/Kim Kardashian West on Getting Beyoncés Take on SKIMS and Bringing the Line to Men in the Future

Kim Kardashian West on Getting Beyoncés Take on SKIMS and Bringing the Line to Men in the Future

In less than six months, Kim Kardashian West launched her shapewear brand SKIMS, and it blew up online, selling out restock after restock. Today, SKIMS is available in Nordstrom, bringing the web brand to a store front for the first time. This is just the beginning of the SKIMS physical retail experience, Kardashian West told ELLE.com at the Nordstrom NYC flagship this morning, while her husband, the Grammy-award winning rapper Kanye West, sat in the corner.

In the next year, “I really hope to see it everywhere,” Kardashian West said. “I think it’s just a necessity that everyone really needs. I know that we’ve been branching off into lounge wear and pajamas, and I just, I really want to stay true to our brand, which is really I think minimal and inclusive. And I just hope that we take over in this space. It’s just crazy that there’s lines like that for underwear and shapewear and something that I wouldn’t have ever dreamed that people would be lining up for. I mean, our [business] model didn’t start off to have low quantities and have it sell out all the time. I want it to be in stock, and it’s so crazy, and I’m so grateful that people love it so much that they keep coming back for more.”

SKIMS may branch out into menswear in the future, Kardashian West teased, and there’s a very special release coming out this Valentine’s Day—although she couldn’t give the full details just yet. But Kardashian West is listening to what the people want. “I know that everyone’s been talking about men’s,” she said. “We don’t have anything in the works yet, but I’ve gotten so many requests that I’m definitely going to be looking into it a lot more. We have really fun shapewear, something that I’m going to be announcing soon for Valentine’s Day. But still, we’re always going to stay true to us at our core and have really comfortable [shapewear]. I have our year planned out through 2021 midway. Our pajamas did really well, and I have lots of amazing fabrics that I’m going to continue to come out with in that space as well.”

By the way, Kardashian West did send Beyoncé SKIMS. (Kardashian-West was one of the lucky friends of Beyoncé to receive her Ivy Park-Adidas collection.)

“I did send her the Cozy Collection, yeah,” Kardashian-West confirmed. “Her and some of our other friends and everyone really likes it. I love her line too. I thought it was so well executed, that whole drop of hers, and I love so many pieces in the line.”

And plenty of other stars have told Kardashian West personally that they’re into SKIMS. “Earlier today I was doing Good Morning America, and Meghan Trainor was in the hallway and was like, ‘I cannot take off my SKIMS Cozy Robe, and I live in it and I’m obsessed with it,'” Kardashian West said. “Stuff like that, when I hear people mention it and just talk about—they don’t have to tell me that they like it, they genuinely feel confident in it, and that makes me feel just so proud that people really do love it.”