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Capricorn Monthly Horoscope


Staying home isn’t the worst fate for you, Capricorn—at least not for the first three weeks of April. With the Sun in Aries and your domestic fourth house until April 19, you might actually appreciate the silver lining of extra downtime. (And here’s our sincerest hope that you’re in good health!) Should you be under quarantine, you’ll be plenty productive and creative. Catch up on household duties, make art, read books. Connect with loved ones—at safe distance, of course. Resting and nesting are hardly crimes, and certainly something a lot of Sea Goats have earned the right to enjoy.

A huge cosmic event arrives on April 4, and you’re at the center of it. Expansive Jupiter and transformational Pluto will unite in YOUR sign for the first time since 1771. Get ready for a cosmic coming-out party since this dynamic duo calls forth a bold and magnetic side of you—perhaps one the world has never seen. This is the first of 2020’s three Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions: The next two, also in Capricorn, are on June 30 and November 12.

During this three-part act, a bounty of possibilities may come your way—yes, even when the rest of the world is feeling shell-shocked (and you may be too). Stay alert because an opportunity to lead or share your original ideas might arise. Strategic Pluto and big-picture Jupiter encourage you to be proactive…and visible. Don’t wait for people to come to YOU, Capricorn. If you’ve got an ingenious solution or a novel idea, this is your moment to launch it. You could also have a moment of piercing insight into a personal matter you’ve been pondering. This can be a powerful day for self-discovery—to step back and reveal a “blind spot” that’s been causing you to struggle.

Accolades pour in at the April 7 Libra full moon, which beams into your tenth house of career and success. This once-a-year event brings a turning point to any public or professional endeavors you’ve been working on since the September 28, 2019, Libra NEW moon. If you’ve been struggling to figure out where to direct your energy, this full moon shines a guiding light on your goals. You might move on from one set of duties and take on some totally different tasks. Be nimble and willing to pivot as needed.

Full moons can signify endings or transitions, and with so many people’s careers in flux, you may get news of cutbacks or job freezes, if you haven’t already. Should that happen, don’t get upset—get busy. As the zodiac’s most industrious and productive sign, make the saying “necessity is the mother of invention” your mantra. Speaking of parents…an important man, possibly your father, could figure into events at this lunar event. Clear the air or have an honest heart-to-heart.

The tenth house also rules mentors and people who are older or more experienced than you. Reach out to someone who fits that description, especially if they’ve lived through hard times in their personal history, such as a war or an economic downturn. You’ll feel strengthened and supported by some wise guidance, earned through real-life lessons. Perspective is a gift.

Though you’ll try to hold it steady, April 7 could bring some drama out of left field—be prepared to dodge it! Hotheaded Mars in your income house will clash in a tense square with erratic Uranus in your expressive fifth house. If you’ve been dealing with work or money stress—like so many people—you may find yourself on the verge of snapping. This irascible Mars-Uranus combo might trigger you to snap before you have a chance to regain your composure, which isn’t your usual unflappable style. Watch for people who push your buttons—and observe three times the required “social distance” from them today!
Midmonth, you could wind up embroiled in a couple more of those battles as the Aries Sun forms two tricky squares with enmeshed Pluto (on April 14) and outspoken Jupiter (April 15) in your sign. A needy family member or an insecure loved one could drain your reserves—and you need to step away. It won’t be easy to carve out personal space, partly because they’re just not listening!
Maybe this person hasn’t realized quite how self-absorbed and demanding they’ve become—or if the “drain” is a small child (the Sun is in your fourth house of parenting), they can’t help but be needy. Details aside, you need to occasionally disengage and regroup! At the April 14 Sun-Pluto square, you might get the sense that someone is toying with your emotions, giving you guilt trips or tugging on your heartstrings for their own gain. They’ll never admit it, so don’t bother trying to get them to ‘fess up. Just watch, observe and keep your private ideas under wraps.
At the April 15 Sun-Jupiter square, you may have a hard time muzzling yourself since this outspoken and blustery combo can inflate egos. Before you know it, you could be in a full-on shouting match. Easy, Capricorn. There’s no room for arrogance and entitlement in the world right now. Don’t be part of the problem! If anything, this transit is begging you to take a time-out. Although you probably can’t go for a massage or blowout, put together a home beauty treatment—any reasonable facsimile will do. Make self-care a priority today. Ask for support if you’re feeling overloaded and let yourself delegate, even if they don’t do it to your standards. “Done” is way better than “perfect” right now!

Your sense of joy returns on April 21—believe it or not—when the Sun starts a monthlong visit to Taurus and your fifth house of romance, passion and playfulness. Finding outlets for this energy will take some imagination, but this creative starmap gives you just the kickstart you need. Find ways to get out of the house and “spark joy,” especially at the April 22 Taurus new moon. This date could plant the seeds for a promising romantic connection, or one of your original ideas may attract attention. Put those buzzworthy bon mots out there, post a glam new headshot and get busy building your fan base!

Just be sure to shake off the pessimistic vibes from the day prior. On April 21, a dour square forms between the Taurus Sun and your ruler, stern Saturn, which is in your second house of work, money and security. Under this pessimistic one-day transit, you may get caught in the grips of a grim outlook about your financial future and stability. And reading the news doesn’t help. If you find yourself going down that hopeless tunnel, step back and ask yourself, “What can I do RIGHT NOW that will make a difference?” No matter how small the task, reclaiming a sense of agency is the key. The farther into the future you try to project today, the worse you’ll feel. Save that for tomorrow, when the new moon renews hope and helps you set clear intentions from a more optimistic headspace.

