/When Did Faux Leather Get Rebranded As Vegan Leather?

When Did Faux Leather Get Rebranded As Vegan Leather?

The creator of this amazing platform The Curvy Fashionista, Marie Denee, asked a great question on Twitter and it got me thinking. I went down the pleather rebranding rabbit hole, I had to write about it and share with the readers.

Why is everyone calling pleather/faux leather vegan leather? And if you are curious yes, faux leather and vegan leather are the same thing with a high end branding name change. Let’s dive into the reasons why.

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According to Webster , pleather is a plastic fabric made to look like leather. It’s also called synthetic leather, which is cost prohibitive. Fake leather was created in 1920 at the U.S Rubber plant in Naugatuck, Connecticut. It didn’t become popular until the 60s and 70s when it was used for shoes.

When did the name change actually occur?

Faux leather, pleather, vegan leather whatever you want to call it become popularized in the 2010s. “Pleather” has always the bad representation of being a cheap imitator of leather. Doctrix Snow said it best,

When the ppl profiting off it realized ‘vegan leather’ a)sounds more ethical, b)sounds less tacky, & c)distracts from the fact that it’s worse from the environment that real leather.

Doctrix Snow

Faux Leather Rebranding
Eloquii Strong Shoulder Faux Leather Turtle Neck Dress

The truth is vegan leather sounds sexier compared to pleather or faux leather. It makes us as consumers feel like smart shoppers as we are considering the environment when in all actuality it’s extremely harmful to the environment. Plastic can’t be recycled. The best way is upcyling also known as creative reuse, which is the process of transforming waste materials, useless or unwanted.

The rebrand is focused on being eco-friendly, animal cruelty free, and being ethically sound. The word pleather has been completely dumped by most brands with a lot of consumers becoming vegan and having health mindfulness. The goal is to engage the “conscious consumers” without the hefty price tag.

Faux leather “Vegan” care

Since there are so many of us that love their faux leather garments , myself included, here are some cleaning care tips to keep give your clothes more longevity. Before doing anything please read your care label tags. Most of the care can be handled at home unless the garment has a lining you may want to visit your local cleaners.

  • Clean stains with microfiber cloth dampened with warm water
  • To prevent peeling apply oils such as coconut, olive or. baby oil. Cracking faux leather just isn’t cute
  • Always line and air dry. Keep away from all kinds of heat.
  • If you encounter a hole you can purchase a kit HERE
Faux Leather Rebranding
fashion To Figure Faux Leather Halter Dress

What makes the best shoppers are educated ones and understanding where the fabric you are wearing comes from, how to take care of it, and how provide the longest shelf life. Now that we know what pleather is, when it was created, how to take care of it let’s do a little shopping! ‘

faux leather Your fall wardrobe must have

Faux Leather Must Haves

Fill your closet with faux leather.

No matter what it’s called faux leather isn’t going anywhere. It’s implemented in fashion. Vegan leather is used for luxury handbags, shoes, and even in lingerie. When shopping for faux leather think out the box, look for color, fun silhouettes, and try on new things. My favorite faux leather items are my green and red motorcycle jackets. I have a pleated faux leather skirt that I plan wearing this season.

Let’s chat:Did you notice the rebranding of pleather? How do you feel about it ethically? Will this stop your from purchasing pleather? I can’t wait to discuss this further with ya’ll.

Until next time happy shopping!!!