/Maluma Rebuilt His Watch Collection After Being Robbed in Russia

Maluma Rebuilt His Watch Collection After Being Robbed in Russia

Maluma has a closet full of Louis Vuitton bags, but in the beginning there was just one. After striking out during Paris fashion Week and searching all over the world, he finally lucked out at showroom in Los Angeles and scored one of Virgil Abloh’s signature creations. Now the bag travels the globe with the extremely global superstar.

Being a man who crosses time zones as often as the rest of us cross streets, Maluma also knows how to take care of himself. Besides buying his own plane, his essentials speak to how seriously he takes mind, body, and spirit. He carries a book inscribed to him from a friend for reflections on the road, an exercise band for squeezing in a quick workout, and mala beads for meditation.

Oh, and Maluma has an undeniably insane collection of watches. After he got robbed in Russia a while back, he’s been slowly rebuilding his collection, which he shares here. He’s got some solid advice about pairing the right timepiece to the proper occasion. You’ve got to know when to break out the Audemars Piguet and when to rock the Rolex.

Check out his essentials below, then read about GQ’s Sensation of the Year here.

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