/8 Brands to Shop for Gender Neutral Plus Size Clothing

8 Brands to Shop for Gender Neutral Plus Size Clothing


Looking for plus-size friendly gender-neutral clothing?

As feminine leaning plus size clothing options have continued to increase tenfold, clothing that is more masculine in style but accommodates for a larger body is still hard to find.

We’ve got your back! Below is a list (and growing) community of genderfluid and neutral clothing designers creating clothes for fat and plus-size bodies.

These designers make everything from leather harnesses and statement tee to custom suits and vintage-inspired swimwear so there’s a little something for everybody.

Brands To Shop For Androgynous and Gender Neutral Plus Size Clothing

Here are 10 plus-size LGBTQIA+-owned brands!

J Aprileo Weighs in On Accessibility of Gender Neutral Plus Size Clothing

J Aprileo of Comfy Fat is a blogger who knows all about this struggle. We interviewed J (who uses they/them pronouns) about what it’s like shopping as a nonbinary plus size babe.

J says their size isn’t carried in any store, which makes shopping online the only option.

And that presents another challenge: J splits their shopping experience evenly between “men’s” and “women’s” stores. Women’s clothing works best for pants and shorts, while the men’s section is better for shirts and jackets.

I find it strange now to think that people actually believe all bodies should be shaped one certain way if you’re a man or a woman… 

Bodies are all so different, how can we assume one type of cut of clothing will fit or FEEL the best?”  J Aprileo of Comfy Fat

J points out that gender neutral often leans more masculine than neutral and many of these options are not available in plus sizes.   

During my research, I discovered the UK-based brand Gender Free World. They design based on body type. This is such a cool concept, but they only make pieces up to the equivalent of a size US 20.

This list is not only meant to be informational in terms of what already exists but hopefully a call to action for more designers to expand their sizes ranges.

If there’s a designer or brand we missed, definitely let us know in the comments below!

image via Plus Equals gender neutral
Plus Equals was featured on our LGBTQ owned businesses list and features a line of gender neutral items as well

And don’t forget, if you are looking for LGBTQ-owned brands to support (many of who are also gender neutral), we’ve got you covered for that too!

Article Revised by Liz Brinks (2021)