/12 Best Meal Kit Delivery Services in 2020 for Any Home Chef

12 Best Meal Kit Delivery Services in 2020 for Any Home Chef

While you’re paying a bit for the convenience, this actually worked out great as a lunch or easy dinner option. If I didn’t live in a city where takeout options are vast and tasty, it would be even better. The food is pretty fresh, and the dishes are a little more interesting than you usually get in the freezer aisle. They come in individual servings. The microwaving instructions are incredibly accurate (no burned tongues!). Table for one, please.

Price: Freshly is priced by each individual meal—$11.50/meal for 4, but $8.99 for 6 or 9, and $7.99 for 12.

Six Other Meal Kits You Should Consider

Fresh n’ Lean

Fresh n’ Lean is a meal service for time-starved people on pretty restricted diets. It offers five different plans, all of which are gluten- and dairy-free, tailored to different dietary needs. Its base plan is Vegan, with menu items like chipotle lime cauliflower and yellow curry vegetables. The company also offers slightly more expensive plans with premium proteins or that allow you to stick to a strictly keto or paleo diet.

Price: The vegan standard plan costs about $9 per meal, while the “Protein +”, Keto, and Paleo plans cost between $12-$13 per meal.

Sakara Life

This is a meal plan for the Goop-crowd. 100 percent of the meals are plant-based and promise a litany of health benefits, including boosted energy, improved digestion, reduced bloat, and better skin. There are a few different programs to choose from, most tailored towards detoxing, and even one designed specifically for people preparing for their weddings. That might not seem like your thing until you see the sample menu. One day includes lemon poppy seed donuts and two delicious salads. If that’s what detoxing looks like, sign us up.

Price: A subscription to the company’s signature program costs $70 per day for 5 days worth of food per week.

Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest’s meal kit delivery service doesn’t really deliver meal kits. Instead, you’ll get a selection of frozen smoothies, oats, bites, soups, lattes, harvest bowls, and more, all in a convenient-to-heat container. You will need to have a good blender to get the most value out of your subscription, but you don’t have to know how to dice an onion.

Price: Each of the company’s oat and chia bowls are $6. Smoothies, soups, bites, and lattes are $8. The harvest bowls, flatbreads, and ice cream scoops are $9. You have to buy at least 9 items, but you can save a bit of money if you buy over 14 items at a time.


Veestro’s vegan, preservative-free meals arrive frozen and are best prepared in an oven or skillet. The meals span a bunch of different cuisines, including Turkish meatballs, Thai curries, and shawarma. The aim is to provide people with three meals a day for under 1,200 calories total (ish).

Price: Veestro offers two ways to purchase its meals. The first is a la carte, in a massive box of 10-30 meals. Your total price will depend on how many meals you order and which meals you choose, but at minimum, you’ll pay $130 for 10 meals, $240 for 20 meals, and $330 for 30 meals, plus shipping. If you subscribe to bi-weekly deliveries of your a la carte box, or the company’s “Chef’s Choice” plan, you’ll save 10% and get free shipping. The company also offers a “Weigh Loss” subscription, which allows you to pay $176 for 5 days of curated meals or $227 for 7 days of meals.

Snap Kitchen

Snap Kitchen’s offerings go beyond fresh meals. They also do snacks and drinks. The meals include offerings like bison quinoa hash and chicken butternut macaroni. The snacks are bit more expected: banana plantain chips, RX bars, HU Kitchen dark chocolate, etc. You can choose from different plans including high protein, keto-friendly, vegetarian, or “balanced” diets. Each plan also comes at a sliding scale calorie count from 1,200 to 1,800 calories. The brand also has locations in Austin, Dallas, Houston, Philadelphia, and San Antonio where customers can pick up orders in person.

Price: The company’s 6 meal per week plan costs $70, which nets out to about $12 per meal. The company’s 12 meal per week plan costs $115 per week, which nets out to about $10 per meal.


Here’s a meal kit delivery service for the gym rats. Territory labels each food item with all of the caloric and macro content, making it ideal for people who are into obsessively counting that kind of stuff. You can pick up your meals at one of their partner facilities (think a local CrossFit gym), or get it delivered to your door.

Price: With shipping and an introductory free meal, the company’s 10 meal plan costs about $150, which is about $15 per meal. The company’s 18 meal plan costs about $223, which is about $12 per meal.