/Academia Style: What You Need to Know

Academia Style: What You Need to Know

For a generation raised on Harry Potter and Gossip Girl, the iconic looks of button-downs and blazers have formed into their own distinct style that has affectionately been named “Academia Style” as those wearing it look like they have stepped out of a university classroom. Grounded in neutral tones and thicker fabrics, there is a certain intensity that really draws people to the look.

“Light Academia” vs “Dark Academia”

The Difference between “Light Academia” and “Dark Academia” stems mainly from the color palettes. “Light Academia” has a main color palette of white and creams, lighter browns, and soft greens. Meanwhile “Dark Academia” is rooted in black, navy, and dark greens. 

Academia Style Staple Pieces

The core articles of an Academia wardrobe

The core of an Academia wardrobe is just 6 items: blazers, neutral sweaters, button-downs, structured skirts, and non-denim pants. The goal is to look polished and put together effortlessly. Having clothes that fit your body well is essential to pulling off the look, so consider going to your local tailor – most dry cleaners have one in-house – and making sure everything fits like a glove.

Venus Double Breasted Blazer

How to style it

There are a few different approaches to the Academia style. 

The traditional – A neutral top tucked into either a skirt or nice pants. Accessorized with simple Jewelry and a nude or black heel.

The Casual – The same idea as above but with a pair of light wash jeans.

The Comfortable – replace the blazer with a cardigan and a looser fit of clothing.

Where to buy Academia Pieces

While this style immediately makes you think of high-end pieces and large price tags, there are some great tricks to do it on a budget.

  1. Check out your local thrift stores. 

Men’s blazers and button-downs are typically easy to find and you can use some of the money you saved to get them altered to fit you as if they were made for you.

  1. Eloquii

Eloquii is a go-to for plus-size power suits and just generally making you feel like a badass taking over the corporate world. It’s my number one recommendation for blazers and suits that fit the academic aesthetic perfectly.

  1. Modcloth

When it comes to skirts especially Modcloth is a fan favorite and has many that fit the Academia aesthetic, just look at these two!

  1. ASOS

ASOS has a little bit of everything, Academia included. It takes some time to hunt through the site but there are some great finds like this subtly striped button-down and plaid pants.

shop academia pieces:

So go! Live out your working in a historic library European dream and look amazing doing it!

For more store suggestions by style check out www.cuethecurves.com.