On April 25, deep-diving Pluto begins its annual five-month retrograde, backing through Capricorn and your first house of self, appearance and identity until October 4. Pluto is in Capricorn from 2008 to 2024, so you’ve been experiencing this cycle for the past 12 years—a slow revolution and reinvention of yourself, inside and out. Use this reflective cycle to do some transformational work on your image. How do you present yourself to the world, and does it accurately reflect the person you’ve become (or are becoming)?

With so many people now communicating via video chat, livestreams and virtual appearances, you might use this cycle to strengthen your message and delivery. And why not freshen up your look while you’re at it? Even if you can’t go out shopping, regenerative Pluto’s backspin makes “everything old new again.” Shop your closet, experiment with vintage-inspired looks and try hairstyles you used to rock back in the day. A ‘90s grunge revolution? An early aughts return to Gwen Stefani-style tube tops and cargo pants? Let a few alter egos reemerge.

On an interior level, Pluto’s retrograde could remind you to step back into your power if you’ve gotten insecure or self-doubting. Reflect on specifically where you may have let go of the reins. The “why” matters to a point, but once you figure out where you made that left turn, stop fixating. And no beating yourself up allowed! What’s important is hopping back into the driver’s seat, correcting course and moving forward.

A burst of passion ignites out of the blue on April 26, when the bold Sun and innovative Uranus unite in Taurus, electrifying your creative and romantic fifth house. You won’t be able to keep your opinions to yourself—and why should you? Those out-of-the box ideas are begging to be expressed. Uranus rules technology, and an attraction that’s been brewing online could spark into real feelings…or so it seems. You may or may not be able to physically act on them, but some spicy banter could fly on a chat thread today! You might dare to voice feelings you’d normally keep to yourself. Separated from your love interest for safety reasons? Share a racy photo or audio message, send nudes, throw caution to the wind. Just maybe set that message to disappear a few minutes after consumption.


As love planet Venus begins an extended trip to Gemini and your hygienic sixth house from April 3 to August 7, you’re all about keeping things clean—in every sense. With oddly prescient timing, Venus will encourage you to take things slow (not that you don’t, cautious earth sign that you are) and to prioritize self-care over sexytime. Beautify and simplify your surroundings, spend time in nature when you can (at a safe distance) and keep things easy—whether you’re single or in a relationship. The sixth house rules service, so work on being there for bae, but watch that you don’t sacrifice your own needs and end up feeling resentful.

Venus normally visits each sign for about a month, but since the planet of amour will be retrograde (backward) from May 13 to June 25, she’ll spend an extra-long time in this zone. Venus turns retrograde every 18 months, which can be difficult for love; it’s a time when relationships hit rocky patches or require repair. Since retrogrades rule the past, an ex or two may resurface. During this long Venus transit, watch out for a critical streak that could get out of control—whether directed toward you, the object of your affections or both.

Channel that agitation into DIY projects, crafting, cleaning and getting stuff DONE. Crossing items off your to-do list doesn’t have to be a solo undertaking. Couples might want to go on a fitness kick together or tackle some long-procrastinated home projects.

With intensifying Mars in Aquarius and your security zone from March 30 to May 13, you may have stress about finances and work that creeps into your relationship. Or expenses could rise and really drive up the tension. Maybe it’s time to partner up on a moneymaking side hustle that will get you both through these uncertain times. Don’t hate, (income-) generate!

Key Dates:
April 4: Venus-Saturn trine

You’re playing the long game today as enchanting Venus in your intimate eighth house vibes with value-driven Saturn. Chemistry may be potent, but do your relationship goals and your ten-year plans align? Get clear on what each person wants, and if there’s enough compatible overlap, start making magic together!


As if on cue, April’s stars shine the spotlight on your home. With the Sun visiting Aries and your domestic fourth house until April 19, Chateau Cap isn’t just a place to zone out and work remotely from dawn until dusk. Relax your restrictions and give your personal life some TLC. Make self-care a vital part of your day. Take a break to do yoga, strum an instrument or plate yourself a beautiful lunch. A huge opportunity could arrive at the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction on April 4—these potent planets’ first meetup in your sign since 1771 (really!). As you FINALLY grasp just how powerful you are, the world could take notice, too. Or, you could summon the courage to hang your shingle as a solopreneur.

The April 7 Libra full moon in your career and leadership zone adds even more momentum to your ambitious efforts. Embrace this responsible role—you were born for it. Playful energy sweeps in on April 19 when the Sun shifts into Taurus for a month, heating up your fifth house of creativity and self-expression. At the April 22 Taurus new moon you could attract buzz for your novel ideas. Something big could unfold from this over the next six months. Don’t miss an opportunity to put your talents on display. Quick—press “post” or “publish” before you change your mind!

Key Dates:
April 3: Mercury-Neptune meetup

Messages might be muddled today when Mercury gets pulled into murky Neptune’s undertow. With these planets conjoined in your communicative third house, swap the logical, left-brained work for something more imaginative. Summon your savviest friends. Bouncing ideas off these people can yield a surprising solution to a stubborn problem. Dive into tasks that allow you to lose track of time; the results of these will be especially fruitful today.

Love Days: 22, 1
Money Days: 7, 16
Luck Days: 5, 13
Off Days: 26, 3, 11

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