/Eye Spy New Makeup! 5 New Cream Stick Eyeshadow Shades From Bobbi Brown

Eye Spy New Makeup! 5 New Cream Stick Eyeshadow Shades From Bobbi Brown

When I think of Bobbi Brown cosmetics, the first word that comes to mind is “classic.” Bobbi Brown has been around for decades and the brand is known for their less is more makeup approach.

Her philosophy is your makeup should be quick, look natural and enhance what you already have. The classics never go out of style and that’s why Bobbi Brown has been able to maintain their stay in the beauty world for years. 

5 New Cream Stick Eyeshadow Shades From Bobbi Brown

Recently, Bobbi Brown added 5 new shades to their Long-Wear Cream Shadow Sticks. The Real Nudes collection ranges from pale vanilla to a cinnamon brown. Cream eyeshadows are versatile and very user friendly.

Fun tip?! Cream eyeshadow can easily be applied with your fingers, giving you control of the blending and placement. We are always here for a quick and easy application…

With this collection, Bobbi Brown added colors that can be used as an eyeshadow base or layered for a more intense look. Let’s take a look at the new colors in this collection along with some suggestions on how to use them. 

REAL NUDES COLLECTION Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick $30 

SHORE- A cool-tone beige, this color would be great to use as a primer or an all over lid color. This shade can also be used as brow highlight, or for a touch of lightness in your inner corner. 

CASHEW- A medium red-tone beige, this would be great for swiping on color on the days you want to look awake without doing much. Because this shade is red-toned, it will look good on every skin tone. Consider using this shade as a base for a smokey eye look.

5 New Cream Stick Eyeshadow Shades From Bobbi Brown
Photo from Bobbi Brown

BONE-  This pale yellow shade definitely looks more like a primer shade but don’t be afraid to wear it alone. Swipe it all over the lid and pair it with a bold mascara and eyeliner for a little extra drama. 

SHELL-  Shell is a pale pink shade that can set the tone for a dusty mauve eye look or even the base for a brown smokey eye. You can use this shade as a top lid eyeliner or on the water line to brighten up your eyes. 

5 New Cream Stick Eyeshadow Shades From Bobbi Brown
Photo from Bobbi Brown

CINNAMON- This reddish-brown eyeshadow looks so good worn alone on both the eyelid or as an eyeliner.  Pair this color with a shade like Cashew for a classic, nighttime eye look. Smoke out the outer corner of your lid with a swipe of Cinnamon and add Shell to your lid for an easy daytime look.

So What Do You Think About This Bobbi Brown Cream Eyeshadow?

The Long-Wear Cream Shadows retail for $30 each and while the Real Nudes Collection is new, there are 12 eyeshadows total. All of the shadows in the Real Nudes collection are matte, which make them easy to use and super wearable.

Get this! These shadows also boast an 8 hour wear time without creasing or smudging. 

What I love about these cream shadows is that they can be worn as more than just an eyeshadow. Bobbi Brown formulated these shades to be used as a base, eyeliner and eyeshadow all in one!

If you’re a beginner, cream eyeshadows can give you a great start to wearing eyeshadow without the need for excessive blending. A few swipes and you are all set to go!

You can purchase the Real Nudes collection at bobbibrowncosmetics.com

Let us know which of these nude eyeshadow shades you’d be interested in trying- or if you’ve already been playing in these cream shadows, let us know which new hues are your fave…

Have you tried Bobbi Brown Cosmetics before? Which products can you NOT live without?

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