/You’re Sleeping on Amazons Smart Prime Wardrobe Feature, and It Shows

You’re Sleeping on Amazons Smart Prime Wardrobe Feature, and It Shows

Ever spend the afternoon hunting for the perfect dress but then can’t decide if you really want to splurge on your fave? (The most expensive one, naturally). Or maybe it’s a new pair of jeans that—honestly—you could be any one of four different sizes in, depending on the cut. Been there, lived that. And while online clothes shopping means you have the world at your fingertips, any and all hours of the day, you don’t get to touch and feel and try on before you have to hand over your credit card digits.

There’s a solution from Prime Wardrobe though, and it might be the most convincing reason to shop for fashion on Amazon yet. You can order up to eight items and keep them for a seven-day try-on period without paying for anything (at the end of the week you’ll be charged for whatever you keep, and the rest can go back with a prepaid label).

Ahead, the genius way we’re using our Prime accounts to try on things that are trickiest for sizing or most likely to turn us into commitment-phobes.

Figure Out if $$$ Jeans Are Worth It

It’s hard to really tell the difference between cheap and pricey denim just by looking at a photo. With Prime Wardrobe, you’ll be able to try on some denim splurges at home and decide whether the more tailored fit or higher-end material is worth it.

Try Out Alllll the Trends

Obsessing over that look that’s plastered all over your Instagram feed, but not quite sure it would feel like you IRL? Try it on while you dance around your living room, take a billion mirror selfies, video chat your bestie, whatever, and make a decision before financially committing.

Get the Exact Right Size

There are some categories that always seem to range in size, no matter what, and buying without trying on is a recipe for disaster. Plus, there are some things that look best oversized…but in a cool way, not in a why-is-that-so-big-on-you? way. Prime Wardrobe to the rescue.

Understand the Hype Yourself

Every week it seems like there’s a new cult-favorite that Amazon shoppers are buying en masse. Leggings that people swear make your thighs look amazing, a dress that’s all over Instagram—it’s an entire shopping ecosystem of its own (you can see them all collected here). Check out the hype on your own, then decide if you’re going to be the 1,000th reviewer leaving all the stars.

Do an At-Home Blister Test

Even if you know the right size, it’s so hard to know how comfortable (or not) everything from running shoes to sky-high heels will be once you slip your feet into them. Maybe they pinch your toes, rub in the wrong way, or don’t offer enough support—why would you leave that up to chance? Try your next pair on, walk around your house for a few days, then decide.

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