/35 of Our Favorite Plus Size Halloween Costumes to Score!

35 of Our Favorite Plus Size Halloween Costumes to Score!

We are on the countdown for Halloween and where do you find your uber fabulous plus size costume? Ohhhh, we have a few ideas! How about something a bit innovative, dramatic or scary? How about a walk on the sultry side? Or the dark and dangerous?

Whatever tickles your fancy and allows you to have a little fun, we have found more than a few plus size Halloween costumes that you have to check out!

Plus size halloween costumes- Plus Size Gorgeous Goddess Costume- Yandy
Plus Size Gorgeous Goddess Costume at Yandy

Ohhhh and no worries, if you shop these options today, you can have them before the end of the week! Oh yes, just in time for the big Halloween party that weekend or for Halloween itself! Why not?! I have only had the pleasure to dress up two times and I wish I had a party to get dressed up for!

What about you? Still looking for a few ideas? Then scroll through our picks for the coolest plus size Halloween costumes that are sure to strike up a conversation!

You ready?

35 Perfect Plus Size Halloween Costumes

I mean… amaaazing right? Great options to play in and with? We are beyond geeked with the wonder Woman inspired and the Khalessi costume? Ohhhh yes. I can definitely see myself in either one of those. Perfect go to for Halloween and beyond!

As you are picking up your last minute needs, here are a few tips as you shop for your plus size Halloween costumes:

  • Always check the size chart and have your tape measure handy. Measure yourself (or ask a friend to) to double check, just in case!
  • Makes sure that it includes all the necessary accessories. Oftentimes, the costume only includes the main outfit!
  • Shop around and do research so that you can find the one that makes you feel awesome.
  • Check shipping and delivery dates. While many retailer will have Free or Premium Shipping, check your confirmation, so you don’t stress.

Sooooo did you find some inspiration? Some new favorites to play in? Some new ideas?

If not, at least you know more than a few stores that you can play in for Halloween, right?

I am dying to know if you are dressing up this year, and if so, who or what are you dressing up as? Let’s talk it out in the comments below!