/Must Watch Series! Paulana Doing It Big

Must Watch Series! Paulana Doing It Big

This time has been a creative one, for many of us. Some have released books, new collections, product lines, and even have launched new sites! And for Paulana Lamonier, she has dropped a new YouTube series “Doing it Big.” This is NOT your normal look at me, I am working out to lose weight series. NOPE. It is the complete opposite.

You see, while Doing it Big is a web-series following the fitness journey of Paulana. All while being hilariously funny. She is learning and challenging her body’s abilities by trying different fitness activities and sports!

This resonates with me, as I have personally wanted to revisit the activities of my young adult and childhood, to be active and have fun with movement. Not with any intention of trying to lose weight, but to feel familiar with my grown-up body.

Paulana Doing it Big

So, when we learned of this series, we knew that we had to take a moment and speak with the lifelong athlete, multi-media journalist, and entrepreneur. One of the key messages that stuck with me is Paulana’s own realization that she doesn’t look like society’s version of an athlete because she’s “plus size.”

Doing it Big challenges the fitness world to “embrace different bodies instead of tummy teas and appetite suppression lollipops.”

But before we get into her interview, take a peek at the trailer!!

Watch the Trailer for Paulana Doing it Big!

We are here for this series… Doing it Big takes on gymnastics, dancing, snowboarding and so much more! Each episode, Paulana tackles a new workout with a friend to accompany her in each episode.

For Paulana, the goal of this series is to “start a conversation about body positivity, fitness, athletic ability, and canceling diet culture.”

Do you see why we are curious, excited, and geeked to share?! Well, not that we got your attention, keep reading to learn a little bit more about the WHY behind the series with Paluana!

Paulana Doing it Big

How did you start your career? How did you know that you had this gift for telling stories? 

Growing up, I’ve always seen myself as a storyteller. Back in elementary school, my orchestra teacher called me a gossipmonger because I loved talking about the latest that’s happening in music like Britney Spear’s first album “Baby One More Time” or Usher’s latest album.

 Even though had no idea what that meant until I got older, during that time, I’ve come to accept that nickname. You can even go back to my high school yearbook and see that I wanted to be a radio personality like the legendary Angie Martinez.

So, as you can see, media was always in the plan for me. I just didn’t know to what capacity. 

Once I graduated high school, that’s when I realized that I could really make a career out of this which is why I majored in journalism. Even in college, while I still didn’t know to what capacity or medium that I wanted to pursue in media.

I made an effort to do a ton of internships to expand my horizons and dabble in everything till I found something that I truly love.

Now, I just do it all — behind and in front of the camera. 


You are a hilarious storyteller! When it comes to this series, what can we expect?! 

Thank you so much! My goal as a storyteller is to inform my audience, but also put a smile on their face to some capacity. I want you to leave smarter and more insightful than you met me.

With my series in ‘Paulana Doing It Big’ is NO different, it is just being delivered in a unique and dynamic way. 

As far as expectations, I want you to expect nothing.

Just come in with an open mind. I say this because sometimes when we have expectations of something and it isn’t met, we may leave disappointed, and that’s not the goal here. Just know you are in for a treat!

Paulana Doing it Big

When it comes to your personal journey with your body, how does this series help you come to terms with your body? 

The journey with my body is a unique one. Being an athlete has taught me the hardest most valuable lessons when it comes to my body:

When I treat my body well, it will treat me well. That and that I have to love to its fullest capacity!

Funny enough, initially this series was supposed to document my weight loss journey, but then I realized a few things.

One, I’m tired of losing weight and I hate what these types of shows try to perpetuate to their audience about weight loss.

Secondly, I’ve been an athlete my entire life. Why not show my fitness capabilities along with my dynamic personality instead of trying to lose weight. 

If I happen to lose weight on the show in the meantime, then so be it, but that is no longer the focus.

I’m celebrating my body and I’ll have some friends tagging along as well. 

Paulana Doing it Big

What do you hope that other women take away from this series? In relation to their relationship with their curves? 

Life is too short to worry about what you can or can’t do or what others think.

Do it all. Do it all on your terms, and most importantly do it BIG!

This show is a prime example of what it means to bet on yourself and the power of relationships.

I have my friend from high school Peter Hazle who is an amazing editor as an editor for the show and good friend Phe Morgan, a creative genius, who is my designer for the show. 

I wanted this show to be produced at a high level. Because when the networks start knocking (which they will, we’re going to give them some time lol) they will see how we made use of what we had in our hands. And with a nice budget, we can do it bigger and better!

In relation to our bodies, don’t be afraid to try new things! Wear a bikini, do something out of the norm.

Society works in overdrive to shame us of our curves, thickness. But I know the Lord works harder to remind me that I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

So, to whoever is reading this, do something new today. Challenge or celebrate yourself and your body. 

Paulana Doing it Big

Anything else that you would like for our readers to share?

If my content resonates with you, please share it with your friends, family, and your community.

Let’s show the world that plus-size women aren’t just comedic relief or that the only type of content in fitness is weight loss. And if you have a dream, write it out, get your crew together and make it happen! 

Lastly, the series will premiere on my birthday, Sunday, July 26 at 9 PM EST and every other Sunday moving forward!

Will you tune into to Doing it Big!?! Make sure to subscribe to Paulana’s Channel!

We will be watching!!

I am already excited! I got a sneak peek of Paulana and her grandmother learning an Afro Jazz dance routine! I am also looking forward to the gymnastics class, as someone who cheered and did gymnastics in college!

What do you think about this series? Will you be subscribing and signing up to learn more?!

Let’s talk about it!

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