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Pisces Monthly Horoscope


Grounding energy has arrived, Pisces—and not a moment too soon. The Sun is in Aries and your security-seeking second house until April 19, heating up your zone of work, money and daily routines. Figuring out a plan isn’t easy under these surreal new conditions, but you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and be as productive as possible. If you happen to work in an “essential business” or live in an area where commerce is still underway, double down on your efforts. Under quarantine? While your nomadic sign might be feeling a bit TOO stable from being sequestered, this three-week period puts you in touch with your values and priorities. What truly matters to you, Pisces? Focus on that and forget the rest.

Your prescription for the first three weeks of April: Simplify, slow down and ramp up the self-care. The sensual second house might crave consistency, but it also loves luxury. With the world’s bustling pace on temporary hold, you may find more time to appreciate the little things. We’re not suggesting you deny or ignore the stark reality. But the stars also grant you permission to take pleasure in the present moment—even when others are sick and sufferingor life is turned upside-down. It’s hard for your compassionate soul, yet also healthy.

As for anyone who gives you a hard time about that? Well, they might not belong on Team Pisces, to be frank. And you’ll find out just who’s in your corner on April 4, when truth teller Jupiter and transformational Pluto make their first of 2020’s three rare unions in Capricorn, sweeping through your eleventh house of groups and technology. Is it time to unfriend a few people, both on social media and IRL? Distance yourself from energy vampires and anyone who brings you down. Maybe you need to firmly step up and shift some toxic group dynamics or to rise up and take leadership of a venture that’s losing steam.

How about bringing some new players into the mix? A powerhouse collaboration could ignite at the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction. Take stock of your network and the well-connected, inspiring people you know. Is it time to join forces on a big idea, perhaps one that supports your community or helps those affected by the COVID-19 crisis?

The next two Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions are on June 30 and November 12 and bring two more waves of power players into your world—and you don’t want to be distracted by drama when that happens. The true colors of your inner circle could be revealed now. Pay attention!

The urge to merge is strong this month, Pisces, which is challenging when we’re mandated to keep our (well-scrubbed) hands to ourselves. But where there’s a will (and a Wi-fi signal), there’s a way. The April 7 Libra full moon illuminates your eighth house of power, shared resources and intimacy. A relationship you’ve been developing for the past six months could reach an important turning point. You may decide whether you’re all the way in—or totally out.

Some Pisces might get engaged, hear pregnancy news or decide to make a major commitment today or over the coming two weeks. Perhaps all the stress of the pandemic has cemented a realization of what (and who) really matters to you most. A joint business venture, perhaps one you’ve been working on since as far back as the September 28, 2019, Libra new moon, can come together now, too.

Warning: The full moon in your all-or-nothing eighth house can drive you to extremes, and buried emotions could erupt. This is further exacerbated by a tense square between hotheaded Mars in your foggy twelfth house and disruptive Uranus in your communication zone. Arguments could break out, especially since you’ll be hypersensitive to any whiff of criticism. Under a Mars-Uranus square, egos and tempers run rampant—and in a thin-skinned second, you may lash out at someone who takes an excessively harsh tone with you. Don’t go there, Pisces: Your clapback might do more damage than you realize. If they swing low, stay high-vibe!

If you’re dealing with any financial issues, whether as a result of the current crisis or not, this full moon could bring a resolution. Perhaps you’ll get a payout or some sort of reprieve to offset your expenses. You might be one of the lucky people who prospers no matter what (here’s hoping!). Your perceptive mind could devise a way to sail through the economic storm unscathed.

And if you’re feeling helpless or can’t get out of a funk, this spiritual full moon is a great time for meditation or self-healing work. Once you reestablish your line to the divine, you’ll feel like you’re back in the driver’s seat. If all else fails, give back! One Pisces friend of ours, a gifted healer, is offering daily long-distance Reiki, beaming energy to her quarantined friends around the world. Use your powers for good, Pisces, which it’s your nature to do—and balance will return.

Midmonth, the Aries Sun will square off against calculating Pluto (on April 14) and blustery Jupiter (April 15) in Capricorn and your collaboration corner. Tension around shared expenses could crop up with a partner or roommates. If you’re working remotely, there could be power struggles and resentments if someone feels like they’ve been caring an unfair share of the load. And let’s not even TALK about the stress of dividing up living space now. At the Sun-Pluto square, you may sense unspoken hostility from a colleague or friend. Yet they’ll insist that everything is “fine,” which could leave you feeling unsettled—or worse. Let it go for now.

The next day, outspoken Jupiter could tempt you to confront a troubling person and demand an air-clearing conversation. Pro tip: That probably won’t go well since egos and defensiveness will be running amok. Instead, use your energy to get a faltering group project back on track. Rally the troops to plow past the finish line. You may need to be a bit sterner than usual. But if you add a dash of can-do encouragement, you’ll get everyone past their resistance and meet your goal. Did a moneymaking idea get back-burnered? Pick it up again but proceed at a very conservative pace. Don’t rush into anything without a proper plan now.

On April 19, the Sun moves into Taurus and your social third house for a month—not exactly ideal timing. Since it’s likely that many parts of the world will be shut down for most, if not all, of Taurus season, you’ll need to get creative with your communing. The upside? Your mind is hungry to learn, explore and share. Proooojecccccttttt!

