens it for the long game. Swap it in when skin is irritated, OR twice a week for a soothing boost, OR as a nightly alternative to a bedtime moisturizer. It’s suitable for all skin types, too.

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