/A New Online Retailer To Watch, Meet REYDAR

A New Online Retailer To Watch, Meet REYDAR

As plus size lovers of fashion, oftentimes we are left out of the fashion conversation, especially when we want to shop with our non plus friends. We have to peel off to another floor or peruse the shoes and accessories. However, borne out of frustration with this, REYDAR is here to change it up…

One day, my cousin and I went shopping in the mall one day to pass the time. Like many other 20-year-olds, she loves rocking the hottest styles! From expressing her personality, and being the trendsetter of both our family and her group of friends.

Out of the dozens of stores that catered to young women like us (looking for that perfect combo of cute and affordable), we could only shop in 2 of them together.

TWO. Imani, creator of REYDAR

We all know this story. And depending on the company you have kept, they either understood or to some folk’s experience, feigned ignorance or made you feel like the problem.

New online brand to watch- Reydar

This was NOT the case with Imani Reynolds, the creator of REYDAR. After being fed up with these unfortunate experiences, she decided to do something about it… all at 26 years old.

I thought to myself, “What if there were a brand where my cousin and I could shop together and actually be together? What if the clothes available in her size were just as cute as those available in mine, if not cuter?

What if her styles weren’t just added on as an afterthought, but were considered with as much care as anyone else’s?”  And that is how REYDAR came to be!” 

​And today, REYDAR launches.

New online brand to watch- Reydar

Catering from a small through a 3X, Imani is on a mission to build REYDAR to be a destination for all things fashion and one that does not break the bank.

Think fast fashion finds that both you and your non plus friend can shop! 

Collections dropping each month! You can expect to see up to the minute fashion options that INCLUDE plus sizes as well. Especially if you are looking for younger plus size fashion trend items.

Our biggest mission is to celebrate what makes you different—fashion is just the way we’ve chosen to do it.

New online brand to watch- Reydar
Photography by Kelley Raye // kelleyraye.com

Launching with 8 pieces, we look forward to seeing what newness drops next! One of the launch items that we are digging are the overalls! 

Shop the collection at ReydarOnline.com

So… what do you think?

Ohhh and yes, for those who want to support, they do ship internationally!

We appreciate how Imani saw a problem and created her own solution! Congrats and we cannot wait to see how this grows and evolves! 

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