At the April 22 Taurus new moon, a clever idea could plant the seeds of something bigger that blossoms in the coming six months. The third house rules media, and you may find fulfillment—and opportunity—through teaching, writing or creating content that you share through your social networks. Think interactive: Is there any way you can get friends or kindred spirits involved or start something participatory? Unleash your Pisces imagination. While there’s nothing quite like hanging out together at your favorite microbrewery or tea salon, try to come up with the next best thing. If you need to initiate an important conversation or pitch a project idea, this could be one of April’s best days to do so.

But first, shake off the heavier vibes of the April 21 Sun-Saturn square, a dour day when the glass looks half-empty (if not completely drained). This twice-a-year event serves up a sobering reality check—which isn’t a totally bad thing. The danger, however, is that you can slip down a pessimistic rabbit hole. With the Sun in your communicative third house squaring Saturn in your hazy twelfth house, it will be hard to distinguish fact from fiction, fantasy from reality. And with the 24/7 flood of news alerts, that’s tough enough right now! Are you in denial and burying your head in the sand…or are you taking wise precautions? It’s hard to say. Better to err on the side of being overly vigilant than too laissez-faire now.

On April 25, deep-diving Pluto begins its annual five-month retrograde, backing through Capricorn and your eleventh house of technology and teamwork until October 4. Resistance and power struggles could erupt with collaborators now. Or, if that’s already happening—especially with all the new social dynamics that sheltering-in-place has spawned—Pluto retrograde can help you step back from the drama. This is a time to come together, not tear each other down. Make that clear to anyone who’s taking out their frustrations on you. As for that triggering person you might not be able to avoid? Pause, breathe and don’t react.

Retrogrades are a time to slow down, reflect and reconnect with the past. Reach out to old friends or colleagues. Who knows? You could come up with an ingenious idea together, create a meaningful mastermind or just connect for regular hits of mutual support.

Craving a digital detox? While that may not be totally possible now, step away from the screen at any opportunity. Artistic Pisces have so many creative gifts, and making things by hand can be a saving grace. You could learn macrame, pick up an instrument, dye your hair or clothing. Break out the watercolors or sketchpad. Not that you need us to tell you that! You’re a walking Pinterest board waiting to happen. And on that note, why not document your DIY designs on social media when you do hop back online?

The motivation could arrive the next day, when the confident Sun and innovative Uranus make their once-a-year meetup in Taurus and your communicative third house. Send your novel ideas out to the interwebs, Pisces! Your spirits will be buoyed by the grateful feedback. With humanitarian Uranus in your zone of local events, bring your crew or community together—even if it’s virtual—for a common cause.


Live-in loving, anyone? Romance comes closer to home—and perhaps not a moment too soon. Vixen Venus begins an extended trip to Gemini and your domestic fourth house from April 3 to August 7, bringing peace and affection to Chateau Pisces. Whew! This is a time when an extra helping of tolerance is really needed, especially if you’re navigating roommates, remote working or school closures and parenting challenges. Venus lends a soft touch—at least for a few weeks.

Venus normally visits each sign for about a month, but since the planet of amour will be retrograde (backward) from May 13 to June 25, she’ll spend an extra-long time in this zone. Venus turns retrograde every 18 months, which can be difficult for love; a time when relationships hit rocky patches or require repair. Since retrogrades rule the past, old tensions could resurface. Begin your preventive practices now by making amends with feuding family members and friends.

Feeling tired or craving more solitude? Energy planet Mars is in Aquarius and your restful twelfth house of retreat and healing from March 31 to May 13. You may not be in the mood for closeness. If you recently weathered a breakup, betrayal or painful rift, this Mars cycle could help your heart begin to mend. Take a break from anyone who pushes your buttons or brings out the worst in you. You don’t have time to do battle with triggering people now. Ramp up the self-care, get extra rest and use the time for rituals, creative projects or anything that soothes your soul. Coupled Pisces may need additional support and reassurance. Don’t be shy about asking for it—no guilt!

Key Dates:
April 4: Venus-Saturn trine

Are you leaning too heavily on one person for support? It’s okay to vent to your trusted companion but don’t take advantage of their kindness. Be aware if you start monopolizing the conversation. Or seek out a friend to chat with and give your S.O. some space. If you’re single, small talk with someone new could turn deep quickly, revealing how much you have in common.


Money’s on everyone’s mind right now, but it’s a focus for you in particular, Pisces. The Sun is taking its annual lap through Aries and your second house of daily income until April 19. You’re in high productivity mode, eager to lock down some security. A penny saved is a penny earned. In addition to sussing out ways to pad your paycheck, look for where you can trim expenses and consolidate costs. On April 4, a rare and potent Jupiter-Pluto meetup in your group activity zone catalyzes collaborations. By joining forces with the right people, you could go farther faster. But even though your compassionate and democratic heart wants to invite everyone to the party, start by building your core team first.

This wisdom is underscored by the April 7 Libra full moon in your joint ventures zone. Strategic alliances and powerful partnerships could come your way. Align with the right people and create a win-win—not just for the two of you, but for everyone. You can start sharing about it after April 19, when the Sun shifts into Taurus and your communal, communicative third house. The April 22 Taurus new moon could bring a kindred spirit into your orbit. On the 26th, a summit between the Sun and ingenious Uranus could find the two of you (virtually) plotting an epic idea or three.

Key Dates:
April 3: Mercury-Neptune meetup

Imagination and intellect find their perfect balance point today, as communication planet Mercury entwines with creative Neptune in Pisces. Mercury’s rational side balances dreamy Neptune’s influence, so your utopian ideas actually have a chance at becoming reality. This could be an emotional merger though, so instead of pushing for a resolution, let things run their course.

Love Days: 1, 5
Money Days: 11, 20
Luck Days: 9, 18
Off Days: 3, 7

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