/Want a Little Community? Here’s 7 Plus Size Facebook Groups to Join Now!

Want a Little Community? Here’s 7 Plus Size Facebook Groups to Join Now!

More than likely, you are part of a Facebook Group or two (or three or four or five…). Whether it be one for where you live, or a shared interest, the Facebook feature is blowing up. Sometimes, it is the only thing in our notifications. But did you know that there are quite a few plus size Facebook groups? 

Ohhhh yes. These groups, as Mark Zuckerberg stated, “are by far the fastest growing areas of online communication” in a blog post labeled A Privacy-Focused Vision for Social Networking.The rise in popularity for this is due to people craving connection, but in a more private way; the “digital equivalent of the living room.”

This is in contrast to public profiles and posting on your personal page because “privacy gives people the freedom to be themselves and connect more naturally, which is why we build social networks.” 

So how does plus size fashion fit into all of this?

Over the past few years, the plus size community has given space to micro communities and its various intersections. To be among those who “get us”  and who look like us, is needed in our community.

This is where these plus size Facebook groups come into play. To satisfy the need to have a safe space with like-minded individuals with the comfort of having a private group.

So, we’ve rounded up just a FEW groups that you MUST know in this space! 

The Curvy Fashionista Community 

Plus size facebook groups

Did you know that we have a Facebook group? Oh yes. With themed days, questions, fashion and shopping tips, and all things fashion, here is where you can dig a little deeper to find the pieces you are looking for.

You can also get an inside scoop on various plus size events, FB Lives, and become part of the TCF family! 

You can join the Curvy Fashionista Community here!

Plus Size Brides

Plus Size Facebook Groups- Plus Size Brides

This private group is “a place where plus size brides can chat, share ideas and photos, vent, get advice, and just all around have a place for us without feel[ing] self conscious.”

This group is much larger, but gives you access to brides all around the world to receive support and advice from. 

Having trouble finding a plus size wedding dress brand? Needing more affordable bridesmaids dresses? This group is the one for you!

You can join Plus Size Brides HERE.


Plus Size Outfit Share

Plus Size Facebook Groups- Plus Size Outfit Share

Insyze’s Facebook group didn’t want to focus on selling plus size clothing. Instead, they wanted to create a community of people who wanted to share looks they’re proud of, ask for advice and share plus size fashion tips. 

In just over a month, the group has almost reached 1,000 members who actively participate in discussions, offer compliments and hit that like button more often than not. 

You can request to join Plus Size Outfit Share.


Fat Girls Traveling

Fat Girls Traveling FB Group

Created by Annette of From Annette with Love, Fat Girls Traveling is a group about “Fat Activism through the Travel lens.

According to their about page, Fat Girls Traveling is the “voice for the curvy, plus size, Fat Female Traveler. We’re reclaiming the word Fat! We’re leaving the shame and stigma behind and defying the odds. Jump on that plane, jump in front of the camera and showing the world that we’re here, we love ourselves and they should too!”

If you have ever wondered about what life is like traveling, want to be inspired by other’s adventures, or to share or get tips on traveling, this is where you should be! 

You can join Fat Girls Traveling Here.

Big & Beautiful Plus Size Clothing

Plus Size Facebook Groups-

This group is a US only based group with the purpose of selling plus size clothing, shoes and bags.  With over 37,000 members, you are sure to find some clothing to buy or even some you can sell to make some extra money.

Facebook groups have cut out the middle man when it comes to selling clothes online, so goodbye fees and hello quick money! 

You can request to join Big & Beautiful Plus Size Clothing HERE.  

Torrid Plus Size Resale

Plus Size Facebook Groups- Torrid Resell

Are you a Torrid fan? We have the group for you! This Facebook group focuses on selling pre-loved Torrid clothing.  This is perfect if you’re looking for a marketplace of strictly plus size clothing (it’s in the rules that you must sell size 12+). 

Specific brand groups are very common. If you have a favorite brand, we recommend searching for one that specializes in that company. If you find your favorite brand, post a comment below with your newest Facebook group! 

You can request to join Torrid Plus Size Resale.  

Plus Size and Pregnant

Plus Size Facebook Groups- Plus Size and Pregnant

If you’re plus size and expecting, this is the group for you.  This group describes its members as “fluffy and fabulously expecting! We like to share our concerns, wisdom, and advice. This is a place where you will never feel alone. This is first and furthermost a support group, but we tend to be a bit more fun than that.”

With over 6,000 members it is not too large that it will spam your news feed, but has an expansive network to receive or share advice. 

You can request to join Plus Size and Pregnant HERE.  


These are just a few of the plus size Facebook groups we have come across! BUT! There are so many different plus size Facebook groups to suit a variety of your interests and needs.

We are lucky to be surrounded by such inspirational and beautiful people on Instagram daily, but there is a large number of our community that aren’t as comfortable sharing their lives in such a public display. 

Did we share or miss your favorite plus size group on Facebook? 

Ohhh, do let us know in the comments below! 

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