/The Best Duffel Bag and Weekender Travel Bag for Men in 2020

The Best Duffel Bag and Weekender Travel Bag for Men in 2020

A good duffel bag needs to do only one thing: hold stuff. The best duffel bag, however, needs to check off a few more boxes. A great duffel bag should still carry your clothes, kicks, chargers, toiletries, and everything else in the most space-efficient, easy-to-find way possible. A great duffel should outlast your passport—or better yet, you—despite years of being stuffed in an overhead bin and thrown in the trunk of your car. A great duffel should make everyone else in the TSA line jealous. And in most cases, that means the best duffel bag is made from leather. Cowhide keeps your gear protected and develops a singular patina over time that’s all yours. That luxe hide, however, is going to cost you. Which is why we’re glad to confirm that these days there are also plenty of non-leather options on the market that are smartly engineered to hold all your stuff and stand up to being stuffed in an overheard bin again and again. And, yes, those options are also actually stylish. We’ve slung hundreds over our shoulders over the years, and none hauled our stuff as well as these. Here are 17 duffels for every budget and every type of weekend trip.

The Best Duffel Bag, Period

Lotuff No. 12 weekender

Squared-edge duffels can be clunky to carry and eye-pleasing cylindrical shapes are tricky to pack, but Lotuff’s No. 12 model has the just-right compromise: rectangular on the bottom, tapering up into a rounded top. That nameless-shape ensures the bag is as comfortable to carry against on your back (with the detachable strap) as it is to haul by hand but still sits stable atop a rolling suitcase. It’s made in the U.S.A. from vegetable-tanned leather with each piece of the carryall cut from the section that best serves that area (thicker for the body, thinner for interior pockets). Then there are the considered details: the zipper closure is engineered to run from from end-wall to end-wall, not simply across the top. That allows for a wider opening, which makes packing easy. The zippers and hardware are fabricated from solid brass, including the lock-and-key closure—nothing’s breaking here. There’s an interior zip pocket for the all the cords and tie bars you need to keep separate. The bottom of the bag is reinforced with a second leather layer, plus the handles are both riveted and stitched to support the weight of whatever you’re hauling around.

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The Best Status Symbol Duffel Bag

Louis Vuitton monogram eclipse keepall

Carrying a Louis Vuitton’s Keepall 55 blacked-out “Monogram Eclipse” duffel bag tells the world that you are a big-time man with big-time money. But there’s a reason the now-iconic bag hasn’t gone out of style in the last 90 years or so, even if it is a status symbol among the flashier set: it’s just a damn good duffel bag. It’s lightweight, thanks to a body that’s—shhhhhhhh—not leather, but coated cotton canvas (that yes, looks very, very much like leather). The shape is iconic, and the natural cowhide trim only gets better over time. Only L.V. could make cotton as enviably luxe as this.

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The Best Showstopping Duffel Bag

Bottega Veneta intrecciato duffel bag

Bottega Veneta’s signature”Intrecciato” woven leather design was first introduced in the 1970s as a way to break away from the box-shaped, rigid bags of the era. Using glove leather that was lighter and more pliable than cow skins traditionally used at the time, the brand’s craftspeople wove strips together to create a criss-cross pattern that achieved a lighter weight, more supple bag—that also stood out from the smooth-skin crowd. The artisanal infrastructure also means this bag holds its shape, whether it’s stuffed with gear in the overhead bin or barely packed for a quick overnight trip. And if you really want to stand out from every other passenger in the airport, opt for this guy in an uncommon color like this brick red.

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The Best Adventure Travel Duffel Bag

The North Face base camp duffel

Whether you’re heading to the nearest beach or Nepal, The North Face’s base camp duffel is equipped to get your gear there with zero hassle. The water-resistent laminaated ballistic nylon bag is super lightweight, with ample space for a weekend’s worth of clothes plus smart design features like a zippered pocket on the end (meant for separating wet clothes or dirty shoes). The padded shoulder strap makes hauling it around less strressful on your shoulders than most bags and the wavy colors (highlighter yellow, Ecto Cooler green) means it’s impossible to lose track of it on any journey.

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The Best Heavy Duty Duffel Bag

Filson medium twill duffel bag

Filson’s rugged twill bags have been the gold standard for guys who want to get their shit from point A to B, from the office to out-of-office getaways. The bag feels satisfyingly sturdy, thanks to a mix of rain-resistant twill and thick bridle leather handle, both of which get better/softer/doper over time. The storm-flap closure that sits over the top zip is a smart feature if you’re traveling in inclement weather and the wraparound leather straps mean this thing can carry a heavy load with ease.

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The Best Ready-for-Anything Duffel Bag

Patagonia Black Hole duffel bag 60L

This insanely durable Patagonia duffel has passed every test (planes, trains, automobiles—you name it) for summer vacations and holiday travel. Plus it looks approximately 1,000 percent cooler than everyone else’s carry-on. Like North Face’s base camp duffel, added shoulder-strap attachments mean you can actually hoof it up a mountain with this on your back.

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The Best Low-Key Elegant Duffel Bag

Longchamp “Le Foulonné” travel bag

For a bag first created in 1975, Longchamp’s “Le Foulonné” is impressively contemporary. It’s triangular body stands out in a field of tubular duffels, with a top-zip opening that stays open while you’re trying to pack a trip’s-worth of clothes in it. The sleek leather top strap not only looks good; it’s also less abrasive than fabric options out there.

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The Best Grab-and-Go Duffel Bag

Baboon Go-Tote

If you’ve ever needed to pack for a trip in under two minutes, then this is the bag for you. This straightforward giant holdall is crafted from impenetrable ballistic nylon, with two reinforced carry handles up top and a half-dozen stash pockets around the perimeter. Grab what you need, stuff it in where you can, and then get yourself out the door.

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The Best Quick Getaway Duffel Bag

Want Les Essentiels Hartsfield weekender

Want Les Essentials’ modernized riff on a carryall falls somewhere between a big tote and a traditional duffle bag, which makes it good for just about any kind of overnight trip. It features an organic cotton canvas body anchored by a smooth Italian leather base, a perfect mix of hardy and luxurious. The result is a streamlined carryall that offers a surprising amount of storage space inside.

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Eight More Duffels Worthy of Your Shoulders

Tumi Alpha 3 double expansion travel satchel

Bringing home a few more souvenirs than you bargained for? This Tumi number expands to give you an extra 13 inches of depth for all your newly acquired knick-knacks.

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Rains waterproof weekend duffel bag

Because there’s nothing worse than unpacking soggy wool sweaters.

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Coach metropolitan duffle 52

Gorgeous leather on the outside, generous space on the inside. Nothing more, nothing less.

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Monte & Coe wool weekender bag

That Italian wool exterior doesn’t just look good—it wicks away moisture, resists odors, and lets the stuff inside breathe.

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Carhartt legacy gear bag

As big and tough and ruggedly handsome as…well, everything else you own from Carhartt.

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Lands’ End canvas weekender duffle bag

Don’t forget to get it monogrammed for the full Cape Cod aesthetic.

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Herschel Supply Co. ultralight duffle bag

A light-as-air option with built-in backpack straps for when whatever you’re hauling gets heavy.

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United by Blue trail weekender

There’s a built-in laptop sleeve, to make that always awkward finagling for devices in the security line just a little bit easier.

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