/Looks Like Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson Are Starting a Band Called Bandit and Bardot

Looks Like Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson Are Starting a Band Called Bandit and Bardot

Miley Cyrus has spent the past couple weeks on vocal rest, but she’ll be back in music in 2020…and perhaps in a way no one saw coming six months ago. TMZ reports that Cyrus has filed paperwork to trademark the band name Bandit and Bardot. The band already has an Instagram page that only follows her and her boyfriend Cody Simpson. Imagine that: the two musicians’ surprise romance gave birth to a band in just two-ish months. Simpson and Cyrus went public with their relationship in October.

Bandit and Bardot’s Instagram page, which only follows Miley and Cody.


According to TMZ, Cyrus’ company filed paperwork for a trademark that will encompass “entertainment services, including live music performances by a band and live performances by a professional singer, musician and entertainer,” along with “a website focused on live concerts, plus the production of sound recordings on all types of mediums—CDs, DVDs, downloads, ring tones and more.”

This is not the first hint Simpson and Cyrus has given about their joint musical future. At the beginning of December, Simpson told E! at GQ’s Men of the Year that the two were thinking about collaborating.

“Yeah definitely. We’re looking at it,” he said. “We are getting all the songs down [on my album] and then seeing who would make sense for what. It’s going to be cool. It’s going to be pretty much a rock album. A lot of guitar.” While it seemed then that Simpson was talking about his own solo album, given the Bandit and Bardot unveiling, he may have just subtly been referring to that.