/The Best Sheet Masks Are Hydrating Marvels for Dull, Distressed Skin

The Best Sheet Masks Are Hydrating Marvels for Dull, Distressed Skin

Besides making you look like a Miyazaki ghost or a science fiction villain, the best sheet masks can do wonders for your skin. The big thing to know is that they work in different ways: many of them are hydrators, packed with serums to help skin stay nourished, bright, and youthful. But these product-coated paper masks are every bit as varied as the best face masks that come out of a jar: They can exfoliate, reverse signs of aging, deep clean your pores, shrink those pores, or reduce oil and shine. They can bring you back from a stressful week, a late night (or morning) at the club, or get you primed and perky for a big date. Here are our nine of the best sheet masks at the moment. Most can be incorporated into your skin regimen once a week or as-needed after cleansing.

The best hydrating sheet mask

Wolf Project hydrating and detoxifying sheet masks

These bamboo-charcoal sheet masks soak up impurities, despite the fact that each application is, above all, hydrating and nourishing. They use ginger and tea tree to prevent and reverse fine lines, dark spots, and other signs of aging. Use them once or twice a week to leave skin looking instantly firm, bright, and youthful.

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The best exfoliator

Erno Laszlo exfoliating and detoxifying sheet masks

This serum-packed mask from Erno Laszlo reveals an entirely new face when peeled away. Alpha-hydroxy acid gently dissolves dead, peeling skin cells from pores, while kiwi extract boosts collagen production for firmer, more healthy-looking skin. All this goes on while charcoal sucks grime from your pores like a vacuum cleaner, meaning you reveal a younger-looking, confident complexion in minutes.

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The most rejuvenating

Garnier anti-fatigue sheet masks

A simple blend of hyaluronic acid and lavender essential oil, Garnier’s masks boost and preserve hydration levels in the skin. They’re the most affordable on this list, and because they don’t have any harsh ingredients you can spoil yourself with a $2 ultra-hydrating mask whenever you fancy.

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The best lift

Mediheal lifting and firming sheet masks

You’re one sheet mask away from firmer skin, thanks to Mediheal’s collagen- and elastin-packed serum. It soothes the skin with aloe and gives you more even-toned, alert complexion in addition to a hydration and firmness.

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The best for oily and acne-prone skin

Sephora mattifying green tea sheet mask

There is green tea in Sephora’s masks, which purifies and tones the skin. This gives you a more matte complexion while also minimizing breakouts. It’s perfect if you’re prone to oily skin or often experience clogged pores.

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The deepest clean

Dr. Jart+ bubbling charcoal deep-cleaning sheet mask

This charcoal mask bubbles and tingles the skin as it extracts gunk and toxins from your skin. It shrinks pores and tightens all at once, giving you a refreshing reboot from excessive oil, sweat, or even stress.

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The best splurge

SK-II facial treatment sheet masks

SK-II uses its own proprietary blend, called Pitera, in its top-shelf skincare line. It’s infused into this mask, and loads your skin with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and more than 50 nutrients. Yes, it’s expensive, but this is the stuff that turns your next Netflix binge into a full-fledged spa retreat.

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The best recovery

Starskin after-party brightening sheet mask

There’s a vitamin C and coconut-juice cocktail mixed into Starskin’s sheet masks, and it helps you recover after one too many drinks from the night before, or from a long week at the office. It will brighten skin, reduce dark spots and discoloration, and help your skin look far less distressed than you might feel.

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The best anti-ager

Shiseido retinol revitalizing sheet masks

If you don’t already have a
retinol-centric skincare regimen, then Shiseido’s masks are a good place to start. When used regularly, this vitamin-A derived ingredient reverses signs of aging, such as fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, large pores, and even minimizes acne.

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