/A Revised Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Has Been Spotted In Stores

A Revised Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Has Been Spotted In Stores

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Over the last few days, we’ve been seeing reports of a new, revised Switch Pro Controller model being spotted in stores. With the recent Switch console revision being pretty significant, some will no doubt expect that a new Pro Controller could be worth picking up too, but it doesn’t actually seem like all that much has changed.

The first mention of the new controller arrived last Tuesday; Resetera user SiG shared the following image which appears to show a revised model available in-store. Up until now, the most recent Pro Controller model number we’ve seen is 104889D, but this D version has now been bumped up to an E.

YouTuber Spawn Wave, known for taking tech apart and uncovering exactly what’s inside, took the time to track down the new controller and look for any changes. Comparing it to a Xenoblade Edition Pro Controller, he notes that there’s “no huge difference”, with the D-pad’s centre spike perhaps being ever-so-slightly altered.

In a recent video, he also says that the D-pad “feels a bit more clicky”, but admits that this could likely be down to the fact that it’s new, as opposed to the heavily used controller he’s comparing it with.

If you’re desperate to have the latest model just in case it does feature any improvements, make sure to look out for the 104889E version. Based on what we know so far, though, it’s probably not worth an upgrade.