/Speaking Of Curves: Ashley Nell Tipton Pivots from Plus Size Fashion Designer to Host with The Love YOU Show!

Speaking Of Curves: Ashley Nell Tipton Pivots from Plus Size Fashion Designer to Host with The Love YOU Show!

Have you been tuning in each week to catch our interviews with various plus size business owners? You know, Speaking of Curves!? Today’s latest is no stranger to TCF and has some MAYJOR news to share! Check out what this plus size designer, Ashley Nell Tipton is up to!

You may remember her from her debut at FFFWeek, as the first plus size winner on Project Runway, or you have shopped from her past collections! Ashley Nell Tipton is here to share a bit of her journey from depression to self-love, with her new podcast and show on YouTube, the Love YOU Show.

Then keep watching and meet the plus-size-designer-turned-host, Ashley Nell Tipton!!!

Plus size designer, Ashley Nell Tipton launches The Love Show

Are you here for this?

In this series, we’ve interviewed brands Henning, Sheeek by Bee, Madelyn Brene, Liris Crosse, Secondhand Curves, Gwen Devoe, AP Young, Chic & Curvy, Christian Omeshun, Jibri, and Z by Zevarra to name a few!

Every Tuesday and Thursday, we invite various brands and plus size businesses to share their journeys and pivots. Not only that, but we ALSO share with YOU how you can support them…

And today, we are back with another fun interview that shows support and love to the various plus size businesses that you NEED to know. If you have been wondering what Ashley has been up to, then get to know all about The Love YOU Show and Ashley Nell Tipton…

Learn All About Ashley Nell Tipton’s Newest Project, The Love YOU Show!

So, grab your coffee or tea and get caught with what Ashley is up to! That and how you can support her latest venture!

Ohhhhh, wasn’t this awesome! I have such the sweetest spot for Ashley. I do! And when she touched on her depression and journey, I could honestly relate here.

The Ashley Nell Tipton New Summer Collection
Plus size designer, Ashley Nell Tipton Collection

I have shared a few articles around depression, mindset, and self-care through it all…

“I realized during these challenging times that being an apparel designer is something that doesn’t move my soul like it once did.” she confesses. “My spirit is telling me it’s time to make a difference. Knowing I have the platform and knowledge to change people’s ability to be comfortable in their skin is how I want to spend my time and life energy.”

With the help of her manager and life coach, Andrew Bisaha, Ashley has spent the past 5 years learning about true self-love and self-acceptance. Get. It. Ashley.

Ashley Nell Tipton Collection
Plus size designer, Ashley Nell Tipton Collection

To hear about Ashley’s journey and how she is taking control of her next chapter is encouraging!

Her pivot is all about sharing what she’s learned. Also to “help others achieve the same peace and prosperity she has, especially during these unprecedented times.

And now, we get a new show to tune into. The Love You show, a weekly podcast on her YouTube channel!

Ashley Nell Tipton
Image from Locale Magazine

Here, you can expect Ashley to share her experiences and insights with those of you who have also struggled (or still do) with the same fears and anxieties she faced for years.   

Learn more and subscribe to The Love YOU Show on YouTube.com!

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The Ashley Nell Tipton New Summer Collection

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