/Two Classic Winter Boots Get the Designer Treatment

Two Classic Winter Boots Get the Designer Treatment

When it comes to the cold, wet weather of winter, two stylishly functional boots jump out for standing the test of time. We’re talking about the all-weather Blundstone from Tasmania and the quintessentially northeastern “duck” boot from L.L. Bean. (It’s no coincidence that both the Blundstone and the Bean boot have earned GQ’s “Best Stuff” label in recent years.) Now, in what has become a trend of sorts in high-end fashion—designers referencing hardwearing, everyday style—Gucci and Jacquemus have taken these two distinct boot styles and given each a designer spin.

First up, from Gucci and designer Alessandro Michele, comes a classic Chelsea-style boot that has been decked out with durable and ultra-tough details—much like a classic Blundstone. Whereas a typical Chelsea boot skews dressy and polished, this design incorporates a chunky rubber lug sole and other outdoorsy features. While you might not want to trek through a muddy field in these, the boot certainly looks the part. It comes in an all-black color (sans the bright red Gucci logo on the back, of course) and in a funkier brown-and-tan option.

Gucci men’s leather ankle boot

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The second wet-weather boot to get the high-end upgrade is the “duck” boot by Simon Porte Jacquemus and his eponymous label. Dubbed the “Les Meuniers Hautes” boot, it is a tonal grained leather boot with a raised rubber trim and shiny silver hardware. (If the sleek monochromatic look didn’t already scream luxury boot, then the chic French name certainly does.) There is also a padded collar at the top of the ankle that is reminiscent of another iconic Timberland cold-weather boot loved by rappers and longshoremen alike. Jacquemus even offers the style in a wheat-colored leather, so the slight design nod to a six-inch Timb is likely no accident.

Jacquemus khaki ‘Les Meuniers Hautes’ boots

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For a few seasons now, designer remixes have been giving classic workwear styles a luxurious stamp of approval. (The fact that the fashion-obsessed are wearing everyday workwear is a driving force here, too. Designers aren’t pulling these references out of thin air!) Sure, you could just pick up the O.G. version of either boot, but if you’re looking for something with more advanced-level style, then Gucci and Jacquemus have got you—and your toes—covered this winter.