/9 Pawsome Reasons to Play Cat Quest II on Xbox One

9 Pawsome Reasons to Play Cat Quest II on Xbox One

Welcome to the world of Cat Quest II, a stand-alone open-world RPG set in the realm of cats and dogs. Under threat from a continuing war between the cats of Felingard and the advancing dogs of the Lupus Empire, Cat Quest II tells the tail of two kings brought together against their will, on a journey of paw-some discovery to reclaim their thrones. It’s out today on now Xbox One, so here are nine pawsome reasons to play it furr yourself.

It’s an Action-RPG

Alongside the main story line, you’ll find quests galore to discover in the rich world of Cat Quest: which is filled with hidden caves and dungeons, as well as Easter eggs in the remote corners of the map! As you mix your fighting style between ranged, melee and heavy melee, gear up your cat and dog to be combat-ready with some clawsome loot and spells!

Cat Quest II

It’s got both cats and dogs

That’s 100% of animal lovers on the internet happy! In all seriousness, look at the adorable faces of our heroes. As you explore the world of Cat Quest II, you will have to work together with either dog or cat, swapping between the two characters as you roam across the world. With a tonne of NPCs to fight with or against, and two kings to overthrow, you’re sure to get your fill of animal cuteness*!
*Game also includes dragons, hedgehogs, one-eyed bats, magical rams, flying rocks (?!), and more!

There’s a magical world to explore

Felingard has been entirely reworked so it’s bright and shiny in all its green glory! Even if you’ve played Cat Quest, you’ll be able to enjoy the brand-new cat kingdom – though a word of caution, we’ve also added some elements in the landscape that will hurt you if you touch them, so mind the cactus! You can now also discover the never-seen before Lupus Empire, where the dogs of the land live. As you explore the desert environment and the new types of dungeons and caves, you’ll be able to enjoy some hidden treasures along the map. Who knows, you might even be able to walk on water…

Cat Quest II

Loot is everywhere

In true RPG-fashion, exploration is recommended to get the best equipment in the game. Remember that you have to share with your cat or dog companion, so the more you find, the better! There are also hidden golden chests for you to find. Only the secret key can unlock them to get you the most valuable loot, so make sure to roam around the map to get the best (matching) outfits for your team.

You can get a co-op pawtner involved

Purrfect for family, friends and children – Cat Quest II is a chance to prove cats and dogs can indeed get along! As it is your mission to bring peace to the world of Cat Quest by ending the war between the two kingdoms, you’ll have to show that you’re ready to pawtner up and get your best combat strategy rolling. Combine spells, range and melee attacks, share the equipment and experience, and become a pawerful team! If you’re playing solo, the AI will accompany you so that you’re never without your furry companion, and you can seamlessly jump in and out of the co-op mode.

Cat Quest II

And cast a flurry of spells

Dozens of spells are available in your arsenal, which are there to help you defeat the furrsome monsters of the land. Lay some clever magical combos to trap your foes with Cattrap and Lightnyan,  or help a friend out with a carefully timed Healpaw!

There are many furry friends

Enjoy a set of colorful characters brimming with purrsonality! From the evil kings Wolfen and Lioner to your swordsmith allies Kit Cat and Hotto Doggo, you’ll be sure to make friends along the way (though some are more eccentric than others). You might even find some throwbacks to the original Cat Quest if you’ve played it.

Cat Quest II

It’s got the cutest visuals

If you’re not already taken with the look of the game, we’re sure that your heart will melt when you see the wholesome interactions between the two main characters. Even the monsters in the game are worthy of cuddles! Combined with some otterly adorable outfits (who wouldn’t want a hot dog for a sword?), you’re guaranteed to have a pawsitively cattivating experience.

Puns galore

Everything in Cat Quest II is puntastic. From the environment (let’s go to the Catpital), to the character names (Kit Cat is a very serious blacksmith), to the story line itself. You won’t be disappointed by the large quantity of barktastic animal-related humour in the game! Pro tip: look out for references to popular culture inside the game and see if you recognise them all.

So in short, we certainly think that Cat Quest II is cute, fun and purrfect to play with a loved one! So we hope you’ll enjoy getting your paws on it on Xbox One from today.