/I Haven’t Worn Eyeshadow In Months, but I Tried My Hand at Colorful Eyeliner

I Haven’t Worn Eyeshadow In Months, but I Tried My Hand at Colorful Eyeliner



When daily commutes to the office were a thing, the best part of my morning routine was easily putting on my makeup. Beyond the transformational aspect, for me, applying it is also downright therapeutic. But, as working from home become the new norm, my makeup collection understandably started to collect dust. Until very recently, it’s been almost a year since I picked up a blending brush and thoroughly dove into my eyeshadow palettes. I used to relish experimenting with different colors and glittery textures, but admittedly my skills have become a little rusty. To ease into the full swing of vibrant eyeshadow looks I decided to turn to something a little more beginner-friendly. 

Colorful eyeliner has all of the fun of eyeshadow, yet significantly easier to put together than blending five different types of shadows. I found that I could let my imagination run wild and create spontaneous, playful looks without closely following a tutorial. Basically, a colorful eyeliner is a foolproof way to do something creative with fewer tools. I turned to Instagram for some inspiration to jumpstart my own creativity and dream up a few different looks. Below, I’m outlining the five go-to liner looks I’ve been loving to wear lately. They range from experimental to more subdued and wearable, but nonetheless all are 100% fun.